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Beginning of the week is a bit difficult at work mainly due to repetitive and boring tasks (thankfully it should only last till Thursday and I'll be back to my regular schedule afterwards) but at least I had a lovely weekend and I discovered a new show, so there's that ;)

I went to Tours for a little FP weekend where we followed our regular schedule. Basically, our weekends there mean shopping, food and tv watching. I think the main theme is "chill"; it's all cozy and sweet and always so relaxing ♥ Here's a little summary in pictures )

As I mentioned, I (finally?) hopped on the Orphan Black bandwagon. I was going to say just in time for the second series to start but I checked and it's not till April, 19th? Still, I'll be able to watch it as it airs :)

I'm not even sure why I didn't watch it earlier. I've only heard positive things about it and, from what I'd read, I had an inkling I'd enjoy it but I never got around to download it. So when we were listing the shows we meant to watch during our little weekend I thought it'd be a good idea to include it. And a good idea it was, indeed. It caught our interest right away and we mainlined four episodes on Sunday. I suspect we'd have watched more if we'd had more time but alas we had to head to the station to catch our train.

I did catch up, though, and I've now reached the season finale. Almost watched it last night but it was 1.45AM already and I decided it would be more reasonable to go to bed. I know, what a novelty!

Tonight is our POI evening at my parents' but I'll watch Orphan Black once we're home!

Oh, and is anyone else watching The Musketeers? I must admit I quite enjoy it, it's very entertaining and I love how they're writing the relationship between said musketeers. As a matter of fact, it made me want to delve into the novel again; I read it ages ago and now would be a good time for a re-read, I think. Also, I'm shipping Porthos and Aramis. You know, in case you were wondering ;)
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Hello flist. This entry was meant to be posted on December 26th but I had a tight schedule on that day and we left for Normandy before I could post. Since our house there has no wifi (of our own or that we can "borrow") I couldn't properly update my journal before today. So let's pretend we're still the 26th, shall we?

Christmas came and went and we had a wonderful time, both on the actual day with my family and on the 25th with my family in-law. Good food was consumed both times (our stomachs sure work overtime this time of the year, don't they?) great presents were exchanged, tiny babies were hold, Santa was tracked, toddlers and little girls were hugged and kissed, laughters were shared. All in all, a great Christmas all around :)

Le Père Noël was very generous, once again (and apparently knew all about my Night Vale love as he got me two Night Vale shirts as well as a Night Vale community radio mug! ♥) and made it so I could do a lovely little Christmas book haul :) So here it is )

There, that was my post-Christmas entry (Boxing day entry?). Since then Cookie and I went to Normandy with the parental unit where we had a very relaxing time. Incidentally, my parents got hooked on Downton Abbey. Mom watched the first season last month or so and loved it, so we got her the three seasons on DVD, which she'd taken with her. We sat down to watch the pilot (which I'd actually never seen!) and Dad got hooked on it immediately. We watched a second episode... and by the end of the weekend the first two seasons had been mainlined and we were halfway through the third. My parents' very first tv marathon... I'm so proud! ;) Actually, we're now back in Choisy but I'm alone at home as Cookie is at theirs... they're planning on finishing the third season tonight. Another pimping success story!

Speaking of Downton Abbey, I'll be following their lead tonight and watching the Christmas Special that aired last week myself, since I still haven't had the opportunity to do so. And whenever I'll get Cookie back, we'll watch the DW Christmas Special as we still haven't watched it either! See, we have much to do yet ;)
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Again with the whole week without any entry; I could write this long post about how I'm sorry I'm not posting more at the moment, despite a real desire to do so, but I feel like all my entries would look the same if I did so let's move on!

I had a lovely and fannish weekend in Lyon with [ profile] crazybutsound (and her friend Snakeling); there was fish and chips and cupcakes and brioche à la praline (a specialty of Lyon) and knitting (yes, I did some knitting! Did you know that when you're a leftie, it's not easy for your right-handed teacher to teach you how do it right? - ha!) as well as some tv watching.

We watched the latest episode of Sleepy Hollow while savouring our cupcakes (the combination of both is kinda perfect), I pimped Person of Interest to them (they liked it and Jem has been watching some more of it on Sunday night, which made me a very happy fangirl) and we watched some Dante's Cove when we realised that Stephen Amell (of Arrow fame) has starred in it. Or guest starred in it, I guess. Plus, Snakeling had never seen Dante's Cove so it was a must-see. Omg, I swear I'd forgotten how bad it was! I mean, we did warn Snakeling about it but even I had forgotten. Much hilarity ensued.

So that was a great weekend :) When I got home I watched the latest episode of The Originals. That show fills me with glee, I love it so much! It's OTT and theatrical but in the most entertaining ways. Those Mikaelson siblings are so delightful; so fucked-up and dysfunctional. I already enjoyed their antics in The Vampire Diaries but to have the narrative evolve around them is so much fun ;) Klaus is such a brat! Whenever he behaves in a "dodgy manner" which is, like, always, I keep thinking of how damaged and bratty he is and I just want to clap my hands in delight. He totally needs a spanking followed with a massive hug.

