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Today I bid farewell to the 25-34 age group! While we were eating the viennoiseries I'd brought at work (as is the tradition in our office, the birthday girl/boy usually brings pains au chocolat, croissants and other yummy things in the morning), my co-workers and I agreed that everyone should have the day off for their birthdays - as it is, I'd taken the afternoon off so I'm writing this from the comfort of my couch. Hi :) I started baking for tonight's dinner but I'm now taking a break as we'll finish when we're at my parents'.

In the meantime, I'm listening to the latest episode of The Thrilling Adventure Hour (the four versions of the episode ♥) and I'll read some Erik/Charles fic as I've been in an Erik/Charles mood ever since last Thursday, when I went and saw XMDOFP. Admittedly, this is a mood that strikes me quite often. Still.

Perfect segue for the next part of this entry, as in my XMDOFP review! Because turns out I have things to say about it. Though by "things", I guess I mean that I have squee to express. Because, yes, I loved it; there were many great moments, it was fast-paced but the action never overshadowed the characters, which is one of the many reasons why I loved XMFC in the first place. The cast was as brilliant as ever, with some special mention for James McAvoy. I've been a proud member of #TeamMcAvoy for a long time now but damn, I fell in love with him all over again ♥ So this review will mostly be me raving about the things I loved, though I'll also include some comments on things I wish had been done differently, to even things out ;) Entering spoilers territory now )

So that's my two cents. Keeping in mind that we still have XM: Apocalypse to look forward to so I know we just have to be patient and, with some luck, the things that I wish had been different will be addressed by then. And even if they're not, well, I'll just turn to fanfic ;)

I need to go and look for the reviews I've seen on my flist the past few days now. Don't hesitate to point to yours if you feel like it!

PS: So I need to renew my DW paid account but, look, I still have an XMFC icon to use! Thank you, DW, for not kidnapping ALL of them ;)
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I'd like to tell you about my day. This morning, I woke up - not without difficulties, I might add; getting up is never the best part of a work day but lately it's become a real challenge - showered, got dressed and got out of the house with Cookie. I woke up too late to have breakfast so I brought one of our Starbucks tumblers to work with me. Then I worked: no crises to avert, no problems to solve, just regular work, which was ok.

Pretty ordinary day, right? Right. Then THIS HAPPENED )

Aka Fassbender's Shame premiere.

Here's the longish story )

Short story: we went to the Shame premiere, waited till Michael Fassbender arrived and then just basked in his sexiness and charm. The man is just the cutest, he took the time to sign many autographs, accepted to pose with several fans so that they coud get their pictures with him and was a really good sport; he was adorable.

Some pictures of our evening )

Can you believe it? We actually went from an ordinary, everyday day to seeing Michael Fassbender in the flesh ♥ ♥ And just because Cookie saw a poster for the premiere in the street #Fate

[ETA: Cookie posted her own entry and she was nicer to the couple of other people that we saw as she mentioned and posted pics of them as well as Fassy.]
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I'm home after an evening spent with [ profile] crazybutsound, her brother and [ profile] moimoietmoi. We went to the Trésors du Vaudou exhibit held at the Fondation Cartier. It was really interesting but sadly lacked some detailed explanations. So we basically had to make up our own theories. Definitely fun but maybe not exactly educational? lol But, no, it was interesting, I'm glad we went.

Apart from that, I worked on my thesis all day, which is what I've been doing since I got back from Germany and what I'll do til I'm back at work. Which also explains why it is absolutely necessary that I get out in the evening, or else I'd just explode!

I take some breaks, though - or else I'd explode, I'm sure you're seeing the pattern here - and today's distraction was the best. Hopefully everyone interested in XMFC has seen it by now, but in case you haven't, the infamous cross-dressing scene from the strip club that James McAvoy and Zoe Kravitz were hoping would end up on the extras has been posted! That is, it's part of a longer video with promo and other BTS bits. It's at 3:59, for those who wouldn't want to wait. Dude! Expectations were high. Expectations were met. This is kinda hilarious lol I mean, the dress, of course but, oh, that wig!

