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Something I love about working here is that you can take your time in the morning to settle in the new work day. I mean, when I worked at Disney Store eons ago, there was no way to start the day calmly. It was all about jump in your uniform and go to the floor; no cappuccino, nothing. Even when you started at 7.00 AM, had gotten up at 5.15, and really, really wished you could have something to make you just a little more aware of the world around you. Same thing with the other jobs I had.

But ever since I started working at the uni, it's different, and I just love the fact that I can make myself a little cappuccino and take it to my desk - or our wee coffee room whenever I have a couple of minutes to spare during the day - and just sip it while checking my (work related) mails. Such a smooth start, I love it :-) Incidentally, it's also a good indicator of how the day will go; sometimes I can't even start drinking aforementioned cappucino - in those cases, I know that chances are it's gonna be a long day.

State of my cup today? Unfinished, and I made it at 9.00, so. But it's okay because I helped solve a crisis and I finished another project, so I feel very accomplished as of right this minute - you never know what can happen in the course of an hour, so let's appreciate this moment of work-related satisfaction *appreciates*

And, obviously, I'm taking a little break now *waves*

Changing the subject. Blogs? Are love. Which, why yes, they are, I've had my LJ for more than five years now so it's not as if I had an epiphany or anything but, seriously, you have Neil Gaiman informing you that he's blogging in his bath, then telling you all about his guilt at having answered a journalist's question maybe a little too bluntly. You have Gerard Way complaining about cereals. Or Ryan explaining that he's sleeping on an air mattress in Brendon's guest room and feeling maybe a little jealous that Spencer seems to have a deluxe model and just - celebrities' blogs! Are so much love there's no words for it ♥ ♥

PS: Hey, London weather? Please not to be mean and force the Eurostar People to cancel our train on Saturday due to snow, ok? I'm really counting on our little FP weekend in your gorgeous city. Kthxbai.

ETA: It's snowing!
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My program for the night? Watch that video of Brendon dancing and flailing and being, you know, Brendon, so many times that I'll have the images imprinted on my cornea! Or something. Oh, Brendon, how so awesome?

And I totally deserved some Panic related present because today was hard! So I was back at work and it was a bit of a long day. I'd forgotten how tired the flu made you. I mean, obviously it's not mono (or How Mouse Has Been Reading [ profile] audrarose's Latest Awesome J2 Fic) or anything serious, but still, very tiring.

Also, there was an accident in St Michel, so the C line was shut down. Problem is, that's the one and only line that goes to Choisy. I had to take a gazillion connections then a bus to make it home. But I travelled with a young woman who - when she heard I was heading to Choisy - asked if she could stay with me because that's where she was going as well and she wasn't sure how to make it there, and we ended up talking about books and anime and it was a lot of fun.

Hey, I saw that Slumdog Millionaire has been released? That is the film inspired by the - oh, so wonderful - novel by Vikas Swarup, right? I ask because it does look like it, except I was pretty sure the main character was named Ram Mohammad Thomas in the novel and I see that he doesn't have the same name in the film? I don't know why but it confuses the hell out of me. Also, I wonder what else has been changed, and will I enjoy the adaptation?
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Dude, I like being a girl, I feel fine in my own skin and everything, except for one time every month where I'd just like to genderswap myself and wait a couple of days before going back to my girliness - when it's safe doing so. If I could do that and avoid the pain, I totally would.

Mind you, if I had the power to genderswap myself, then it could mean I would also have the power to just, I don't know, stay a girl but stop the pain? I guess I need to think of how it all works, that power. I'll get back to you on that. When I'm not bent in half because of the pain, 'kay?

To distract myself, I watched Heroes 3x01 and 3x02. I'm... not exactly sure what happened to be honest *blink* But it'd seem Kring is still on crack. Guess he couldn't make the show without a good stash nearby? I just have two spoilery comments about the season opener - behind the cut )

I also read all the fics I'd tabbed the past week and had yet to read. I mean, I've read them all. I don't have a single tab left... I feel empty now. I think I'll go and check out what recs my network is sharing because having no fic!tabs opened seems wrong somehow.