What else. Oh, it's December! It's getting colder with each new day, today especially feels like Winter. I've a good chunk of my Christmas shopping done so that makes me real happy too. We should go get our Christmas tree next week... so odd to think that it's that time of the year again!

Speaking of, I've seen some cute Christmas cards, which I intend to buy soon, so I'm hoping to send them before Christmas to some of you. Then again, I might do it the "French way" as the tradition here is that we can send our holiday cards all through January... pretty neat tradition for people like me ;)
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Back from Normandy where I spent some extremely lazy days: there was delicious food, breakfast on the beach, long walks on the beach, a lot of reading and a lot of catching on tv. I even got to spend an afternoon with two of my cousins and visit Deauville, which I'd never seen before. Those few days away did Cookie and me a lot of good ♥

It also did wonder to my tv watching as I'm now up-to-date on Person of Interest, Downton Abbey and Arrow \o/ In fact, I seem to have fallen for Arrow all over again. The four episodes of s2 made me so happy! That new season is promising to be quite awesome and when I reached episode 4 I only craved more so decided to go back to the beginning and watched season 1 again. I had nothing planned for today (apart from a little visit to my parents this morning) so I basically did nothing but mainlined Arrow. It was kinda glorious ;) Seeing the characters evolve, the dynamics change... my love for Oliver, Dig and Felicity has only become stronger, though I still love pretty much every character (except maybe Roy, I could do without him).

Let's talk a bit about POI now. POI, I have mixed feelings about. On the one hand, I am enjoying this third season. A lot. It still has clever plots, cool action, the characters are awesome as ever, on their own or together. But! But, it feels like I've lost something. And I'm afraid it has to do with Finch and Reese. I just feel like there's something lacking with them, compared to the previous seasons. I think it's the domesticity? Or the intimacy... and let's not even talk about Fusco who's been kinda non-existent?

Anyway, I'm confused because, on the one hand, I'm still enjoying POI. On the other, the characters dynamics have changed and I'm not sure I'm perfectly content with it. I suppose it's what happens when new characters become regulars, you have to make some room for them to fit in the plot (and the 40+ minutes that the episode lasts) and it's bound to change some things. Or maybe I just need more time to get used to it all. Besides, "Mors Praematura" did please me in terms of Finch-Reese interaction, so there is that. We're only six episodes into the season, after all...

What else... I'm watching Under the Dome from the beginning as well as Once Upon a Time (second season, that is) as they're airing both in France at the moment.

OH! I finally watched the trailer for XM: Days of Future Past and omg, I'm so incredibly excited! So much happened in that trailer, it gave me so many feelings! As well as many slashy thoughts. Thoughts that included Logan, btw. I'm an Erik/Charles girl through and through but always enjoyed the thought of Logan included too and, well, that trailer... some of those lines were written by a slasher, y/y?

In any case, I cannot wait! ♥
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I didn't mean to leave my journal for so long (apart from my last pass-by entry, which wasn't even for me) but there was always something getting in the way! Case in point today. Things were supposed to be busy but then they got... "interesting" - let's just leave it at that - and I'm only now trying to complete this entry which I'd started this morning...

Speaking of "interesting", Friday could be labelled that way as well. Thankfully in between Friday and Monday, I had a fantastic weekend with the FP. We did our usual outing combining lunch+shopping on Saturday (including the visit of a new bookstore where I purchased my first John Green, namely An Abundance of Katherines) and on Sunday, just as per usual too, we basically didn't leave the bed (or, you know, the unfold couch where the four of us can fit) until it was time for us to head to the station and leave Rosie.

Much food was consumed (including a lovely homemade brunch, Rosie does spoils us!) and many things were watched; from YT videos to tv shows. We watched some BookTube videos, some PBS Idea channel ones, the three episodes of Project: Library, GD pimped TSSN interviews... the usual :) We also watched the premiere of The Fall (with Gillian Anderson as a detective superintendent from London sent to Belfast to help catch a serial killer and Jamie Dornan, husband, father of two and aforementioned serial killer) the first episode of Hannibal, which GD and Rosie hadn't watched yet, and around five episodes (I think) of The Great British Bake Off. I love that show - and its French version - because it's so sweet: charming hosts and charming contestants alike. A show where people's skills are celebrated as opposed to their stupidity or meanness, a rarity in today's television :p

Incidentally, never let it be said that the FP doesn't have eclectic tastes ;)

In addition to the long talks and tv watching and eating ALL THE FOOD, we also included some reading, because we can multitask like nobody's business. [ profile] enigel, I'm finally catching up on the Night Watch series, I've halfway through Day Watch \o/