And what about that lovely little .gif of Fassavoy on set

I'll leave you now, I have many Spencer/Brendon to read; I'm revisiting older stories (re-re-re-etc-read If the Music be the Food of Love by [ profile] sunsetmog and it made me ache and melt just like the first time I read it ♥)
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Today is one of those days that make you wish you'd stayed home. Not due to anything bad happening at work (it's not even 10.00Am yet, so that's a relief) but it's all grey outside and it's been raining all morning - it looks like we fired Summer and jumped directly to Autumn - and I'm cold and tired and, really, that kind of weather is for staying home with a cup of cocoa and something good on the telly or a good book to read.

The good news is that, as of yesterday, our university closes at 6.00PM sharp so even if we wanted to, we couldn't do a lot of overtime *approves* Plus, you know, I'm on holiday next week so I might be tired today but in my head I've already started conting down the days and that is a great feeling.

I'll have to be disciplined and finish writing my thesis during the summer but I'm impatient to do so and really motivated (especially now that I've received the encouraging and enthusiastic feedback from my supervisor regarding the first chapter I sent her) so I think it'll be done with a minimum of tears. Note that I'm expecting some tears, just hopefully not too many lol

Plus, I'm really looking forward to my break: three days in London with Cookie and her mates followed with four days in Alsace with part of the FP and then later in the month two days in Frankfurt to see Panic! at the Disco with another combination of the FP (permutation is the spice of life and everything *g*) and Cookie. Should be fun :-)

PS: Ahaha, I stole a kiss from the girlfriend in the corridor and as my lips were leaving hers, one of our co-workers got out of his office; I thought they were all away lol Technically, I'm pretty sure everyone knows we're a couple even though we've never said it as such - we talk about "the bedroom" and "the study" and when asked about our vacation plans we haven't hidden the fact that while I'll be in Alsace, she'll be in Brittany with my parents, so, you know, we might as well spelled it out but, obviously, we avoid any kind of PDOA at work. Then again, I let a chérie slip the other day. But we weren't close to anyone so it went unheard. We like to live dangerously, see? :-p]

ETA: Oh and I don't know if you heard but XMFC has been nominated at the Teen Choice Awards in the (among others) Choice Movie Chemistry category. Honestly, best nomination for XMFC ever Y/Y?
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Oh la la, I just found out that I missed a bunch of new Erik/Charles because I wasn't a member of [ profile] erik_charles! That's such a dreadful thought omg! Good thing I found my way over there and realised what I'd been missing out. So that's one more comm I'm following as of tonight. I think we need for someone to set up a newsletter, guys. Because the thought of anyone missing anything in the fandom just makes me ache! Wait! Is there a newsletter that I don't know about? If there is, please to be letting me know asap? So that I stop missing Important Stuff. Tia ♥

Hey, have you read that article? It's a scan of an interview with James McAvoy done for The Empire magazine. He mentions the sequel to First Class - that is, a possible sequel - and he totally put his finger on a ridiculous and very shallow fear of mine, XMFC-wise, namely the loss of Charles' hair. I'm not even kidding. People who know me know I have issues with hair, don't mind me. And I was wondering, didn't Charles lose his hair when he was much younger in the comic, anyway? Because if he did, technically, they've already veered AU here, right? So they could have him keep his hair for a long time to come yet. If it were up to me, he would keep it until the very last scene of the third film. Even better yet, in a scene after the credits!

Silliness aside and back to the interview, I found amusing James McAvoy's vision of a Charles "playing wheelchair rubgy and kicking the fuck out of people". I just love how McAvoy has been trying to make his version of Charles wilder than his older counterpart; "He's a bit of a monk. What's the opposite of a monk? Let's make him not a monk". One of the things I enjoyed so much with young!Charles was his enthusiasm and out-going'ness. I have a "laughing!character" kink a mile wide and seeing the guy laugh and smile so many times in the film just delighted me to no end. The way he radiated pride and happiness let's say this is actually a spoiler that needs to be cut ) Besides, it's always really interesting (and heartbreaking) when someone like him loses this part of themselves, so that's something else I'd love to see in the sequel. How Charles is going to deal with everything that happened.

ETA: Lol and &hearts: How I Met Your Father, XMFC style. Tumblr is having a ball with that pairing, guys, there're so many posts over there!
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Omg why can't I go to sleep at a reasonable hour?! I always hate myself after a while. I've felt like a zombie at work all day. Though, technically, I did go to bed before 2.00AM last night, just like I wanted, but turns out 1.50AM doesn't make such a big difference! Still, it was before 2.00AM. Small steps and all that.

