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Beginning of the week is a bit difficult at work mainly due to repetitive and boring tasks (thankfully it should only last till Thursday and I'll be back to my regular schedule afterwards) but at least I had a lovely weekend and I discovered a new show, so there's that ;)

I went to Tours for a little FP weekend where we followed our regular schedule. Basically, our weekends there mean shopping, food and tv watching. I think the main theme is "chill"; it's all cozy and sweet and always so relaxing ♥ Here's a little summary in pictures )

As I mentioned, I (finally?) hopped on the Orphan Black bandwagon. I was going to say just in time for the second series to start but I checked and it's not till April, 19th? Still, I'll be able to watch it as it airs :)

I'm not even sure why I didn't watch it earlier. I've only heard positive things about it and, from what I'd read, I had an inkling I'd enjoy it but I never got around to download it. So when we were listing the shows we meant to watch during our little weekend I thought it'd be a good idea to include it. And a good idea it was, indeed. It caught our interest right away and we mainlined four episodes on Sunday. I suspect we'd have watched more if we'd had more time but alas we had to head to the station to catch our train.

I did catch up, though, and I've now reached the season finale. Almost watched it last night but it was 1.45AM already and I decided it would be more reasonable to go to bed. I know, what a novelty!

Tonight is our POI evening at my parents' but I'll watch Orphan Black once we're home!

Oh, and is anyone else watching The Musketeers? I must admit I quite enjoy it, it's very entertaining and I love how they're writing the relationship between said musketeers. As a matter of fact, it made me want to delve into the novel again; I read it ages ago and now would be a good time for a re-read, I think. Also, I'm shipping Porthos and Aramis. You know, in case you were wondering ;)
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Again with the whole week without any entry; I could write this long post about how I'm sorry I'm not posting more at the moment, despite a real desire to do so, but I feel like all my entries would look the same if I did so let's move on!

I had a lovely and fannish weekend in Lyon with [ profile] crazybutsound (and her friend Snakeling); there was fish and chips and cupcakes and brioche à la praline (a specialty of Lyon) and knitting (yes, I did some knitting! Did you know that when you're a leftie, it's not easy for your right-handed teacher to teach you how do it right? - ha!) as well as some tv watching.

We watched the latest episode of Sleepy Hollow while savouring our cupcakes (the combination of both is kinda perfect), I pimped Person of Interest to them (they liked it and Jem has been watching some more of it on Sunday night, which made me a very happy fangirl) and we watched some Dante's Cove when we realised that Stephen Amell (of Arrow fame) has starred in it. Or guest starred in it, I guess. Plus, Snakeling had never seen Dante's Cove so it was a must-see. Omg, I swear I'd forgotten how bad it was! I mean, we did warn Snakeling about it but even I had forgotten. Much hilarity ensued.

So that was a great weekend :) When I got home I watched the latest episode of The Originals. That show fills me with glee, I love it so much! It's OTT and theatrical but in the most entertaining ways. Those Mikaelson siblings are so delightful; so fucked-up and dysfunctional. I already enjoyed their antics in The Vampire Diaries but to have the narrative evolve around them is so much fun ;) Klaus is such a brat! Whenever he behaves in a "dodgy manner" which is, like, always, I keep thinking of how damaged and bratty he is and I just want to clap my hands in delight. He totally needs a spanking followed with a massive hug.

What else. Oh, it's December! It's getting colder with each new day, today especially feels like Winter. I've a good chunk of my Christmas shopping done so that makes me real happy too. We should go get our Christmas tree next week... so odd to think that it's that time of the year again!

Speaking of, I've seen some cute Christmas cards, which I intend to buy soon, so I'm hoping to send them before Christmas to some of you. Then again, I might do it the "French way" as the tradition here is that we can send our holiday cards all through January... pretty neat tradition for people like me ;)
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I didn't mean to leave my journal for so long (apart from my last pass-by entry, which wasn't even for me) but there was always something getting in the way! Case in point today. Things were supposed to be busy but then they got... "interesting" - let's just leave it at that - and I'm only now trying to complete this entry which I'd started this morning...

