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I'm having a chilled saturday and enjoying every minute of it! I studied a little this morning, watched some tv and went to the cinema in the afternoon. Hope you're having a good one as well :)

On my way back home I was thinking of the two episodes of Hannibal that are on our schedule for tonight and I realised this week had been a very good week tv wise. Always a reason to celebrate ;)

Let's begin with Orphan Black, which was the lovely surprise of last weekend. I've caught up with all the episodes and am now more than ready to find out what series 2 has in store for us. Confession time, I caved in and watched the sneak peeks BBC America shared.

Then there was The Musketeers, which I kept going back to the past few days. Don't know exactly why... scratch that, I do know, it was after watching "The Good Soldier"; that whole story about Marsac and Aramis... it just kinda filled me with glee. So I'm officially on board ;) Incidentally, I've had the opening theme playing in a loop in my head all day yesterday. And I didn't even mind. Too much.

After that we had Person of Interest. How much did I enjoy that episode, let me count the ways! I might have been kicking my feet in sheer delight as I was watching. As a matter of fact, I was hooked as early as the opening credits! How many shows actually use their opening credits as part of the narrative? Seriously, that's such a clever (and original) move ♥ I'm so smitten with that show. Nothing new at this point but some things bear repeating. One comment or two )

Moving onto Arrow now, which... argh, they sure know how to drag things out, don't they? I was expecting something else for that episode, I'll admit, but I can't even hold a grudge because I did like what they gave us. Sometimes, I feel like Arrow can do no wrong, anyway lol

Lastly, as mentioned previously, I watched the latest episode of Community "App Development and Condiments" and I found it brilliant! So funny and clever, Community at its best, I'd say. Also, if you've seen it, you can find Greendale's social network online, how awesome (and fun) is that? Transmedia ftw!

And now is later and we're watching Hannibal. Ok, that first scene was something, wasn't it? This season is going to be epic!
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Back from Normandy where I spent some extremely lazy days: there was delicious food, breakfast on the beach, long walks on the beach, a lot of reading and a lot of catching on tv. I even got to spend an afternoon with two of my cousins and visit Deauville, which I'd never seen before. Those few days away did Cookie and me a lot of good ♥

It also did wonder to my tv watching as I'm now up-to-date on Person of Interest, Downton Abbey and Arrow \o/ In fact, I seem to have fallen for Arrow all over again. The four episodes of s2 made me so happy! That new season is promising to be quite awesome and when I reached episode 4 I only craved more so decided to go back to the beginning and watched season 1 again. I had nothing planned for today (apart from a little visit to my parents this morning) so I basically did nothing but mainlined Arrow. It was kinda glorious ;) Seeing the characters evolve, the dynamics change... my love for Oliver, Dig and Felicity has only become stronger, though I still love pretty much every character (except maybe Roy, I could do without him).

Let's talk a bit about POI now. POI, I have mixed feelings about. On the one hand, I am enjoying this third season. A lot. It still has clever plots, cool action, the characters are awesome as ever, on their own or together. But! But, it feels like I've lost something. And I'm afraid it has to do with Finch and Reese. I just feel like there's something lacking with them, compared to the previous seasons. I think it's the domesticity? Or the intimacy... and let's not even talk about Fusco who's been kinda non-existent?

Anyway, I'm confused because, on the one hand, I'm still enjoying POI. On the other, the characters dynamics have changed and I'm not sure I'm perfectly content with it. I suppose it's what happens when new characters become regulars, you have to make some room for them to fit in the plot (and the 40+ minutes that the episode lasts) and it's bound to change some things. Or maybe I just need more time to get used to it all. Besides, "Mors Praematura" did please me in terms of Finch-Reese interaction, so there is that. We're only six episodes into the season, after all...

What else... I'm watching Under the Dome from the beginning as well as Once Upon a Time (second season, that is) as they're airing both in France at the moment.