I just love the picture of the four of us in bed, in our pyjamas, me trying out GD's copy of Paper Towns, SAM reading on her Kindle and GD pimping Rosie Jesse Eisenberg's interviews. So laid-back and relaxed... those FP weekends are good for the soul, you guys, so very good for the soul ♥

Also good for the soul is my being on holiday for the week. Cookie and I'll be staying in Normandy for a couple of days, far from everything, just the two of us. I cannot wait!
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Despite yesterday being Saturday and therefore being supposedly protected by the weekend aura, it wasn't such a great day. Nothing bad happened at all, just lots of tiny frustrations which were, well, frustrating ;)

Today was different, though, thankfully. No frustrations at all, only a lovely time all around. I went to the Marchés flottants in Paris, a small market of traditional/regional products from south-east of France. We had ourselves a little picnic on the bank of the Seine composed of foie gras sandwich and croustade Gasconne plus melon for desserts. It was as delicious as it sounds.

Then because we weren't stuffed enough apparently, we went to our favourite geek bar in Paris (ok, maybe the only one), le Dernier Bar Avant la Fin du Monde, where we played Dobble while eating ice cream and sipping hot drinks. My Sunday more than made up for my Saturday :)

My Sunday in pictures )

Such a lovely Sunday :)

Apart from that, I was listing the shows I intend to watch this Fall and found out that Ray Donovan was not, in fact, part of the new grid, as it started airing back in June! I heard about that show just last week and it piqued my curiosity. This was a pleasant surprise, though, as I downloaded all the episodes and started watching them right away - or should I say "started mainlining" them. I couldn't stop after just the premiere, nor could I after the second. I'm halfway through the season now (sleep? Mouse has no sleep. Mouse needs no sleep!) so far and really enjoying it. What can I say, fucked-up characters with fucked-up family dynamics are two of my tv kryptonites.

Is anyone else watching? There are only two episodes left in the season, one of them tonight, so it'll be over soon, anyway. Though we'll get a second season, from what I could read.

And happy new Welcome to Night Vale day to you, listeners! Seeing the new episode appears on iTunes is a thing of beauty \o/
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It's that time of the year again when I'm busy invigilating exams all day long. And, as per usual, most students decided not to show their faces - case in point, I only have five students in my classroom this first session. On the one hand, it makes being at work at 7.30AM a bit difficult to swallow - if I had to be there early, they should have been be there too, dammit - on the other, it means that the risk of having a gazillion problems to solve has been reduced with the number of students who decided not to sit their exams. #SilverLinings

Technically I should be working on a translation I have to hand in to one of my co-workers in a couple of days but I'm here till past 6.00PM so I can't say I'm in a hurry. I'm taking a little break - or, starting with a little break? Same difference *cough*

How was your weekend? Mine was busy, though the nice kind: we had friends over for lunch on Saturday, then I went (Cookie joined me a little while later) to my sister's and BIL's to mind my nieces as the both of them worked all night. Cookie and I slept over (we had a blast with the girls, as usual ♥) After the kids were in bed, I had to work for a couple of hours to make sure everything was going to be ready for today's exams, which is not how I like to spend my Saturday evenings but there you go. Then on Sunday the lot of us had lunch at my parents'. They just came back from a week in Las Vegas and had tons of things to tell us as well as a hundred of pictures to show us. They had such a great time there, we were absolutely thrilled for them. Especially as they really needed the break.

I've been feeling pretty tired all weekend but the good news is that I've started my treatment (for the iron deficiency) which should take care of the constant low blood pressure and diziness so it's just a matter of being patient for aforementioned treatment to work its magic ;)

Onto the fannish part of my weekend now, once we got home Sunday evening, we resumed our Person of Interest fest and watched five episodes in a row. Not just any episodes either, we started with "C.O.D" and kept going - how could we not?! - till "Dead Reckoning". Hee, what a ride, you guys! SO MANY FEELINGS, omg! It hit many of my kinks and I just wanted to hug John and never let him go. Same thing with Finch. Oh and with just about everyone, what the hell lol

Finch and Reese are both lovely specimens of clams but whenever John decides to let it all out and express his feelings, the man does it beautifully, doesn't he? He most definitely knows how to make me melt with his expression of love friendship.

I'm so smitten with the Finch-Reese Clamily - as some of you call them, such an apt and lovely name ;) - with their domesticity - "It's your turn to dry the dog!" - and their trust - "Pick a winner" - and their L.O.V.E - "I'm happy, must be you the job" - and just, hee I ♥ John and Harold.
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So Cookie and I got in the habit of cooking our lunch every evening. But today we had to go out and buy some hot soup - I just love sharing mundane details about my life with you guys, aren't you thrilled? ;-) - because omg it's so bloody cold inside our offices! It's freezing. A couple of my coworkers even brought their blankets at work. Not even kidding. Admittedly, it gives a cozy feel to the place ;-) But I wish they fixed the problem or turned the heat on or something so that I could stop shivering and get feeling back in my hands. I don't think it's asking too much, is it?