Speaking of "interesting", Friday could be labelled that way as well. Thankfully in between Friday and Monday, I had a fantastic weekend with the FP. We did our usual outing combining lunch+shopping on Saturday (including the visit of a new bookstore where I purchased my first John Green, namely An Abundance of Katherines) and on Sunday, just as per usual too, we basically didn't leave the bed (or, you know, the unfold couch where the four of us can fit) until it was time for us to head to the station and leave Rosie.

Much food was consumed (including a lovely homemade brunch, Rosie does spoils us!) and many things were watched; from YT videos to tv shows. We watched some BookTube videos, some PBS Idea channel ones, the three episodes of Project: Library, GD pimped TSSN interviews... the usual :) We also watched the premiere of The Fall (with Gillian Anderson as a detective superintendent from London sent to Belfast to help catch a serial killer and Jamie Dornan, husband, father of two and aforementioned serial killer) the first episode of Hannibal, which GD and Rosie hadn't watched yet, and around five episodes (I think) of The Great British Bake Off. I love that show - and its French version - because it's so sweet: charming hosts and charming contestants alike. A show where people's skills are celebrated as opposed to their stupidity or meanness, a rarity in today's television :p

Incidentally, never let it be said that the FP doesn't have eclectic tastes ;)

In addition to the long talks and tv watching and eating ALL THE FOOD, we also included some reading, because we can multitask like nobody's business. [ profile] enigel, I'm finally catching up on the Night Watch series, I've halfway through Day Watch \o/

I just love the picture of the four of us in bed, in our pyjamas, me trying out GD's copy of Paper Towns, SAM reading on her Kindle and GD pimping Rosie Jesse Eisenberg's interviews. So laid-back and relaxed... those FP weekends are good for the soul, you guys, so very good for the soul ♥

Also good for the soul is my being on holiday for the week. Cookie and I'll be staying in Normandy for a couple of days, far from everything, just the two of us. I cannot wait!
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Reading through my flist is a lot of fun this weekend (not that it's ever not fun, of course!) since the majority of you seems to have seen - and enjoyed, for the most part - The Hobbit. For months the FP had been waiting for 12.12.12 (French release date) to arrive and for our Hobbit weekend to come. [ profile] french_hobbit and [ profile] crazybutsound came up to Paris especially for it ♥

We went to a 10.30AM showing and, you know, if not for a) the FP and b) The Hobbit, I'm not sure I'd woken up so early on a Saturday ;-) But it was worth it, so worth it! First because it's not that often that the whole FP is assembled and second because we really enjoyed the film. I thought it was beautiful and I just enjoyed it from start to finish. I was a bit afraid of the pacing (and don't get me started on the 3D) but it was fine and the 3D didn't even annoy me. I still say it was not necessary and I'm hoping I'll have the opportunity to see it in 2D but at least it didn't get me out of the story even once.

Bilbo was awesome, Gandalf was great as usual and the dwarves were a bit of a delightful surprise. I didn't really know what to expect and though I guessed I would like them well enough thanks to the trailers and such, I had no idea I would love them so much. I'll be honest, I was kinda indifferent to them when I read the book but I enjoyed what Peter Jackson did with them here. Especially Thorin - no surprise here, I guess - but also Balin and Kili. As in, definitely Kili ♥

Also, midway through the film we were all "So Thorin/Kili, right?" Which is also my way of saying please, pretty please Fandom, tell me you're already writing - or planning to write - some Thorin/Kili? I mean, admittedly, I wouldn't say no to Fili/Kili but Thorin/Kili, ok? Or, hey, Thorin/Kili/Fili works too, I guess ;-) This is not a fic but a very nice fanart. Thanks go to [ profile] french_hobbit for sharing.