In the spirit of spreading the XM:FC love, I'm sharing this Erik/Charles fanvid. It only lasts 28 seconds but those are 28 seconds of pure, unaltered, joy. I'm usually not a fan of fast pacing in fanvids but it worked for me anyway. And another one, based on an accoustic version of All You Need is Love

And! To prove that I can talk about something else than XM:FC - with difficulty maybe, but I can - here's a little picspam. You know the meme when you post a picture of what's inside your bag? This follows the same principle, only the pictures come from my mobile. I have many photos stocked over there - my BIL is always mocking me because I'm always taking pics of, well, everything - and I'm gonna share a selection taken last week. Guess it could be a sort of A Week in the Life of Mouse kinda thing. Inside the cut, around a dozen of pics )

I know, XM:FC was mentioned at one point and a picture of James McAvoy sneaked in. Guess they're never really far from my mind these days, it can't be helped :-p
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Omg, I'm dead. This paper was the death of me! Thankfully, 47 pages later, I'm practically done with it, as in I just need to read it one last time before I send it to my seminar director and then it's o.v.e.r! That is, I'll have to hand in a chapter of my thesis by July, 10th but I'll take a little break because my poor braaaiin!

Anyway, let's talk about joyous things. Like this wallpaper that is now adorning Neal, made by my talented girlfriend. Wallpaper that I'm completely IN LOVE with. Omg, it's so gorgeous, isn't it?? )

I told her what I wanted and she just... made it happen! *fangirls her girlfriend like crazy* This definitely made me feel all better, after a long and hard day on that damn paper. That and the food we had delivered. I promise we do cook. Just, not tonight.

Cookie is busy doing some new XMFC wallpapers and I don't know what I'm going to do. Watch The Last Station, maybe? Or just go to bed with the laptop and read all the new Erik/Charles that have been posted while I was slaving away on Teh Damn Paper all day. I could do both, mind, but I'd like to go to bed before 2.00AM this time - or at least try. I'm starting to feel tired a lot these days, I'll admit.

Or, I could go and stare at my pretty desktop some more? Y/Y?
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So I saw XM:FC four times, apparently? It's a compulsion, I can't help it! We're doing a little competition with the Untitled Posse and so far Cookie is winning with 5 viewings. She cheated, though; she was supposed to go see another film with a friend of hers on saturday and she changed her plan and they went to see XM:FC instead. Pretty unfair, if you ask me!

In case you're wondering, it never gets old. On the contrary, you anticipate every little scene and since anticipation is half the pleasure, well, that's a LOT of pleasure for just one film. Almost too much to bear, actually, but so worth it omg!

I'm gathering a bunch of interviews, clips, articles etc. over at this tag (12 13 links so far but it's still growing) and as far as said interviews go, I think my favourites are the one where they explain the hand gesture they chose when their characters use their powers - with little gems like "I fingered myself with one hand in the end" thanks to James McAvoy and the infamous cross-dressing story - the one with the "if I could make you fall in love with me you could just fly me anywhere" line and that one where I finally found out what the whole caddy cart incident was about - as I was telling people, it's not everyday that actors can claim they almost killed their co-stars lol Oh and it's not an interview but what about that lovely Fassbender/McAvoy fanvid?

And just now I watched that Behind the Scenes video. [ETA: Omg, you have to watch that X-Ponies First Class: Pinkamina's School For Gifted Fillies vid, it's brilliant ♥]

My addiction is nicely fed, as you can see :-) And I'm not even talking about the fics or the fanart etc. If you have more to share, be my guest, btw!

Ok, now, I need to go and read the new Erik/Charles that have been posted. I've worked on my paper all day before leaving for the cinema so I'm behind. It can't do!
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Went to see XM-FC again tonight. I was hoping for an alternate ending - my vote went to the wedding on the beach instead of the divorce, but no such luck. Ok, then, maybe next time!