OH! I finally watched the trailer for XM: Days of Future Past and omg, I'm so incredibly excited! So much happened in that trailer, it gave me so many feelings! As well as many slashy thoughts. Thoughts that included Logan, btw. I'm an Erik/Charles girl through and through but always enjoyed the thought of Logan included too and, well, that trailer... some of those lines were written by a slasher, y/y?

In any case, I cannot wait! ♥
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[I started typing this entry Monday night, finished it this morning, and now I'm sneaking in at work and trying to post it before my meeting with our university librarians. Incidentally, now that I listen to Welcome to Night Vale, I can't see librarians the same way I did before. If you don't hear from me again by the end of the week, call the Secret Police! Or just talk about my disappearance out loud, they'll hear you, anyway.]

I finished reading my flist and it's so pleasant having to scroll in such a manner to catch up :) This is an aside note but, yes, thank you to those who've been doing the Write for 30 Days challenge.

Obviously I wish we didn't need that kind of little push to update our journals more but I'm choosing to see the positive side of the situation, meaning that I've enjoyed reading all those new entries the past couple of weeks. Incidentally, I've been trying to a) update more myself (not such a raging success but still) and b) commenting more. After all, one of the things I dislike with Tumblr (since Tumblr has become the Big Bad Wolf we all refer to when talking about the demise of our LJ community) is that it makes communication so difficult, which I guess means that I need to interact more here; I can't complain about the lack of easy communication tools in a platform while not using those I have at my disposition on another...

Without the slightest segue. My Person of Interest season 2 rewatch is going slowly but surely. I'm sure I'll be up to date when 24th Septembre strikes (hee cannot wait!).

Watching those first episodes again, I'm always struck by the thought that, you know, John is such a sweet character! He's this badass, damaged dude with Many Issues but he can still relate to and care for others in such a deep way, I just love that. He's always reaching out to people, he obviously cares so much for their Numbers - and not just in a practical, "No worries, if anyone tries to hurt you I'll either punch them in the head or, even funnier yet, shoot them in the kneecap" way. He talks to them, tries to comfort them and goes out of his way to make them feel better about themselves and their choices. And what I love so much too is that he is (surprisingly?) never afraid of showing his feels for Finch. From the whole "I'm happy, must be you the job" to his "Someone new" when answering the "Who's taking care of you now?" question passing by "Someone found me and gave me a purpose" ♥

Also beautiful to witness, Finch's reaction when he hears Reese mention his love for him. Always so taken by surprise but obviously so pleased ♥ And of course, I love seeing Finch's panicked reaction whenever he thinks John is hurt - or how he's always trying to make him be more cautious (good luck with that, Finch!).

Hee, these two, so many feelings!
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I was saying in an earlier post that I was in a "bookish" mood these days. Case in point, I've just spent 30+ minutes rearranging first our DVDs and then continuing the good work with my books. Cookie and I have been talking about changing some things around the flat (nothing major, just buying some new furniture, getting rid of some others, making more room etc.) and even though we can't start right away (need to save some money first, why can't we all be millionaires, you guys, why?), I guess all these talks about changes inspired me :)

As a consequence, I think I'm going to borrow another meme from BookTubers and do a "Bookshelves tour". Only mine will go much quicker as I'll just post a pic of our assorted bookshelves. I'll do that in a later post, though, because. Well, I'm too lazy right now, sorry :p Anyway, boooooooks :)

So I thought I would be up-to-date with Welcome to Night Vale before they posted the new episode but I'm not so sure I'll manage that, after all. I'll totally catch up before the 15th, though, I'm sure! Wasn't "The Sandstorm" part a & b just brilliant, by the way? That was a streak of genius, I absolutely loved what they did.