So, anyway, all that to say, please to be writing me Thorin/Kili, Fandom? #AllIWantForChristmas
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I'm home after an evening spent with [ profile] crazybutsound, her brother and [ profile] moimoietmoi. We went to the Trésors du Vaudou exhibit held at the Fondation Cartier. It was really interesting but sadly lacked some detailed explanations. So we basically had to make up our own theories. Definitely fun but maybe not exactly educational? lol But, no, it was interesting, I'm glad we went.

Apart from that, I worked on my thesis all day, which is what I've been doing since I got back from Germany and what I'll do til I'm back at work. Which also explains why it is absolutely necessary that I get out in the evening, or else I'd just explode!

I take some breaks, though - or else I'd explode, I'm sure you're seeing the pattern here - and today's distraction was the best. Hopefully everyone interested in XMFC has seen it by now, but in case you haven't, the infamous cross-dressing scene from the strip club that James McAvoy and Zoe Kravitz were hoping would end up on the extras has been posted! That is, it's part of a longer video with promo and other BTS bits. It's at 3:59, for those who wouldn't want to wait. Dude! Expectations were high. Expectations were met. This is kinda hilarious lol I mean, the dress, of course but, oh, that wig!

And what about that lovely little .gif of Fassavoy on set

I'll leave you now, I have many Spencer/Brendon to read; I'm revisiting older stories (re-re-re-etc-read If the Music be the Food of Love by [ profile] sunsetmog and it made me ache and melt just like the first time I read it ♥)
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So I was expecting (and hoping for) some lazy times in Alsace with [ profile] moimoietmoi and [ profile] greedy_dancer, right? I sure got my wish :-) Unsurprisingly, mind.

Our time in Alsace so far, in a couple of pictures )

So that was yesterday and most of today. Now it's past 1.30PM and the three of us have been sitting at the kitchen counter ever since we got back home, each on our respective computers (GD having spent some time making her new laptop hers for good), eating mousse au chocolat and listening to Madonna. Wait, the CD stopped. So now the soundtrack is our fingers typing on the keyboard. And the comments we make when reading something that we have to share with the others. Totally awesome second part of the evening, Y/Y? We'll go to bed at one point. Possibly.
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In [ profile] greedy_dancer's words, "four girls, four laptops and one couch make for a nice FP night", or how [ profile] moimoietmoi, [ profile] crazybutsound, [ profile] greedy_dancer and I are spending the weekend together. Even better yet, [ profile] french_hobbit will join us tomorrow so the whole posse will (almost) be reunited - minus one [ profile] babycakesin, but it's a bit more difficult for her to be there with us, what with her living in Canada and everything.

SAM and GD are off to bed ([ profile] nicelyobsessed already abandoned us and is asleep) and I'm going to follow their lead in a few minutes, leaving Jem busy editing the pictures she took at the gig tonight, meaning, I'll leave her with a bunch of pretty picture of pretty girls being kick-ass on stage. Aka we went to see The Like at the Nouveau Casino and it was great! The girls are really good live, they have a lot of energy and they're just adorable. Incidentally, they're also as pretty IRL as they are on all those pictures you see on-line and I'm totally smitten with Tennessee and Annie. I mean, Z is Z, you know? But Annie was so classy and gorgeous and Tennessee was both so cute and kick-ass behind her drum kit, I was just smitten.

Oh, and they were their own merch girls! I'd say it was nice to see them from up close but, honestly, we were so close to the stage that if we'd been closer we'd have been right there with the girls - not joking, there was no-one in front of us.

As a side note, between Fall Out Boy and Cobra Starship, we were getting used to always being the oldest ones in the audience, so imagine our surprise to find ourselves part of a crowd where the vast majority was 30+. At one point Jem was complaining about a tall guy just in front of us (before The Like came on stage) and I was like "well, no wonder he's so tall, obviously most of the guys here reached puberty a long time ago."

So, anyway, we had a lovely night out and then a relaxing time at home. As I said, Jem is editing the pics as I type so whenever she's done and has posted them, I'll link you to her post so that you can see the girls, should you be inclined.