How was your weekend, flist? Mine was excellent. Cookie and I spent the whole weekend in Normandy with the family - parents, sis, BIL, nieces, godfather and aunt - and we had a blast. Those little weekends are always good for the soul. We didn't do a lot on Saturday because it rained pretty much all day but Sunday was much better so we went to the marketplace, walked back on the beach, then got out again in the afternoon for a little stroll in another part of the beach. It was so relaxing ♥ I love our family weekends, when it feels like it's just us in the world :-)

Cookie got back with the Cold From Hell, which is not of the good but! She felt well enough yesterday night to go and see The Bourne Legacy for the fourth time. She asked this time! And you should always indulge your girlfriend when she's sick. Especially if it gives you some Renner \o/ My enjoyment of the film was still intact :-) Incidentally, it's not often these days that I feel like writing a fic when watching something but I must admit that The Bourne Legacy made me feel the itch. I know I won't but it's always an exciting feeling. As fun as it would be to write the slash scene between TallCabinDude and Aaron and give them some nice back-story together, what truly interests me is this spoilery element ) So many questions. So many bunnies for a fic, if you ask me.

It's too bad films don't always cater to your whims. I know that is what fanfic is here for, usually, but as it happens, there aren't that many Bourne Legacy fic, so. Thankfully as far as my Renner fix goes, the Avengers fandom is here to help. Am still - slowly - reading my way through the Clint tag over at AO3. RL is cutting on my fic-reading time, though - only good things, mind, concerts, exhibits, shows etc. - so it might take me even longer to see the end of it. That is, to see me go back to the very beginning of the tag to read the new stories that have been posted in the meantime. A fic reader's work is never done!
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Flist, what is better than a four-day weekend? Ok, I know, a five-day weekend or a whole week etc. I concede the point. But two days off work following a weekend is pretty nifty, too :-) I love the month of May in France ♥ I've had a busy time; I had a lovely sleep-over at my BFF on Friday night, I spent most of Saturday with her. Sunday morning was studious as I worked till 3.00PM; After that it was time to go vote before heading to my parents' where The Esu and Cookie - who was at her mother's before that - joined us. My nieces are growing so fast, it's insane! I can't believe Chiara will be 4 next month and that, in two months, Emma will be 1. Where does time go?? Emma isn't walking yet - so far I'm the one holding the record in the family \o/ - but it's clear it won't take her too long to do it and she loves it when you hold her by the hands and have her "walk" around, her little legs can't go fast enough, it's the cutest thing #SmittenAuntie

Oh, [ profile] snailbones? I took a pic and thought I'd dedicate it to you. Look, now you're getting a new pic of my foot as well as my niece's - aren't you glad? )

That was our weekend. This morning I studied some more and we'd planned on going to Paris in the afternoon to a shop that customises t-shirts, but Cookie wasn't feeling well then I turned into a zombie and fell asleep on the couch and in the end we stayed home.

We'll make sure to have our t-shirts for the Parisian Pride, though. I've been wanting one for years and since we'll be going to Pride in June, this year is the year when we'll make it happen. I've decided to be both LGBT'y and fannish as I'll be wearing a white shirt with "Likes Girls" written on it à la Glee :-) I'm also thinking of adding a quote at the back, with maybe a rainbow above it. The quote would say "Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth". It's from the Bible and, Idk, isn't it fitting? If I do it, I was thinking of adding it at the bottom of the shirt, at the back, so that it's actually more for me to know it's there than anything... Anyway, I'm undecided, we'll see :-)

ETA: Hmm, I saw a tweet just now that might have changed my mind. Now I'm thinking of a shirt with "Likes Girls" on the front, no change here, but NO8 on the back. Shorter and to the point. Well, I have till I'm in the shop to decide, I guess.

Anyway! Completely unrelated but I'm a bit excited because I found out that Henry Jenkins will be doing a lecture in Paris in May and I'm really hoping I'll go. I might have squeed a little when I saw, especially as I've been using his work a lot when writing my papers for my sociology of media class, so to be able to attend one of his lectures would be like meeting a BNF \o/
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I spent the weekend in Normandie with the parental unit and Cokie and this is the kind of view I had ) Then yesterday, back at work, that's what I was seeing from my office )

Not exactly the same thing, right? It was even more annoying that when I left Normandie Sunday night, I had to say goodbye to Cookie and my parents who were lucky enough not to work on Monday. But the exam proctoring I had to do yesterday went well, so there is that.

