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What is it with days flying by and your realising it's been a bit over two weeks since you last updated when you thought that, surely, it had only been maybe a week, top?

My excuse is that I'm on holidays and, as everyone knows, times goes by differently when you're on holidays and, bigger excuse yet, I went to London for four days last week so I was otherwise occupied :)

We were lucky as the weather was splendid! Blue sky, sun shining. It was still a mix of warm and cold, though, as if the weather wasn't completely certain that Winter was over and Spring was there. Or, let's say it was Winter under the shade and Spring under the sun. Anyway, it was lovely :)

We went to our "usual joints" as in we spent a morning at the British Museum (and purchased tickets to the Vikings exhibit), had lunch at the Euston Flyer pub before paying a visit to the National Library. We went to Waterstones a couple of times, too, as I'm wont to do. We walked a lot all around London and its different neighbourhoods and made frequent stops at Starbucks when we needed to rest a little - perfect way to visit any cities, if you ask me :) We'd never visited the National Gallery before and decided to remedy that so this museum has been crossed off the To Do list. I also went to Camden for the first time before having a stroll along Regent's Canal and taking a break at Regent's park - we lazed under the sun for an hour and a half. I might have dozed off a bit ;) This was our second lazy break in a park as the first one was on Tuesday when we sat on a lounge chair for an hour at Green Park. Pretty nice :)

We'd also purchased tickets for the Making of Harry Potter tour at the WB London Studios and omg, this was absolutely fantastic! Definitely the place to go if you're even a little bit into the HP franchise... They'd promised us "breathtakingly detailed sets to stunning costumes, props and animatronics" and they did not lie, we had a blast ♥

Last but not least, I was lucky to spend an evening with [ profile] loki_dip and [ profile] enigel ♥ It had been ages since I last saw them so I was pretty excited to meet them again :) I meant to see [ profile] yami_tai as well but a case of the flu prevented her from joining us :( Next time, hopefully!

So that was our fun little stay in London :) We got back on Friday and celebrated Easter on Sunday and Monday, respectively at my sister's and at my mother-in-law's.

As for yesterday, I went to Japan! Or, well, ok not exactly, but it did feel like I was far away from Paris. I visited the Albert-Kahn gardens and spent some time in the Japanese section, which was absolutely gorgeous. Case in point )

It was not only gorgeous but so incredibly quiet and peaceful! I could have stayed there for hours ♥ If you ever come to Paris and want to see something different, I highly recommend that place, you have to pay a fee but it's worth the 4€ they ask for the ticket.

Fannish wise, I've caught up on my shows the past few days, meaning I'm up-to-date with Person of Interest (that last episode!! The ending could have been a season finale of sorts, I felt. I'm even more curious about what they have in store for us now!), Arrow (what a mess!) and Hannibal (omg, the last scene of last week episode was just... I don't even know what it was, but it was something, wasn't it?) and I also watched the season premiere of Orphan Black (so glad to have the show back!). Fic-wise, I'm still reading The Musketeers and having a good time in the fandom; it keeps delivering new fic to read everyday. Thank you, Musketeers fandom! ♥

Speaking of reading... I've read Divergent while I was in London (ended up disappointed by the novel, I'm afraid) and I've gone back to reading the second volume of A Storm of Sword as I decided I was getting ridiculously behind on the series. Besides, many of my cousins are hooked on the show and I fear they're going to spoil me at some point, so.

There, the past week and a half in one little entry, how's that for an update? :)
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I'm presently eating (drinking?) hot soup in front of my computer during lunch break and pretending that I am, in fact, at home, wrapped in my blanket, sitting on my couch, still having soup but being all cozy and lazy. And warm. Let's not forget the warmth. I was complaining that winter had decided not to visit us around Paris this year? Well, it finally came! Minus temperatures, snow (a lot of snow for a lot of départements) and did I mention the minus temperatures? It finally feels and looks and smells like winter. Incidentally I had to go and buy new mittens because I, of course, lost mine on my way back to France this weekend and my fingers have turned not just red but almost purple too easily for my liking since then.