[ETA: [ profile] crazybutsound posted the pics! That way.]
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Work was exciting today. Why was work exciting today? For several reasons, one of which had nothing to do with work as such, but since I was there when it happened... I bought my ticket to see My Chemical Romance in Paris in November \o/ I'll be going with the usual suspects (meaning the FP, [ profile] crazybutsound included, who'll be making the trip for the gig... well, to be precise, she'd planned on making the trip for Black Cards but since MyChem's gig is the next day, she'll happen to be already be in Paris!) plus a couple of others. We're one step closer to seeing the guys omg!

Then in the evening I met with aforementioned FP (sans [ profile] crazybutsound) at GD's and we had a nice MCR-related squeeing fest. As you do.

We also watched the new Community and omg, I love that show so much! It's always so hilarious and so geeky and I love all the meta in it... I really missed the show when it was gone (even though I came to the party really late and didn't have to wait that long, considering) and am thrilled it's back ♥ And tomorrow it's Supernatural's turn, YAY!
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Awesome (and oh so restful) holiday in Alsace still going strong. Right this minute, the three of us are in the office, [ profile] moimoietmoi and I on our respective computers while [ profile] greedy_dancer plays the piano behind me. Pretty relaxed atmosphere :-) Then again, 'relaxed' is kinda the keyword for our holiday in Alsace. We've managed to go outside once a day (we strolled around Colmar on Sunday, visited the area yesterday - Alsace is gorgeous, I'm smitten with its villages - and had lunch and went for some shopping again in Colmar today) but it's not always easy leaving the garden and the deckchairs and the hammock and our books, believe you me!

Mostly we've lazed under the sun in the garden and read and chatted and napped. I'm really having the kind of holiday that I'd like to bottle for when RL gets a bit too stressful ♥ ♥

Also, the home cinema room? Is a dream come true! So each night, after we're done with our daily activities and we've eaten and had our latte/tea/Tim Tams break, we retire to the home cinema room and enjoy some private viewing. So far we've watched Jumper (it sucked) Bend it like Beckham (totally did not suck) and last night Taking Woodstock (which I really enjoyed too.).

I love me some lazy holidays ♥

AND last but not least, [ profile] spikedluv, a Happy Birthday to you! I was afraid I'd forget because, well, when I'm on holiday it's a miracle if I remember what day it is, so let's not talk about 'dates' but there, I won't be late for that one :-)
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Spring holidays still going strong and still being very kind to me. Today's program, SPN Marathon Take 2. [ profile] angeliksmall and [ profile] greedy_dancer are on the way, junk food has been purchased (sugary and salty) and our favourite beer will be in the fridge soon enough. We should be all set. We'll see how many episodes we succeed in watching but we're going for nine, ie from 5x11 to 5x19. With some luck, we'll be ready to watch the last episodes with the rest our respective flists :-)

So, hey, I promised to myself when I went to see Kick Ass that if I ended up enjoying the movie I wouldn't do any kind of lame-o puns on the title but I'm breaking my promise because the film really lived up to said title! It was seriously awesome and it certainly made for a great ride! I can't wait to get my hands on the DVD now. I was hoping we'd get to see the trailer for The Losers but alas it wasn't meant to be. I don't even know when the film will come out in France, it's a sad state of affair, that.

Unrelated, I've had a lot of fun adding prompts to the Kinkmeme #6 over at [ profile] aianonlovefest and having even more fun reading others'! Even if a third of the prompts I'm tracking are filled, I'll be a happy AI fangirl :-p

Oh, dude, having all those chocolate-y goodness in front of me makes me want to dig in... but I must be strong and wait for the girls to arrive, right? Right *is strong*
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One more White Collar marathon done, one! Or it'll be once "Out of the Box" ends, which will be in... ten minutes, give or take. I don't know how many times I've watched the first season but I'd guess around four times. Which is funny when I think of how I'm always so busy... guess the secret to have a busy fannish life truly is not to sleep at night. Anyway, [ profile] greedy_dancer is now up-to-date with White Collar and everything is all right with the world :-)