Oh! And since it's officially Friday here now it means that a) it's SPN Day and b) Connotations is exactly in a week! *loves on a and b*

PS: I turned the beta testing of the profile page on... and immediately turned it off. Will it surprise anyone if I say I dislike the new look immensely? Yeah, I really don't like changes. It is a bit pathetic, I'll admit.
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I had a thought just now for all the cat owners on the flist who always post about the antics of their cats; The Parents are away this week and I've been enrolled to take care of our dog - who lives at the parental unit's. So every morning I go to their place - forget about sleeping in anymore - let her out, keep her company, and every late afternoon, I do the same - my friends mock me a lot this week because it's like I have an insanely early curfew 'I must be back at 6.30 PM, guys! Don't laugh, it's for my dog!' *pout*

Anyway, there's this cat, Cookie, who was adopted by the neighbours and who, apparently, adopted us in return. He's always at our place, meowing like mad whenever he thinks we're not paying enough attention to him. And he had to be in dire need of attention this morning because I saw him run like the wind in the street when he saw me and, yes, when I arrived at the door, here he was, waiting for me to let him in. Then he just stuck to me like glue and now I have a lapful of purring cat. I never owned a cat so I'm not used to them and, wow, they're mad purring machines sometimes, aren't they?

Jodie, our dog, is looking at me all 'wtf, dude, you have a cat on your lap, this is so wrong!' but she's laid back enough - sometimes - that she doesn't feel like giving him the Glare of Doom.

I'm just lazying around in the house then I'll go back to my place, do my stuff. And the sis is taking my turn this evening so, joy, I won't have to get back early \o/ Small pleasures and all that :-)

And I'm using this icon because I've read the latest news about Asylum and I'm trying to tell the universe that I'm still waiting for some bigger names *hint hint*
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This might be an odd question - or not at all, I don't know - but I was wondering if it was common for a mother and her daughter/s to sound exactly the same on the phone even though they don't sound the same in any other circumstances? Because that's what happens with my mother, sister and me.

Now that we all live at our respective places, people obviously don't have the same problem - well, apart from when my sister or I are at the parental unit's and answer the phone, of course - but they used to always mistake one for the others.

It never failed to make us smile because when we're not on the phone no-one would make that mistake, and what I mean is, even if they closed their eyes and didn't see us, no-one would confuse one of us for the others, but as soon as we're talking about a phone call, then we confuse everyone. My sister used to pretend to be me sometimes when she didn't want to talk to the person on the other end of the line and as long as she kept the conversation short, she was never caught.

I also remember a couple of times when I listened to a voicemail and thought it was my sister when er, it was actually me *cough* Dude, it happens!

Anyway, I was just curious. People are always asking really silly and pointless questions on LJ - 'what's the colour of your favourite pair of socks, I'm dying to know plz, fill my poll!' 'I've always wanted to know how many sugars you take with your drink in the morning, plz tell me!' etc etc... - so I guess it's my turn.

On other news, I had a nice day today and I got some good news re a matter I was slightly worried about so it's all good \o/

Speaking of good; is it true that the writer's strike might come to an end soon? Or is it still wishful thinking? Also, I was curious as to how many people had lost their jobs because of the strike and the NYT talks about ten thousands of them. Dude, talk about collateral damage...
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There are many, many things I enjoy reading when I'm cruising the good ole flist; slashy and kinky talks are two obvious guesses, but I also have an insane amount of love for every cosy talk popping up. You know, when someone will tell you about their quiet evening or a lazy morning or any kind of mellow moment they had? It always makes me feel all tingly inside. I love the world when it's slowing down a little bit, and cosy & quiet is one of my favourite feelings :-)

Okay and why I am suddenly waxing poetry about the thing? No special reason. Except that I went out with a couple of friends today and on my way home I treated myself with a piece of cheesecake, then I got home, made myself milk à la ricorée, snuggled up on the couch and watched - for the second time in two days - The Greatest Show on Earth, the christmas lights in my living room bathing the room softly and, I don't know, sometimes 'simple moment' is just the way to go, you know?

To tell the truth, I feel so mellow right now that I would love to bail on my dinner and stay home but that would be mean so I'll be brave and go *nods*

Completely unrelated but I'm listening to I'll Look After You by The Fray and that song is asking to be ficced, really... there's a part in particular that screams Night 'verse to me, it never fails. It's funny actually because Fall Out Boy usually makes me want to write SPN and The Fray is all about the Night 'verse. One of those things, I guess.