And to make this post even more disjointed and to justify the use of my subject; I watched the promo for POI 3x01 and hee, so excited! That little promo had so much of what I love in the show! Also, I swear I've been conditioned to clap my hands in pure glee whenever I see John enters a bar, my brain immediately goes into "hee there's going to be face-punching and possibly kneecap-shooting and John is going to have so much fun with the mayhem he's going to cause and it's going to be brilliant" mode ♥ ♥ Cookie and I are planning on doing a rewatching of s2 before the new season starts, we'll have ourselves a little POI fest ;)
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I'm supposed to work on my thesis so I've been procrastinating for the past ten minutes: first by reading the transcript of ep 2 of Welcome to Night Vale and right now by writing about Welcome to Night Vale. It's like procrastination within procrastination ;)

So, how many of you listen to the podcast? I've only recently started myself; as in I listened to the first two episodes yesterday. I was a bit curious about this new piece of media before but just on the surface, as one might get curious about something that seems to be popping up everywhere, by different people, on different platforms. Then yesterday two people on my Twitter feed, two girls without the slightest connection between them, mentioned it one after the other and I thought enough was enough, I had to see (well, to listen) for myself.

I'm only at episode 2 but I'm quite enjoying it so far. It's so strange and creepy with a nice dose of dark humour. Incidentally, it reminds me of some universes created by many of my favourite authors. I've taken to biking in the evening, I'm thinking this could be an interesting soundtrack to have ;)

Onto unrelated news, we brought our POI s1 boxset here and sat down to watch the unaired pilot. For the most part it was dialogs that had been cut not whole scenes as such. My favourite little scene was maybe this cute little moment ) Those two, they had fun with each other right from the start :)

Oh, and there's a whole scene that was deleted where Finch does something )

So, anyway, that was nice :) Also, I realise I miss those guys a bit too much if I go too long without having them on my screen ;)
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I don't know if you heard but our Marriage and Adoption For All bill officially became law on Friday \o/ The very first same-sex wedding is set for next week and though I want to congratulate Vincent and Bruno for being the first gay couple to say "Yes" in France, I wouldn't want to be in their shoes; I'd be afraid that some far-right and/or catholic nut jobs (note that I'm not saying all Catholics are nut jobs - I'm Catholic myself, after all - I'm merely talking about those nut jobs who happen to be Catholics and who have been marching and protesting and spurting hurtful things since the bill was announced) decide to disrupt the ceremony. Those homophobic assholes even have their very own "martyr" now (trigger warning: suicide talk in the article), this is sure to make some of them even more determined to, sadly, keep being assholes. I truly hope that if they do disrupt wedding ceremonies, measures will be taken against them.

Onto much lighter news. I spent most of my three-day weekend at [ profile] french_hobbit's new place with [ profile] moimoietmoi. A little weekend away from Paris is always so lovely. And our FP weekends are always so cozy ♥ The weather was rotten so we mostly kept indoors, though we did brave the rain and the cold to have lunch outside and to do some shopping on Saturday. Apart from this little outing we basically stayed at home and watched tv. More precisely, Person of Interest. It wasn't even planned, promise! It's just that Rosie fell hard for the show after I constantly talked about it and SAM was all "yeah, no, I tried two episodes but couldn't get into it", which prompted us to wax poetry about the show and the plot and the characters and at one point SAM made the mistake of saying that, yes, we were quite convincing and maybe she could try it again if we chose the right episodes to show her. So we selected "Judgement" and "Super" (obviously we also showed her the last scene of "Number Crunch" to go with the latter). Turns out she did enjoy them #Success So we decided to go back to the beginning and start from the pilot. At the end of the weekend, SAM (and we) had watched 11 episodes of season 1 \o/

Speaking of POI, I'm always curious about the flashbacks, especially as the timeline seems to change from season 1 to season 2 - or at least, there's a change at some point, even if it happens halfway through season 1. The timeline first goes to 2012 then later on you can see it goes as far as 2016... you have to wonder whether this was done on a whim (in a show that doesn't seem to be keen on "whimsical") or if it does have a significance. And, since JJ Abrams isn't far from the wheel, could we, at one point, get scenes from the future, do you think?
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Hello flist, glad to have you back! Poor LJ wasn't having a good day yesterday, was it?