[ profile] moimoietmoi and I also have been watching Adam Lambert and Kris Allen videos all night; we had a gazillion tabs open in our browser and as soon as we were done with a vid (and done with squeeing and cooing and giggling at the adorableness and awesomeness that are those guys) we'd immediately follow with another one. And there are many videos of them! So a good time was had by us all \o/

Ok, now, there's been this Shuffle Fic meme going around and because [ profile] greedy_dancer is a bit addicted to it, she begged asked us to play. Sam did already so now it's my turn. Obviously if you want to play, be my guest.

Shuffle your recs however you choose and post the first lines (or first few lines) of the first twenty-five fifteen fics that turn up. Have other people guess the fic and author in the comments.

1. He's kind of perpetually lost now, because that's just how amnesia feels--like being lost all the time, like walking through a fog that never lifts, because there's no context for anything, no categories or boxes, no way to filter the world down to a manageable size--but in this case, he's actually lost, and it's almost a relief.

2.Somehow they end up doing Warped again. Bob doesn't know all the details, but he's pretty sure it's Gerard's fault.

This way for the rest )

I realised one of my answers can be found in GD's own meme but what can I say, thre three of us keep reading the same fics. It's a miracle that there weren't more identical answers here ;-)

Fangs up!

Feb. 21st, 2010 01:25 am
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Home from the Cobra Starship gig with [ profile] greedy_dancer, [ profile] crazybutsound, GF's friend and Jem's little brother. It was fantastic! Not just the concert but the Meet & Greet too. Aww, they're absolutely sweethearts, those guys; it was quite a wonderful experience. So, yes, after attending, I can say it would have been a pity to miss it :-)

Mind you, between the wait before aforementioned Meet & Greet and the actual concert, we sure earned our right to be there! I mean, we had to queue for some time (the usual when going to a concert) but at one point we really thought we were going to die from the cold before we even got the chance to meet them and once we were indoors and Cobra arrived, we were told that Gabe was stuck in traffic and they were hoping he'd make it here on time - which, ha, we sure hoped too! But he got there quickly and apologised for making us wait, which I thought that was very polite of him. Always a good point! The actual event was pretty nice, very cool and laid-back - we had a great time! Many photos were taken with all of them, pictures and CDs and The Economist (long story) were signed and mini-talks were had, even! Jem and GD felt quite talkative. GD especially chatted her little head off with the guys, it was quite funny (and cute) to see :-)

Because we arrived so early, we were able to stand very close to the stage, meaning we were just at a two-rows range. Yeap, two rows only. Which actually proved to be a bit crazy because the Cobra fans are kinda batshit insane and when Cobra came on stage after the opening act they got crazy and it was like being at war with people trying to trample you. We were in the mosh pit for Fall Out Boy and I swear it wasn't anything like that. I left the gang at one point because I wanted to feel like I wasn't going to be killed. I liked my new location much better than the first one (had Vicky-T right in front of me) even though I still had some crazies around me too. What can you do, right?!

Anyway, everyone got out of the gig safe and sound - no casualties in our ranks, no broken legs nor broken wrists, which wasn't an easy feat! - and we had an awesome time. Those guys know how to play their audience! ♥

Oh, and in case anyone's wondering? Vicky-T is even more gorgeous IRL. No, I didn't think it was possible. Yes, it really is.