May. 25th, 2007 09:14 am
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Aka as FRIDAY ! I thought this day would never come *clings to Friday* First Friday Sans Supernatural, too, but it's okay I'll survive. I will *is determined*

Yesterday kinda flew by so I'm hoping today will as well *fingers crossed* Also, I'd started the day in a pretty sweet way since I'd brought mini-pastries - well, they're more viennoiserie than pâtisserie, but whatever - to the office to share with The Cellie; mini pains au chocolats, mini croissants and mini escargots, which are not real snails, obviously, just the name of that particular pastry. Am I the best colleague or what? \o/

Changing the subject, I watched Dexter last night with The Mom; she knew of that series because, well, she kinda knows all about all the shows I watch - yes, you can feel sorry for her now - and I remembered that it was airing on Thursdays so we planted ourselves in front of the telly and watched. I might not be that keen on most of the voices they picked but Dexter's, I really like. I love his dubbing; the voice has a sort of, I don't know, languid quality to it that makes his speech just creepy enough that you really can feel how fucked-up he is and nice enough that you enjoy the guy and his thoughts and everything else. The Mom was quite interested so we might watch the rest of the series together - whee!

She also cracked me up when she went 'mais ils sont tous graves, dans cette série' after a character other than Dexter did something a bit crazy; which they are - all fucked-up and all - but it's just that she always cracks me up when she uses slang. And also, she's right, they're all pretty insane in there :-)

Oh and speaking of series and all. So apparently I really do talk about them a lot? To just about everyone who is around and has ears. I was on my way to eat lunch with Flo and I was talking about SPN, which, btw, totally not my fault because she asked me about 'my husband' - that's how she calls Jensen Ackles, because she thinks he would make a great hetero husband for me - and so I told her about AHBL and everything. And there's this woman walking in front of us and she turns back and I realise it's someone from work and she's like 'ah, InsertRLNickname, I heard talking about tv shows; it had to be you.' And that woman? I've known for, like, a week at best? She's a colleague's colleague, someone who doesn't even work on my floor, someone I've seen like two times, maybe *blink*

Maybe I talk a bit too much about certain subjects *cough* Except I think I'm doing them a favour, I allow their inner fangirls to come out - and for instance, that same woman came to me yesterday and proudly told me about the new wallpaper on her desktop, which is actually a fannish one. Okay so it's Ken Wahl, but it's still fannish!
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I've seen my sister in a wedding dress today! Well, I'm saying 'a' but it should be plural as she tried several. Man, talk about a striking moment, wow! It was so odd and so moving, too. She looked so incredibly beautiful. I mean, I think she is on a good day, don't get me wrong, but she was wearing a wedding dress, with everything that went with it and just - yes, beautiful. My mom and I were completely under her charm ;-) It also looked surreal. My little sister... in a w.e.d.d.i.n.g d.r.e.s.s! Dude!

Doesn't have anything to do with the above but I'm still completely smitten with Neil Gaiman and I enjoy all the different stories he tells us about in American gods and for instance, Wututu and Agasu's stories broke my heart *sobs* Man, that was a powerful tale. I loved Salim's - for different reasons, obviously - but the twins' might be first now. Also, I positively love Shadow! And everyone else, come to think of it. Hee I love that novel! I don't ever want to finish it. Except okay maybe so that I can have closure and can start on the others.

Also funniest thing: I'm pretty sure I'd never heard of Paul Bunyan before I read about him in the novel and I was like Paul Who? Okay whatever. But then today, I'm reading this fic and damn if Paul Bunyan isn't mentioned again! It never fails to amuse me when that kind of thing happens; I'll learn of a new word in English or something new altogether - a name, a theory, a fact, whatever - and in the next days I encounter the word again. It always amuses immensely - don't ask, it just does. I also usually take it as a sign that I need to learn more about it because obviously, it wants me to *g*

And to end that completely disjointed post. Brokeback Mountain came out today, wheeee! Which btw, is pretty funny as puns goes considering the topic of the story ;-)

PS: "Faith" is at 97% atm. Come on, man, hurry up! Gimme gimme gimme!
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Man, the UK makes the sexiest, most gorgeous promos for their shows, ever! I mean, the Lost promo was a thing of beauty and now, with the Supernatural one, well, they just became my favourite promo makers. It's so classy, so arty [in a good way, I mean] and yeah so sexy. Why can't the Americans do the same? I guess they don't like subtlety as much as the English do :-)

And hee today is tuesday! Meaning that today is teh "Scarecrow", woohoo! Well tomorrow for me but still, it's Supernatural Tuesday! Which in a twisted kind of way reminds me that I still haven't downloaded the new Stargate so I'll have to do that soon *nods*

Unrelated now. You know that I don't take resolutions for the New Year but let's pretend I had taken one? It would have been to read more actual books this year - also, I thought it wasn't too big a not!resolution so it might be doable. And following that not!resolution, I'm now starting my third book of the month, so there's still hope for me. Let's just hope I'll follow the program *tries to look determined* Hey [ profile] dont_callmebabe? I finished Mysterious Skin and it was brilliant! I'm thinking of getting the book for myself now :-) I'll also watch the DVD asap cause I'm curious to see what they did with the story.