So, yes, before I lost the mittens, our little trip to London happened, from Thursday morning to Saturday night :-) One that included (among other things) a day-trip to Oxford and things we hadn't before, namely a visit to the Tate Modern, a nice stroll around Noting Hill and breakfast at the Orangery at Kensington Palace. Oh and we found ourselves in the middle of the Waitangi Pub Crawl thing on Saturday, there were some hilarious outfits!

And, of course (it kinda was the reason why we decided to go to the UK in the first place) we saw Panic! at the Disco on Thursday evening at the O2 Academy Brixton ♥ ♥ The queue was a bit insane, it just never stopped! It went around a whole block and I wondered whether we'd ever get inside. Talk about a change from the small venue in Frankfurt! But it was a nice venue nonetheless and we had a great view of the boys :-)

I won't do a recap (though I'll go and look for some around LJ, I'm curious as to what people thought of Brendon's insane speeches) but I'll just say that the guys were their awesome and energetic selves. I can't get enough of Panic live, really ♥ ♥ They all looked dashing, as usual. We had the mini drum-line of love, we had a back-flip (cue longing for a fic where Zack is all "you little shit, how do you want me to keep you in one piece if you keep pulling little stunt like that on a bad-lit stage with a gazillion instruments and even more cables all around!"), we had Spencer talking to the crowd for the encore and him being all "ok you'll have not one but two more songs. Hey, fuck it, let's make it three" and then Brendon calling him a motherfucker. I thought there was much less interactions between them all (now that I can compare between gigs) but we had a lot of speeches from Brendon. And, see, I could say that I'm hard pressed to pick which one was the craziest but, between you and me, the whole part about his mother, the one that concluded with him being all "so grateful that he came from her vagina", that one? Might have topped them all. Oh, Brendon o_O

But anyway lol It was awesome and I can't wait to see them again! I have no idea when, especially if they do start working on their next album, as Brendon mentioned (which, whee!), but I've seen them three live times now, I'll try to be patient and just think of those gigs when times get difficult :-)
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Why must awesome weekends come to an end? Or how [ profile] nicelyobsessed and I came back from London this afternoon. We had a blast - as usual when we spend some time in London, mind, I don't think I'll ever tire of visiting that city :-) We did all kinds of things: touristy (Tower of London, stroll on the bankside of the Thames, Westminster, Covent Garden, Picadilly Circus, Buckingham palace, Green Park, St James Park, Hyde Park), cultural (British Library, British Museum), geeky/dorky (Forbidden Planet and Waterstones), as well as fannish (we went to the Merlin meet-up on Sunday with [ profile] krazykipper and [ profile] yami_tai. Even better yet, they both joined us at the British Museum beforehand; I hadn't seen them in ages - and I'd never seen Kip outside of a convention, so that was new ;-) - so it was lovely!).

I also got to savour some Krispy Kreme doughnuts (at Harrods and exactly where they were supposed to be "it's at a corner of the food court thing-RIGHT THERE, YES"), lovely scones and a full English breakfast. We also visited some Starbucks - duh - and discovered EAT. but I was so obsessed with Krispy Kreme and scones before leaving that I'd have been sadface if I hadn't managed to eat any!

Obviously this isn't a proper report but there might be some pictures posted later on, for those interested. Speaking of, I do have some already, though they're more of the dorky kind that anything. We discovered the existence of Cool Britannia, a sorta heaven for tourists who want to buy souvenirs or funny shirts. Case in point, those two shirts ). Aren't they fantastic? I love them. And there were so many in the same vein, about 80's shows and ipod and Twitter and Facebook - all kinds of dorky shirts of love.