Cookie is still there, as a matter of fact, but I'm not jealous anymore because today is the First of May, which means it's bank holiday, which means! Reading fic in bed all morning. At least, that's how I translated it :-p I'll get out of bed, eventually. When, no, I will get out of bed because I'm meeting with [ profile] moimoietmoi in the afternoon, so. In the meantime it's Blaine fic followed with more Blaine fic *stretches lazily*

Actually I shouldn't stretch too much because I have this little prick sensation on my left shoulder and it feels like my back could act up at any time. I think I'm a bit stressed out at the moment. Nothing big at all, but I've reached that stage when I have a gazillion things to do for school and I feel like I'll never get them all done because 24 hours aren't just enough for work and school. I'm not convinced I'll be able to complete the whole thing this year while at the same time really wanting to finish it and defend on September. Also, now is the time to send out applications for next year and I have no idea what I want to do. Can I actually see myself doing a PhD?? If I do that, I'll need to do something that relates to work, otherwise it'll be... not a waste of time but it won't be as productive as it should be. Or do I try for another Masters next year and find a program that is 100% related to my job and then maybe get a PhD following that program. Then again, even if I send out applications or go for a PhD, doesn't even mean I'll be accepted, anyway. Or do I just stop?

I keep telling myself it's ridiculous to get even a little bit worked up about things that I don't need as such, as I already have a job and I have this grown-up life that is fine as it is and, seriously, if that's the kind of things I "worry" about then I'm damn lucky, I know that, but what if? What if those potential degrees open new doors in a few years? I'm not old, by any means, but I'm not twenty either. I guess it feels like I'm too old to make the wrong decisions now? Something like that.

Anyway, that's where I am at the moment ;-) I think I'll post this and go back to reading about Blaine being cute and full of angst and having Kurt fix him. There!

Though wait, as is the custom in France on the First of May, I'm offering you a bunch of lilies of the valley, it'll bring you luck :-)

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Right after work, Cookie and I went to a new library that opened near our workplace and we studied there for two hours, go us! We're planning on going there on a regular basis (we'll return as soon as tomorrow, as a matter of fact) as we kinda fell in love with the place and the atmosphere. It's much more modern than Ste Geneviève (the one I picspammed some time ago) but it still manages to be cozy and when you're sitting at the big desks, you don't feel like you're sharing the place with a gazillion other students. I think we'll keep Ste Geneviève for the weekends and the new one for the week.

We got back around 8.15PM, I did a load of laundry, I cooked our dinner then tomorrow's lunch and I think I totally deserve to be relaxing in front of Castle now, Y/Y?

This weekend was very busy too but unlike last weekend (or the next) it was fun all the time: afternoon tea with [personal profile] greedy_dancer at [personal profile] moimoietmoi's (SAM always has yummy treats for us when we have afternoon tea at her place) followed with dinner at my parents'. Then on Saturday we had The Esu over with my nieces for our second raclette of the year (hopefully not the last) and late afternoon we went to the mall, hoping to get our hands on new clothes since it's the sales at the moment. Which I did, score!

And! In between everything - well, it was before everything as I did it on Saturday morning, to be exact - I suddenly had an idea. What if I uploaded my SPN fics over at AO3? I have no idea where the idea came from, but I realised I had very few of my fics in general and none of my SPN fics in particular (remember when I used to write fic? Back In The Day) archived there and I thought it might be a good idea to do some saving. Especially as I don't even have a single of my (own!) stories saved on my computer any longer. Or anywhere else, for that matter. I used to have them all stored on my HD when I had computer!Clark and computer!Dean then they both died, I stopped writing altogether, and I sorta forgot that I didn't have any trace of my stories anywhere but on my LJ.

So far, I've uploaded one SPN fic but I'll add more whenever I have the time/remind myself to do it. I'm also downloading and saving them all (for keeps) via the site - thank you Download button :-)

PS: it has nothing to do with anything but omg, White Collar D-1(+1)
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I always wonder why some fic authors post new parts of their WIPs without any link to the previous parts or to an LJ tag or an archive - just chapter #678 and no link whatsoever to any part of the rest of the fic. We're apparently supposed to go through their whole journal and skim entries after entries so that we can maybe find the rest of the fic/series. I know going back to the previous part and linking to each new one might be a hassle but then why not just make a tag for the WIP? I don't know if I'm guilty of entitlement but this always frustrates me, I'll admit. I don't think I have that many pet peeves but that's definitely one of them #SundayConfession

So hey I'm still alive! I wasn't eaten by any zombies today, my brains is still inside my skull, intact, and my limbs are still attached to my body, go me - aka I went to the Zombie Walk and survived it. Admittedly [ profile] crazybutsound and me didn't stay the whole time; we were at the meeting with her Bro and three of his friends on time but then it took the organisators forever to organise everything and by 3.30PM we were so ravenous that I could have eaten someone lol So we said goodbye to the zombies patiently waiting to walk and went on our way.