PS: I'm losing my voice, always a good proof that a concert went very well :-) [ETA: Yeah, ok, I think it's more like an insta!cold than anything else, I can't stop coughing. Oh, well, at least it'll be a Cobra-approved cold lol]

PS2: GD, Jem, N. and me all treated ourselves with a t-shirt (the same, as it happens) so now we're all set for Cobra next concert \o/

PS3: New favourite crew dude = Matt!
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This is one of those weekends I'll have trouble explaining to those who ask me about it on Monday. I'll be like "well, two of my friends slept over Friday night and we... chilled on Saturday?" Because, ok, we went to Starbucks after work yesterday then came home and watched tv, mainly WWE Raw. It's always fun to watch it with another fan, so while [ profile] greedy_dancer was busy mocking us, [ profile] moimoietmoi and I were cheering on our favourite couples guys and booing the ones we dislike and gossiping about who's cheating on who(m) and who will have angry sex after what match because, you know, watching WWE Raw is like watching a gay show sometimes. No wonder we like it \o/

We were in bed around 3.00 AM, up around 10.00 AM, had our traditional pancakes breakfast, it's now 4.00 PM and, well, pretty much nothing happened? GD has been rocking her little fingers off on Guitar Hero for a couple of hours, Sam and me have been checking many sites (LJ, tattoo, sex blog, t-shirt blogs etc.) and now I'm obviously updating my own LJ while Sam is reading a book next to me.

So it's all lazy and cozy and, of course, just perfect *g* I haven't done "nothing" for what seems a long time and I'm sooo enjoying it :-)

No wait, we did something. We discovered, via GD via Gabe Saporta, The Midnight Beast and their parodies and we're fangirling them like crazy! I'm smitten with their Tik Tok Kesha parody. Though their Christmas song is also made of love. Anyway, if you don't know about them, give them a try, you might fall in love too. They're funny and just so cute! *loves dorks*

Unrelated: this weekend also seems to be sponsored by because I've been adde by three people from middle school over at Facebook in the course of, well, a day. Funny that.
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So it's done, I've seen Randy Orton and Chris Jericho and John Cena and Triple H in the flesh, whee! And many others from WWE but those four are my Most Favourites (with Rey Mysterio). Hee, dude, I had such a great time at the show! It was a lot of fun. I had the pleasant surprise to find we had pretty good seats (much closer to the ring than I thought and! really close to the Big Entrance where all the wrestlers appeared - how awesome was that?).

Seeing the show for real is damn impressive. I totally want to go and see it again now. They announced their return for September 2010 in Paris and when I told my dad, he was all "we'll go together this time!" Which, YAY!

I took many photos which are basically all blurred (those guys just never stay still, would you believe it?) but I'm sharing a couple of them for, like, the two of you who're interested *cough* Here be photos from Saturday's WWE Raw show in Lyon. )

Apart from going to the show and doing groceries we basically stayed indoors all weekend. We watched tv (I'm now up-to-date on TBBT and Glee and White Collar \o/) and read yaoi and basically just lazed around and ignored the world, for RL shall have no dominion over us during our FP weekends *nodnod*
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Guitar Hero is made of win. The French Posse is made win. A weekend spent (among other things) playing Guitar Hero with the French Posse Aka How I had a Kick-Ass Weekend with the FP :-)

It started with a little seasonal activity on Saturday evening: [ profile] greedy_dancer had brought some chestnuts to roast. We participated in a little workshop to get them ready - which is harder than it sounds, slicing that little X on them is hard work! - and once roasted, we ate them with some tea and milk. If that wasn't a lovely start, I don't know what is!

Followed a little tv marathon as we watched the four episodes of FlashForward - the girls hadn't seen any of it yet - and episode 1x05 of Glee. First fannish quota was met but we decided to geek the night up; twas time for some epic Guitar Hero Battle! GD had brought chestnuts with her, [ profile] moimoietmoi had a spare guitar. We came prepared, baby! Our instruments of love behind the cut. )

Playing on your own is great, right? Playing against someone is awesome! Even if that someone is GD and she kicks your ass. Never mind, dude, Sam and I still scored and we even beat her a couple of times! We won't mention the fact that she always played one level higher, right? Right, it'll be our secret.

Time flies when you have fun with your fellow geeks and 4.00 AM came before you knew it. Sam went to bed and GD and I managed to watch a couple of Panic! videos on YT before we followed her lead.