Anyway. We got home around 4.00PM, went to my parents' to pick up Jack-the-cat and we're now back home, already in our PJs (with my brand new Underground hoodie - because whenever I go abroad, I'm compelled to get a new hoodie) and lazying around on our respective laptops. Well, Cookie is busy petting Jack and eating some English tarts but whatever, Brendon-the-laptop is at her feet, waiting to be used too. It's all quiet and peaceful, exactly what we need, especially as we'll be back at work tomorrow *makes face* The only good thing about tomorrow is the new White Collar, really. But it's something at least.
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London D-2 \o/ Tonight, we've started planning the trip and I managed not to add "AND FIND A KRISPY KREME SHOP" every time we picked a destination \o/ It was a relaxed evening, with Pushing Daisies season 2 in the background - told you I was in a marathon mood these days.

Before that, we watched the latest White Collar (2x11) which filled me with glee, I loved it! Squeeing behind the cut not to spoil anyone )

To make a long story, I really enjoyed the episode, I'm glad Jeff Eastin gave it to us :-) Though I'm craving for more now *iz greedy*
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Wow, I was inspired to take a day off today! I woke at up at 11.30 AM! And I can't even blame it on my going to bed that late last night: I think it was around 1.00 AM. Guess I was tired *pets self*

So, my weekend. WAS THE BEST! A complete success, absolutely wonderful ♥ ♥

Here's the short story: we - five members of the French Posse - left on Saturday morning for London. Bright sun & blue sky greeted us and it just kept shining all weekend long. We had lunch in Green Park, then we basically had a whole afternoon dedicated to shopping - Fortnum & Mason, Waterstone's, Forbidden Planet, The Australia Shop etc. - before we headed to the theater in the evening to see Avenue Q - HEE SO FANTASTIC! Then on Sunday we had a humongous English breakfast in a cozy little café, then strolled all around London and did touristy things - St James' park, Buckingham Palace, Westminster, wandered along the Thames to the London Eye, then across Charing Cross to end our journey at Covent Garden for a well deserved Starbucks.

And now, the long story. With pictures. The FP goes to London - Saturday )

The FP Goes to London - Sunday )

In conclusion: I love the FP, I love London, I love London with the FP.

Oh, and something we learnt? Is that London is all about the sex. In the tube, your train goes to Cockfosters, then you head to Shaftsbury, and there's this statue of Ian Smuts. We most certainly approve!

There, all done! And now, off to watch Being Human with Jem :-)
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Woke up this morning quite sick and I was already writing a whining entry in my head to post later - as you do - but then I checked the mail and we got some bad news and it kinda put things in perspective. Then, almost by magic Babycakes called me and she made me feel so much better, so big hugs and kisses to my sweetie *hugs and kisses* Though I might have killed her for a nanosecond when I told her about the bad news and she didn't know what to say after that *facepalm* But she found her voice soon enough and knew how to distract me, so yeah, perfect :-)

I'm also accentuating the positive as they - I love that song, btw - so I decided I would write the remaining days Day 2 of my London trip while listening to Christmas songs... this will do *nods* Er yeah, I thought I would do D2 D3 and D4 but D2 got a bit long so D3 and D4 will come later.

Our schedule for Saturday )

So our day on Saturday )

When I told you I had the best of time, I wasn't lying to you, was I? *beams*

PS: Since I'm listening to Christmas songs, it reminds me. Last year I downloaded a version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen sang by Sarah McLachlan and the Barenaked Ladies and when Clark died I lost the file so would one of you kind flist!people have the song and would you be willing to share it with me, please? TIA.
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Finally started writing down my London report *g* It's a good thing I took so many notes each night - or morning, depending - or else I would have forgotten way too many things. So I guess I'll divide the trip in at least two posts. This one will be for Day 1. It'll give me time to take a break and type down the other days :-) No pics for now, they'll come later.

First, our schedule for Friday )

Nice, don't you think?

Then, the long winded version of the program - day 1 )

So to make a long story short, everything was grand and I couldn't have dreamt of a better introduction to a) the capital in particular and b) the country in general.

I mean yeah, can you tell I was completely in love with London right from the start? lol Also for the record, Tai spoilt me during my stay. She made of my trip a true delight, really *kisses again*
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Hello guys, I'm back *tackleglomps flist* I'm back though I have to admit my mind might still be in London - and Redhill as well ;-) I can't believe I was in the British Museum just this morning and I'm now back to Choisy-le-Roi...