It was a lot of fun. And scary as some of those costumes were beautifully done and looked kinda realistic - as realistic as an undead might look, but you know what I mean. Jem had those bloody disturbing white lenses on which, in addition to her make-up, made her look really scary *shivers* There were dudes with bleeding holes in their heads, dudettes with amputated hands in their mouths, people with axes over their heads, undead kiddies, humans on leashes etc. etc. People kept grunting and screaming and "fighting" over a hand or a leg... as I said, a lot of fun :-) I didn't put on any make-up but if we go again next year, I might just dress up as a zombie killer ;-)

Once we got home to [ profile] nicelyobsessed, we watched the latest Merlin then did (we're still at it, as a matter of fact) a White Collar marathon. I've had a craving for WhiCo for a week and since Jem hadn't finished the third season, I thought it'd be a good idea to just watch it from the beginning. I'm a genius like that \o/ The Fades 1x05 has been watched last night (well, the five episodes in a row have been watched, to be exact) and the show definitely knows how to keep us on our toes ♥
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I can finally use this icon without doing it as sign of protest for the unwelcome heat ♥ We're actually having our first homemade soup of the year tonight (zucchini and La vache qui rit cheese - delicious!) so we're celebrating the arrival of Autumn in style ;-)

Today has been very quiet. Much more than planned, as a matter fact. We'd meant to go and see Warrior this afternoon but turns out the film wasn't showing in "our" cinemas any longer! So we stayed home, decided to make it a Reading Fic afternoon then I fell asleep on the couch... and basically slept the afternoon away. I had no idea I was so tired! Guess it's what I needed, though. And it's been some time since we had nothing to do on a Saturday. I feel a bit sad that I couldn't see Warrior again, though. Besides, I couldn't find a download at either of the two sites I always find all my films and series so I feel a bit betrayed right now!

Tonight we plan on catching up on some of our tv. Wish us luck! We're also pretty impatient to see the latest Merlin appear, hopefully it'll be shared soon #Wants

Completely unrelated but poor Brendon might have malaria? o_O It is odd, that Twitter thing, you can actually know what the boys in your favourite bands have caught almost as the same time as they do. Internet, it'll never not be fascinating. Let's hope he gets better soon, poor dude.
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The weather is depressing this week; it's hot and sunny! I'm sorry but this is not on! It's almost October, I want to start wearing my autumn scarf and my autumn mittens! They're looking at me all sad and wondering what the hell is going on! I sympathise, scarf and mittens, I wish we could go out together again! #LongsForCrispWeather I'll use my favourite autumn icon to protest against the whole thing *nods*

Something else that is depressing - ok, not so much 'depressing' as it is annoying - is the whole university enrolling process. Is it a nightmare in every university in the world? Or is just in France? Or maybe just in Paris? I was hoping for some answers today but nothing, nada, rien. Complete radio silence. And you'll see that once they answer me, it'll be to tell me I'm past the deadline! This is so frustrating. I don't know why it has to be so complicated *sigh*

Anyway. Last week was quite hectic but this weekend was a bit more restful. Lots of family time - couscous Saturday evening with the parents and two of my cousins, then homemade lasagna on Sunday - my dad makes delicious lasagna - and the same cousins plus The Esu plus an aunt and an uncle. Quiet and relaxing. Ok maybe not so quiet, there were twelve of us, but definitely relaxing anyway and just lovely. My goddaughter is a riot and my niece is growing up so fast ♥

I also went to see Warrior on Saturday and I had a blast. The film was nothing like what I expected, which is good as I wasn't really expecting anything, I guess? Just to be entertained and see Tom Hardy be awesome and kickass on screen. So no surprise here, he was fantastic and kickass, yes, but he was also heartbreaking and so moving! I loved the whole cast. Well, the whole film gave me ALL THE FEELINGS. There, I think that should sum it up nicely :-) I'll definitely buy the DVD when it comes out. In the meantime, though, if someone has a link to donwnload it, I'm all ears! Tia.
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This post is not, I repeat, not about XMFC (which I possibly saw for the eighth time on Thursday night - my BIL threatened to send both Cookie and me to X-Men Addict Anonymous), not about how I'm still fascinated by Charle's view of life and his love and respect for life or how I'm still enamoured with the relationship between Erik and him, nor it is about how every single scene they share together still fills me with glee or how I still love the bond between Raven and Charles. This post is not about that all.

Instead I'll talk about my Saturday, which was nice. I didn't work on my thesis as much as I would have liked but I still managed a couple of hours so all wasn't lost. Plus I have all of tomorrow plus Monday (which I have off) to catch up, I'm still on schedule. While I was studying, Cookie worked on the drawings she's been commissioned for work.

When we were done, we caught up on White Collar - "Dentist of Detroit" was pretty fun, though I wish we'd had a little follow-up to that little scene I'll talk about behind a cut ) All that to say, I'm still into White Collar and curious as to where Jeff Eastin is leading us.

We also watched the season premiere of True Blood - I missed that show so much! - and I'm afraid I only have one comment to make, namely not enough Eric! I know, not exactly the most detailed review, I'm sorry. But there really wasn't enough Eric. Or Pam.

Then earlier we decided to be very dietetic and baked cupcakes (banana with ganache frosting and banana with roasted chestnust frosting) which we had for dinner with milky tea. Delicious.