Finally, another 100% unrelated subject. The third season of Kaamelott - Livre III in Kaamelottese - started last night and of course I wasn't there and only came back for the very last episode, ie the tournament one but it's okay because a) I could have missed the whole thing and b) a bit of Kaamelott is better than no Kaamelott at all which actually is another a) in disguise lol But still.

I was laughing my ass off at what I saw and I have the feeling the third season is going to be a blast too - not that I had any doubt, mind! Case in point, the following scene which killed me dead because man, it was pure Gauvin and Yvain. Also, I know le Père Blaise et Calogrenant were there, but I'm not sure who said what so don't take my words for it as such, all right?

Alors sérieux, je sais pas trop où on en est avec les spoilers pour Kaamelott mais au cas où, je vais placer la scenette derrière un cut. )

Man, I have so much LOVE for my French show *hugs Kaamelott* Also, classy: new outfits, new haircuts - and hey, new credits? Impressive *nods*
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I tried to post the London pics to my LJ... and the process almost drove me mad. There is a phantom picture that just does not want to fucking disappear and it's driving me NUTS! So I'm taking a break. Technically I know I could just do without that pic but no! Saint Paul2 is supposed to be a pic of Saint Paul and not of Starbucks and I won't admit defeat and forget about it so I'll just go back to it later and dammit the right pic has better be where it's supposed to be! [/crazy Mouse]

But it's okay cause I went to my happy place, namely [ profile] ts_secretsanta, and read the two stories that have been posted already. The first one was nicely hot and contained spanking, which you know, is kinda my kink so it definitely worked for me *eg* I mean, I think I could sometimes read bad!fics if only to get the spanking thing - and, well, when I say "think", what I mean is I know so because sometimes... you just need to feed your kinky side. But when it's nicely done... ohh the joy!

Then there was the second one, Bridge Over Troubled Water and wow! When I think of Jim and Blair's relationship, this is how I see it. There's also a languid quality to the fic and they're so much in love and just - I loved that story :-) Also yes, TS might be the only fandom where I truly enjoy a smut scene even when my top/bottom dynamic has been reversed. I adore Jim, see?

So I was feeling a lot less crazy better by then. That's when I checked my mailbox and felt even better cause I finally received my s/m romance book, yay! Babycakes? When your amazon parcel will arrive, I'll know it's from you and I'll be able to put it under the tree without having to ask mom to check what is inside, which will save me from the whole "Okay maman, look what is inside the parcel. If it's a book with a naked man on his knees in front of a leather clad man holding the kneeling man's leash in his hand... then you can tell me it's the book I ordered. If not, don't tell me, it's Babycakes' present for me. Thanks!" Although I wouldn't have minded cause the whole family knows about my kinky tastes so she wouldn't have been surprised in the slightest ;-)

And I received Descendants of Darkness v.3 which is yay as well. Also, for the record, as much as I love the anime - and I so do - the manga is quite special because it's so much more graphic *loves*

Now... I need to get ready as I'm doing a friend a favour and I guess my comfy clothes [my house uniform as I call them] are nice and dandy but not the kind of outfit one would like to wear outside. In public and all *cough*
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Dude, I lost my entry *blink* I shouldn't make all those manipulations while looking at a gazillion tabs *shakes head*

Okay so wait, I had a bit of my last post still saved, so let's try to do it again:

Today is December which means a lot of things, a) it's the birthday of a lovely lady, a very naughty one too, namely [ profile] nicci_mac. Happy Birthday to you, Nicci! Hope you'll have a wonderful day *kisses* Then b) Christmas is coming, yay! c) Winter Job is in full force and I'll work all weekend, which is not so yay except it is because money and stuff and d) I need to go and find some Christmas icons now, though not the Christmas Hat icons as I still think they're ugly and also, they freak me out. Don't ask, they just do *shudder*