I had the most wonderful time EVER in a city I fell in love with at once and in the best company a girl could dream of *hugs [ profile] yami_tai again and misses her like crazy already* Not only her company but her parents' too. They're incredible people - that's one hell of a wonderful family here, believe you me *nods*

I'm completely smitten with London. It has to be one of the most beautiful capitals I've visited. I'm still high from everything I saw and did *dreamy look* Actually, I've left the city for less than a day and I'm already thinking of going back lol

We did everything we'd planned on doing plus some extra visits - like Harrods for instance which was whoa! In a different way than all the monuments obviously, but still whoa worthy - and we met with new lj!people and really, you can't ever go wrong with that :-)

Also, I took 151 pictures. It kind of surprised me a bit. I was showing them to my mom - hail to digital camera - and I suddenly realised how many of them there were. Not bad for four days, I guess - in particular since I thought I'd just taken "some". Should I post them on my lj, I promise to cut it down to, say, ten or something *cough*

Anyway, this will be for later. Now is for catching up on the flist - well, trying to at least - and starting my Numb3rs download. We actually downloaded the episode at Tai's parents' - we're obsessed, so sue us - but we couldn't play the file so back to square one. So yeah, "Toxin" download is in order for tonight as well as trying to check on what you've all been up to.

PS: I told you it would snow in Ile-de-France when I would be in London, didn't I? Fear me and my psychic powers! Just have one thing to say: so-bloody-typical!
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Alrighty guys, last post before I'm off to London later today tomorrow to meet up with [ profile] yami_tai again - as well as her family - and have the best time ever. Can't believe it's almost here, I swear *bounces* Also, can't believe I'll meet up with four new LJ People on Sat.

Slash Pride in London.... dude, it's so incredibly classy that I'm all verklempt just thinking about it!

Anyway see ya flist chérie! *kisses*

Also er self? Have a safe trip! *hugs self*

PS: [ profile] sockich? When you'll watch "Toxin" , think about me, will you? Thanks!

PS2: This icon is my sekrit weapon, it's supposed to bring me snow when I'll be in London - even for just an hour - so that I don't get so very jealous of everyone at home who very well might get snow when I won't be there! Not that I'm obsessed or anything.
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I apparently pulled a Babycakes. "Pulling a Babycakes" for those not in the know is falling for a show that has no fandom to speak of so that when you want to try to read some slash - or whatever else, obviously - it's just not there. Well, it had to happen so that's it - I pulled a Babycakes.

Didn't find Hustle slash. Now, I might have missed it so if someone heard about some? Oi, you'd better think of telling me! Also I'm thinking Mickey/Danny but if it involves Danny it'll be alright. I apparently can't afford to be picky. No seriously, I was so desperate that I even hit the Pit of Voles! For reals. With no luck either and I don't know if it's wrong or actually really right. But! There might be light at the end of the tunnel since it would seem someone requested Hustle over at [ profile] yuletide this year. So I have no idea whether it's slash or not but who cares! Hustle might get a fic written!

My TS fic is turning into an almost dialogue piece only. That's fun. Also, it's not set in my "Night" series, that's even more fun, because ha! I still can write Jim and Blair when they're not kindadocker!Jim and completelyhooker!Blair. Bless!

I don't want to go to class. But I'll go cause afterwards I'll go to the mall and treat myself with one or two winter shirts because a) damn it's so bloody cold here and b) I'd like some new warm stuff for when I'll be in LONDON in FOUR DAYS!

I'm so excited it should be illegal. Also, being the kinda superstitious type I'm almost scared of mentioning it too much for fear of Something Bad and/or Unexpected happening while at the same time I'm so excited that I just can't not mention it. So it's a conundrum of epic proportions - or, you know, not, but it certainly has a nice ring to it - but it's okay, I'll survive!

Speaking of Numb3rs [London -> departure -> 25 November -> 2x09 - "Toxin"] still no preview at the CBS site and I just don't get it! I mean, don't they know I'm waiting?!