On the way home we discussed prompt ideas for [ profile] 1stclass_kink, which I posted as soon as I logged in. Had to do it in the Round Two post because the first one has already reached 3000 comments and is therefore closed. Two rounds. So proud! ♥

Incidentally, I had an epiphany; I posted enough prompts over at the comm that I wrote the equivalent of a nice ficlet. As it happens, when discussing the prompts we wanted to add, I told Cookie about a plot bunny that I'd love to see written. Not that the film made me want to write... but if it had, I'd have known what idea I'd like to run with.

Aww, guys, how fun is that moment when you fall for a new fandom, hook line and sinker! It kinda consumes you - I know, I love being over-dramatic in the middle of the night :-) You want to inhale everything related to it and you just can't get enough. It always settles down a bit after a while but those first days are always fannishly intense ♥

PS: does anyone know if/where we can find icons? First time in my LJ!life I can't find any for a new fandom. What a novelty! [ETA: [ profile] oldfriends has some, apparently, one should never despair.]

PS2: But I'm not so far gone on XMFC that I forgot to get excited about White Collar returning to us tonight(+1) omg! ♥
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After seeing this adorable .gif of an interview with Fassbender and McAvoy, I realise I must have (well, I hope?) a lot of photos, interviews and vids to hunt down and catch up on!

If I'm thinking about McAvoy on his own, I've started catching up, already, mind you. Case in point, I went to bed at 4.40AM last night because I watched Children of Dune in one sitting. Cookie abandoned me to go to sleep at one point, pff sleep? What is this sleep you speak of? Though I guess I could have gone to bed a little bit earlier but then one thing leading to another I found myself at the [ profile] 1stclass_kink meme, taking great delight in reading all the prompts that were posted and I felt compelled to add some of my own, as I'm wont to do. Before I knew it it was past 4.30AM. Time flies when you're having kinky fun!

Admittedly, going to bed so late wasn't that smart a move. Especially as I got up this morning at 8.30AM so that I could start working on my paper early. I'll gladly admit that working on approximately four hours of sleep wasn't the easiest thing to do but then the articles I'd selected included gems like "... growth of stories featuring previously taboo subject such as underage sex, incest and real person fiction (RPS)" and, you know, all of sudden my brain was 100% connected lol

Also, I just realised that all those years spent reading slash fan fiction and kinks? Was just RESEARCH! For the class I've been taking this year in general and for the paper I'm writing at the moment in particular. As Cookie said when I showed her the quote and explained to her how we've been doing academic work on fan culture all these years, "Congratulations to us!" :-p I should totally keep taking that class next year, that way I'll be able to justify all those nights spent reading fics instead of sleeping \o/

Now it's 4.00PM and I'm done with my paper for today, Cookie has woken up from her long nap (she's been sick all week long and is slowly getting better) so we'll see if we're doing something tonight. In any case, freedooooom!
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X-Men: First Class was seen - only two days after it was released, too, go us! Oh la la, I loved it! I'll admit to having a soft spot for the XM franchise (I'm talking about the films because I've never read the comics). I always found it very touching; underneath the action flick, beyond the noise and things going boom, it's also the story of people being different and trying to belong in a world set on hating them just because they fear and don't understand them, about people trying to face their differences and accept themselves before others can accept them in return. Of course it'd resonate.

Anyway. I always enjoyed the XM films but XM: First Class is definitely my favourite and I guess the reason is that I was much more invested in the characters. Before, it was more a general thing 'Wolverine rocks and he's so much fun, Storm rocks and she kicks ass' etc. But I really loved Erik and Charles. Both individually and together. Which, omg their relationship was gorgeous! And of course you know it's doomed from the start and it just makes things just that much more fascinating. And sadder. Incidentally, McAvoy and Fassbender have such good chemistry ♥

I could make a list of the scenes between Erik and Charles that I loved best but it'd turn into a list with basically ALL THE SCENES with Erik and Charles, so. Though, wait, I have a question. I didn't imagine that spoilery and just awesome little moment... which was over in a second but made me squee ) Don't get me wrong, I loved all the characters, they all had something interesting and all had their moments but, yeah, Erik and Charles, guys! So much tragic love!

When we got back home, the film had put us both in a James McAvoy mood, which is why we proceeded to find more of his films so that we could complete our DVD Collection and I paid a little visit to a certain comm where I downloaded Children of Dune and, well, I'm sorry SPN marathon but we failed you again! It was for the good cause, though. And we'll make it up to you, I promise. Soon!


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