Today started at noon (which isn't that late considering when we went to bed) with some nice breakfast - which kinda has our names on it, I just realised )

We proceeded to watch some more tv - Fallen, which is totally lame and cheesy but, well, I kinda got into it? And the girls did too, don't let them tell you any differently. Then we caught up with Glee and watched 1x06 and 1x07. Man, that show ROCKS LIKE A ROCKING THING, I love it so much! ♥ ♥

And from, say, 4.30 PM to 7.40 PM? We played Guitar Hero again. It's so addictive! So, yeah, awesome weekend, all right :-)
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So if I've been on your flist for some time now, you might have noticed that I love the cold. Winter is my favourite season and autumn runs close because of how it basically leads us to winter. So I've been waiting for the temperature to go down impatiently. This week they have and that made me very happy. I went and bought a new "autumn coat" and when I'm wearing it (which is everyday now) I feel all warm and cozy. I'm not wearing my winter gloves yet but I do have have to wear gloves as of now because my hands are freezing otherwise and, again, it filled me with glee that it was time to take them out of my little "autumn/winter" basket. So I do love the cold.

But omg NOT INSIDE A ROOM! I'm certain I was complaining about it last year too and it's started again earlier this week. It's cold inside our building and it's driving me crazy. I have, like, three layers on me atm, plus a scarf (I don't know about other countries but scarves - all kinds of scarves including the big, long, large, comfy ones - are all the rage in France) and I'm still not getting any warmer. And my poor hands! I have cold hands a lot (cold hands, warm heart, as they say? Whatever) but right now they're just frozen and it's so unpleasant...

So I just needed to whine. There, I whined. Aren't you happy to be reading your flist today? And I'm still not getting any warmer, btw *pout*

Onto more positive things, now: French Posse Time this weekend. Guitar Hero has been programmed. And I'm also planning on having a kick-ass breakfast on Sunday, meaning pancakes and nutella and maybe strawberry jam and tea for the girls and OJ and other yummy stuff. For this is the kind of breakfast one French Posse should have on a lazy Sunday *nod* Oh, and Sam will bring Tim Tams \o/ I love me some FP weekend ♥
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Working part-time this week is absolutely lovely! Mornings fly by and the (free)afternoons are lovely long. This week I went to see 9 and Ice Age 3. I enjoyed both. And I love how empty the theater is in the early afternoon!

I also spent some time doing the Top Five meme - and I do mean 'spent some time'. But there are links to find and pictures to pick and thoughts to gather and, yeah.

I. A series of top five for [ profile] greedy_dancer: top five SPN moments, bandom songs, crossover fics (any fandoms) and FP memories. Here )

II. Top five Jensen pictures and Top five RL Christmas memories for [ profile] babycakesin : Here )

III. Top five shows that I don't like while everybody else is totally bonkers about them for [ profile] katikat. Here )

IV. Another series of top five, for [ profile] turps33: top 5 AMs (Abused Males, for those not in the know - yes, we have our term for those boys that get hurt all the time in fics, because we're awesome like that \o/ And because I love giving names to, well, everything), h/c stories and kinky sex positions. Here )

V. Top 5 books and guilty pleasures (of any kind) for [ profile] moimoietmoi. Here )

Now a question, re: Patrick's adventure with the law yesterday. Can you really get a 15,000$ bail for that kind of thing? Because, wow! Also - and once I was 'reassured' that it was nothing serious - I had to smile at Pete's twit concerning the whole thing.
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Girls rock, and Stephanie proves it! Or how Green Day made a fan's dream come true - apparently it's a habit of theirs during their concerts? Man, what was she thinking up there, do you think? And she looked so at ease! She's a bit of a hero, that girl.