To keep with the theme, I pimp [ profile] ts_secretsanta a The Sentinel community for the holidays. You remember TS, don't you? The dead fandom? Well the dead fandom will offer eighteen new stories right up to December 24th, ie one a day since it'll go live around the 6th. Death has never been so active than in my fandom, it seems. And no, I won't ever let the whole "dead fandom" thing go because sometimes you just need to point and laugh, alright? *feels protective of her very alive fandom*

I'd also written an ode to my love for Christmas with lots of "and" but the gist of it was: I love Christmas and you'll hear a lot about it in the upcoming weeks and never in a negative way because I don't give a damn about the commercialisation of it, I just see how warm and cosy and fun the whole thing is - so that we're clear on that. Also, I'd added that no, I'm not naive or anything thanks, I just love Christmas, period. That pretty much sums up the whole thing lol
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I apparently pulled a Babycakes. "Pulling a Babycakes" for those not in the know is falling for a show that has no fandom to speak of so that when you want to try to read some slash - or whatever else, obviously - it's just not there. Well, it had to happen so that's it - I pulled a Babycakes.

Didn't find Hustle slash. Now, I might have missed it so if someone heard about some? Oi, you'd better think of telling me! Also I'm thinking Mickey/Danny but if it involves Danny it'll be alright. I apparently can't afford to be picky. No seriously, I was so desperate that I even hit the Pit of Voles! For reals. With no luck either and I don't know if it's wrong or actually really right. But! There might be light at the end of the tunnel since it would seem someone requested Hustle over at [ profile] yuletide this year. So I have no idea whether it's slash or not but who cares! Hustle might get a fic written!

My TS fic is turning into an almost dialogue piece only. That's fun. Also, it's not set in my "Night" series, that's even more fun, because ha! I still can write Jim and Blair when they're not kindadocker!Jim and completelyhooker!Blair. Bless!

I don't want to go to class. But I'll go cause afterwards I'll go to the mall and treat myself with one or two winter shirts because a) damn it's so bloody cold here and b) I'd like some new warm stuff for when I'll be in LONDON in FOUR DAYS!

I'm so excited it should be illegal. Also, being the kinda superstitious type I'm almost scared of mentioning it too much for fear of Something Bad and/or Unexpected happening while at the same time I'm so excited that I just can't not mention it. So it's a conundrum of epic proportions - or, you know, not, but it certainly has a nice ring to it - but it's okay, I'll survive!

Speaking of Numb3rs [London -> departure -> 25 November -> 2x09 - "Toxin"] still no preview at the CBS site and I just don't get it! I mean, don't they know I'm waiting?!

Finally. Hustle quote of the day from "The Last Gamble":
Danny to Mickey: If you were a bird Would you shag me?

Oh and [ profile] crazybutsound? Since I got into the show, two people from my flist followed me and they both love Danny! Hustle is addictive, yo!
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Writing a post during the switchover wasn't my best idea but on the other hand, I had no idea I was writing it during aforementioned switchover, right? Also, I should maybe take that as a sign that I should stop rambling about dominoes and Hustle and stuff but no! I won't be defeated. I'm also quite paranoid now because how many entries did I miss that my flist wrote? So anyway, [ profile] x5_536? I did wish you a happy birthday on the 19th *point link* It's just that LJ ate my entry - though you might miss that entry too if you already started your hiatus *ponders*

Changing the subject now, I watched Numb3rs 2x08 - In Plain Sight )

And now... I'll obsessively check out the CBS site until they decide to update it with the preview for the next episode and I'll squee like a squeeing thing. Because I know Numb3rs will deliver again *determined look*

Lastly. I'm going to come out as the saddest person ever but I need to get it out because when I discovered the site I was all excited. So. If some of you are fans of Ari Willem von Hildebure - if you even know who Ari Willem von Hildebure is and if you're a fan of the *cough*EuroMillion*cough* commercials, go here and have a good laugh. It cracked me up so much that I downloaded all the files I could - they're hilarious and I can't get enough of them. Also, I'm a big fan of Ari Willem and his Résistants.

PS: Had a double dose of Nicholas Lea today. First on TF1 since they decided to air Once a Thief again - which YAY - and on M6 with one of my favourite XF two-parter. It's alwlays such a pleasure seeing Vic and Alex again :-)

PS2: Happiness is chatting with [ profile] babycakesin, quoting Kaamelott, obsessing about Numb3rs and meta'ing about Supernatural. And okay the last one? Wasn't "meta'ing" as such *cough* Though wait, no we truly are meta'ing SPN. Sorta.

For my own references - why I think bottom!Dean works )


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