And a couple of pics behind the cut - I saw my best friend Sandrine and my nephew after work on Friday and we spent the evening together and because Lucas had never seen the Eiffel Tower, we decided to take him there. I'm afraid he was more impressed by the carousel next to it than by the Dame de Fer but Sandrine and I aren't five years old so we could appreciate her the way she deserves, even though it wasn't our first time. I took a couple of pics with my Blackberry, if you're interested. La Tour Eiffel ).

Must go now, Cookie just put on State of Play :-)
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Today was hot: 37°/99F under shade - 44°C/111F under the sun. H.o.t! Since we can't properly open the windows in our office and AC is kinda non-existent in France, I'll let you imagine the kind of hell my workplace turned out to be today. First thing I did when I got home was take a cold shower. Cold showers are my favourite things at the moment :-)

Hope you had a good weekend, flist? Cookie and I had the most self-indulgent day yesterday. We basically didn't leave the bed until 8.00PM. Or only to take a cold shower (yes, I'm like a broken record when it comes to shower these days but it's not my fault it started getting really hot this weekend!) and to gather food. We had leftover pizza from the little party we'd had on Sunday with The Esu and my cousins, ice cream, chocolate, our laptops, XMFC fics and fanvids in abundance - we didn't need anything else! It was wonderfully cool in the bedroom (which is also why we remained there, it was too hot elsewhere) and just so relaxing. I actually felt asleep at one point. Pure bliss ♥

I mentioned XMFC fanvids above; someone posted a new one based on a French song - not just in French but by a (very famous here) French artist, too. It was sorta odd watching a vid with a French "narrator" but it worked really well. As I keep saying, I love it when vidder pick a song/artist I wouldn't have associated with the fandom they're vidding. A bit like Til the World Ends that I recc'ed in a previous entry; I wouldn't have thought of Britney Spears as an artist that could be used for XMFC but it worked!

PS: got a mail from another of my teachers and I got another 85% \o/ Go me! Working like mad on academic papers does give good results, who would have thought? lol
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It's been pretty hot around here the past week (well, the past month, really, it's said that we're having the hottest spring since 1908, so there's that) and thunderstorms were bound to happen. Well it happened once last night (twas pretty impressive, I swear it was right above our building) and it's happening again right this moment. We'll only switch off our respective laptops when there's no other choice but we've decided to be a bit cautious nonetheless and turned off both the lights and the tv. Turns out it makes for a very nice and relaxing atmosphere! We've lit a couple of candles and there's the sound of both rain and thunder coming from outside and we can feel a bit of fresh air coming from the shutters and it's all quiet and mellow :-)

How was your Sunday, flist? Mine was nice! Went to bed pretty late again and I blame it on X-M:FC and James McAvoy again. Woke up, had a lazy morning in bed with the girlfriend (and the cat who'd been granted permission to join us) reading fics and just being lazy. Then off to Paris we went for an exhibit "Swords: uses, myths and symbols". Pretty neat. Quick trip to Starbucks then back home with us. After a looooong and blissfully cool shower, we planted ourselves in front of the tv and I suggested a McAvoy Night. So we watched Wanted (I've been told by a fan of the comic that the adaptation wasn't that good but I really enjoyed it. Also, McAvoy was awesome) followed with Atonement, which, of course, broke my heart and made me cry so we watched Penelope right after so that I could stop feeling miserable. Which worked like a charm, that film is really sweet.

Oh, oh! Speaking of marathon, we finally caught up on SPN \o/ I don't know why I thought it'd take some time, it was only nine episodes. Nine episodes in a row is nothing! We barely noticed. I can now say that I really enjoyed that season. And Kripke & Co haven't forgotten how to mess with our heads, have they? I don't see that a spoiler because, well, it's SPN I'm talking about, the writers have been messing with our heads since season 1...
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Mother's Day has been celebrated with our respective mothers, as well as Chiara's birthday. Presents were given away, some more presents were received (YAY birthday lasting a bit longer \o/), food and cakes were eaten and time with the family was spent.
We're now back home, waiting for our Japanese food to be delivered before we start the latest Doctor Who. Great evening to end a great weekend *nod*

Said weekend wasn't the laziest, but we did have a lazy Sunday morning before we left to have lunch with my parents. We watched a couple of episodes of Law & Order: UK (it's so nice having Jamie Bamber's real accent back ♥) and a couple of vids.

Vids that I feel compelled to rec to you guys because it'd be a crime not to. They're both fantastic and, I realise, quite practical. Because from now on, whenever I'll be asked to explain why I enjoyed The Eagle so much and/or why I'm such a big fan of White Collar, I won't start writing a 2000 word-essay, I'll just link to those vids. Who needs long discourses when they have Mykonos to show the nobleness and gorgeousness of Marcus and Esca, and Tonight I'm Fucking You to show the world how much Peter and Neal love each other. If you know WhiCo even a little bit, you'll agree with me when I say that the eyefucking in that show has always been a joy to see and I'm sure you'll be happy to know that it's one of the focuses of the vid. I know, you all want to click on the link, don't you?