Finally. Hustle quote of the day from "The Last Gamble":
Danny to Mickey: If you were a bird Would you shag me?

Oh and [ profile] crazybutsound? Since I got into the show, two people from my flist followed me and they both love Danny! Hustle is addictive, yo!
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So first, a Happy Birthday to [ profile] ithiliana, hope you had a wonderful day - or that you're having a wonderful day :-)

Okay now on the self-centred stuff *clears throat* It's done! I finished my very first Supernatural fic, wheee! It's 2.329 words for now and it has smut and er, Other Things *cough* I still haven't found a name so for now it's called Bottom!Dean Fic which hi, is nice but as title goes? Might not be so inspired, so we'll see about doing something about it. Later though cause right now I'm rejoicing. I wrote fic! More than that, I wrote two fics in two days *preens* Two incest fics and a fic in a brand new fandom - sometimes, life is good *g*

Yeah, I wanted to finish it last night and work on my TS story today but I kinda got distracted by boobies. Well, by Halloween that is, which I've never seen before, so yeah.

I'm still waiting for my Numb3rs fic to come back from my beta and now er, I feel kinda bad about sending another one practically back to back. But it's not as if it happened often, right? *g* Oh and it's a good thing I checked the rules over at [ profile] numb3rsflashfic cause I realised we weren't allowed to cross-post the fic to our own lj before the challenge was closed... Blimey, I'll have to wait two weeks before I post it on my journal, too? The compulsive obsessive gal living inside me is already having shivers over that one.

Hey, too bad there's no oral presentations on my Wednesday class, I was ready for one more fic. Ha!

Changing the subject. Last night, [ profile] yami_tai and I have been working on our program for when I'll be in London and I'm going to BURST FROM THE EXCITEMENT! Also, now when I'll see documentaries on, say, the British Museum and stuff I'll be able to say "Hee I was there!" And I'll bore everyone to death with my recaps of When I Was There but I won't care because LONDON! Regent Street Christmas Light and other Christmassy things have been mentioned and did I say I was gonna burst? Okay good. But dude! Christmassy things... when I'll be in London! Could it be better? I don't think so.

Btw, hi, my name is Mouse and I'm a Christmas lover. I do see how it's been commercialised - truth is? I just don't give a damn and see waaay beyond that. Hee Christmas! *is already excited*
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I went to my grandfather's house yesterday afternoon with my sister. I haven't been there since the 15th and it did feel... so very odd. We did some gardening and we also made ourselves better by putting some things back to where they're supposed to be. Like, we put the house as it was before his illness - actually, some things are now as they were before my grandmother's illness and wow, it felt so good. It was very... cleansing, I think - or healing? We also found a box full of pictures - half of them we've never seen. There were letters inside as well - one of them from 1927 - and talk about a treasure! Some of those pics go back to 1938, 1940, 1941 and it felt so weird because we were looking at them and thinking, god, those pics were taken during the war. It was really moving. So anyway, I didn't feel as down as I thought I would coming back to the house. Though I think it'll take some time to get used to closing everything each time we leave.

Then we went to the mall and I bought my tickets for LONDON! Yes! So er, I think I only mentioned it once in my journal or something but back in July the wonderful [ profile] yami_tai invited me to London! For a looong weekend! I kept mostly silent about it because I wasn't sure I would be able to go due to my grandfather's situation but now, well, now things changed so, ironically, I could really start getting excited about it. As a result I bought the tickets. So it's official, if everything goes according to plan, I should be in London from 25 Nov to 28 Nov *beams* It'll be my first time in England. I can't wait! Now I just have to hope that nothing will come between me and my weekend there *fingers crossed* I know I've thanked you over and over again Tai, but THANK YOU again *loves*

Now onto the fannish - I finally watched "Skin" [Supernatural 1x06] last night.

Spoilers Behind the Cut )

Not my favourite episode but still has one of my favourite scenes so far - so all in all, not bad at all :-)


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