Unrelated. Hee, I thought I'd miss the beginning of tonight's Raw but lo, I'm here! Right on time for Randy Orton and Triple H and John Cena to have their first little bitch fight. You go, boys! Antagonise each other ♥ ♥

Something else that makes me insanely happy is that I'm.on.vacation! Freedom! Three glorious weeks of freedom; oh, I feel so relaxed already *sprawls deeper on her couch* And on Tuesday, IRELAND \o/ And in case you were going to ask me whether I'd already packed, I'll just say 'what, three days in advance? Surely you jest!' But I do have a brand new bag for the trip, so that's something :-)

Random comment of the day: oh, hey, I found fantasy band aids today! Not the ones I'm coveting, meaning the unicorn ones but mine are pretty nifty too, colourful and rainbowy. They'll definitely do :-) And! [ profile] moimoietmoi got me a poster today, just like that, because she's the sweetest. The poster uses one of the Shadoks's motto and it's nicely kinky when you read it the way we do: "if it hurts, then it has to feel good", which, yeah, totally pushes some of my buttons all right lol *&hearts Sam*
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How typical is it that I fell for the WWE world just before the WWE Smackdown tour in Paris was sold out? Very.

The more I watch those WWE "episodes" (I'm not sure how I'm supposed to call them?), the more I want to cry at the idea of not being at the event. Especially as I didn't buy tickets because I was supposed to be in the UK for [ profile] connotations that weekend and turns out I won't be able to go /o\ Or it doesn't look like I will, at least. It's just not fair *pout*

If I appear to be immune to the Jonas Brothers, [ profile] crazybutsound is 100% immune to wrestling, so while I was busy having the time of my life watching last night's episode, she was gently mocking me in her room while doing her own things on the computer. But it was! Seth Green was General Manager! He looked so tiny next to those guys! At the beginning he was standing between Triple H and Randy Orton and omg you just wanted to pet him and coo at him. And tell him to get the hell away from the ring lol


We had the Most Unproductive Day today. Ever. Except for how I went to the hairdresser this morning (which might sound mundane to some but is a Big Thing in my life) and how Jem knitted a lot and how we plotted some bandom fics. All our Panic (and Panic!) talks combined with my watching her knit gave me this idea for a fic where Brendon would be a mad lil knitter (maybe because of a bet at first but then he realised he loved it!) and knitting all the time, like, scarves for Ryan (duh!), cozies for Spencer's drumsticks! Toe-less-socks for Jon! And Jem added her two cents with the idea that Spencer would send him all those links to crazy patterns like the one for a uterus or knitted boobies or this chapstick cozy in the shape of a penis. I even found the title: K3, YO, Slip1, K2tog, PSSO, YO, K to End.

Yes. Well. You can't always control what happens in your mind, can you?
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It sorta smells like vacation at work these days, what with all our co-workers leaving one by one, and it makes concentrating on the job a bit difficult. I can't wait to be next week when I'll bid goodbye to the uni for three whole weeks \o/

Went to Starbucks after work with [ profile] angeliksmall and [ profile] crazybutsound. Felt like ages since I'd been there which, wow, is so not accurate as I went last week? But sometimes I miss Starbucks a lot [/random]

Got home and Jem proceeded to show me a couple of Jonas Brothers video clips. I was a bit afraid to do so as I've been falling for new bands left and right lately - not to mention that I'm the kind of person who falls for new fandoms pretty much all the time (I don't know if you noticed) - but I needn't worry because I'm apparently immune to them. Yes! I'll admit I didn't really feel like falling for these dudes, but you know how these things work, you usually don't have a say in it.

We're downloading My Bloody Valentine as I type this and then it'll be Friday 13th turn. Because a) all of a sudden I couldn't bear the thought of not having seen either of them and b) Jem wanted to know what it was like to watch a horror film with me. I'm sure she'll have a blast. The ultimate experience would have been to see the film with both [ profile] greedy_dancer and me, but GD is frolicking in the US so it'll be just me.

Oh, and like every Panic! (I keep having to remember to add the "!") fan, I've listened to the little preview of New Perspective and I loved it! Between Oh, Glory and this one, I'm officially ready for their album to be released now!


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