Anyway, if you're a fan of either/both shows and haven't seen those vids yet or if you've never watched either but often felt some curiosity, run, do not walk, to [ profile] talitha78's journal and download. The Peter/Neal vid made me clap my hands in delight, it was so much fun and pretty and cute ♥ ♥ The Eagle one made me want to watch the film again, the lure of Marcus and Esca is, as always, Extremely Powerful.

RL heavy

May. 28th, 2011 12:58 pm
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You're warned :-) I had the best evening yesterday for my birthday. As per tradition we celebrated it at my parents' with The Esu. Cookie and I had done the groceries the day before and we cooked together (me in my mother's apron, which must be even older than I am lol). My goddaughter was excited as hell all evening, she was a riot, telling me there were "LOTS OF PRESENTS FOR YOU, Marraine" (marraine = godmother) every ten minutes, with some "but you don't know what it is because it's a secret, shh" thrown in. She would break into songs every ten minutes "Joyeux Anniversaire, Marraine!" and I melted every.single.time.omg! ♥ ♥

Then it was time to eat and she was all "now we give Marraine her presents?" She asked at the appetizers, again when the entrée came and when it was the main dish - she just couldn't wait lol When it was time for the cake AND ALL THE PRESENTS she sang again, louder, with everyone and just squealed while running like the wind to bring me the presents, one by one, and squealed some more when she realised there was one more to hand me. It was just the sweetest thing seeing her so excited like that. Then she helped me blow the candles and, of course, open the presents. She was flushed from excitement and she was concentrating so hard when opening said presents. Three-years-olds are a just a hoot.

Anyway, that was just another fantastic evening spent with the family :-) And I was spoilt rotten omg!! Chiara wasn't the only who felt like squealing when the presents were brought lol The Esu got me the Karaoke Revolution Glee Wii game (heee!), my parents an external hard drive and the cutest (and most practical) picnic basket - just like in the films! It's gorgeous. And Cookie got me many things; A Storm of Swords by George RR Martin (which she offered me in the morning, she couldn't wait go give it to me actually, it was fun to see lol), Adele's 21 CD and Law & Order:UK series 1 & 2. Spoilt.rotten, I'm telling you ♥ ♥

Of course there were also the many LJ messages, FB notifications, mails, texts and phone calls - so thank you all again for the bday wishes :-) Checking one's messages on one's birthday is always a joy *hugs*

As for the rest of the weekend, we'll keep with the Family theme. It's Mother's Day tomorrow in France; we'll celebrate it today with Cookie's mother, then tomorrow we'll have lunch with my parents and in the afternoon we'll follow with my goddaughter's birthday party at The Esu's. This weekend is family all the time, celebrations all the time. What's not to love, right?

Hope you'll have a great weekend, too, flist.
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Oh the joy of being a woman when you're woken up around 5.00AM by cramps! Today is a day to stay home wrapped in comfy clothes with a warm bottle to keep you company while you're staying in bed and/or on your couch and reading fics as well as watching tv. But alas it's not possible *pout* I have a busy morning at work, though with some luck it'll be quiet in the afternoon so I'll be able to leave early and rush home and do a whole ball of Nothing. I can't wait!

In other exciting news... there isn't any ;-) I had a very nice weekend. I didn't study as hard as I'd planned but I guess I needed a little break. I spent Saturday evening at my sister's, chatting in the sun, sprawled on their new swing seat, sipping at my goddaughter's fake-coffee. Then it was pizza and ice-cream for dinner. Definitely the kind of dinner for that kind of day, imho :-) Then on Sunday I had the laziest morning I had in a while, omg.

I did wake up early but kinda never left the bed? Not till late, anyway. The sun was shining and a little breeze was making it warm but not too hot in the bedroom and I read fics and took my breakfast in bed and read more fics. The theme was Kink, apparently; it was like a kink fest that morning: d/s, spanking, orgasm denial, daddy kink, dirty talk, humiliation kink, pain kink, watersports, gangbang, cross-dressing etc. Just awesome :-) Then because I couldn't spend the whole day in bed, I got up and got ready to head to Paris in order to meet Cookie, who'd spent the weekend at [ profile] rosengirl's for a little (well, not so little, actually) SV marathon.

We had ourselves a delicious afternoon tea sitting in a park and savouring those cupcakes from Berko ). In case you're wondering, they tasted as good as they looked. Or even better yet because I sometimes think cupcakes look weird.

Anyway. In the evening we watched the new DW. I liked it well enough but it felt like an appetizer and we're going to really have fun times with what comes next. This new series sure knows how to keep us on our toes! I mean, all of them do, but it feels like this one plays with ours head even more. As I keep saying, I'm just so smitten with Eleven, Amy and Rory! They really brought me back to the show ♥


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