Good thing I hadn't decided to dedicate my day off to cruising LJ or else I'd have been very sad, indeed. Instead, once I got back from my errands and shopping, I watched some POI but! Because I thought I'd add some spice to my watching the show, I went and looked for the Italian version and lo, I found one! All episodes streaming in Italian, hee be still my heart! It gave me a little thrill, I admit ;) As it happens I also have all the episodes of season 1 in French thanks to my mother-in-law who, after we pimped the show to her, fell for it and decided to download them all on-line. Yes, my MIL is cool like that ;)

I also found an early download of Hannibal - or I think it was an early one as the show normally airs on Thursday, doesn't it? - which I watched with Cookie and ohh, it was such a fantastic episode ♥

Behind the cut here be inappropriate squeeing over people cracking due to heavy empathing and serial killer being wonderfully terrifying and kick-ass. Also, totally in love with their broken not-really-patient )

The show is getting more exciting with each new episode, imho. I will cry bitter tears of bitterness if they don't renew it. Though [ profile] katikat said that if that happens, Amazon and at least one cable network would be interested in picking it up. Hurray, I say!

Another hurray for the promo of next week's episode, "Trou Normand", which looks so good ♥ Btw, as a French viewer of the show? Those titles will never ever fail to amuse me.
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After the in-laws had left yesterday, it was time for us to catch up on some tv, namely Person of Interest and Hannibal. Funny thing is, it'd seem even Jack-the-cat has fallen for POI as he basically watched the whole episode with us. No really, he planted himself in front of the screen and just.. kept watching it )

In our family, everyone is a fan of POI ;)

And for good reasons too, as the show is seriously awesome. The season finale was no exception. Spoilers - oh and a bit of meta, apparently? - for 2x22 )

In conclusion (again): ♥

Oh, another reason (dude, there are so many, let me count the ways!) why I enjoy this show is the way they play with the machine different interfaces. I love that we get shots like this one, for instance )

Clever use of a character's POV, especially considering which character we're speaking of.

Speaking of clever. Let's talk about Hannibal now, shall we? I feel like I'll keep my fingers crossed till the very last second before we finally find out about its fate. I'm so hoping it won't be cancelled! Especially as episode 1x06 threw me for a loop with those spoilery comments )

They can't cancel the show, can they? It'd suck so much. And if they do, they have to at least air the 13 episodes they shot and not leave us like that... I need to know something ) Or if they do cancel/stop airing the episodes, will we get the DVDs, at least? Yeah, definitely keeping my fingers crossed from now on!
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I'm having a night on my own as Cookie is staying at her mother's. If she ever needed proof that she needn't worry about leaving me alone; I'm already in my jammies, wrapped in a blanket on the couch, having Japanese crackers and sipping a panaché (shandy?) while watching The Jane Austen Book Club. Never let it be said that I lead a wild life ;)

Ok, almost two hours later, the film is over (such a sweet and feel-good movie, I'm so smitten with it ♥). I could tell you I'm not about to start watching PoI but that would be a lie. How long is the obsessive phase supposed to last, btw? I mean, the honeymoon phase when you can't really stand being separated from your beloved for more than a day? Because I feel like I'm still firmly in that phase ♥ ♥

It's not completely my fault, though. Whenever I think I've possibly crossed that bridge, something happens to make me fall all over again. Case in point, the French PoI website has a twitter account and at the moment they're busy making these polls which, of course, catch my attention and then I can't help but think that there is no way I could pick just one favourite episode in either season but if they really want to know about s1 I guess I'll say "Many Happy Returns", "Cura Te Ipsum" (omg, that scene at the diner and then at the very end, in the beach house? Oh, Reese ♥) and "Judgement" as well as (albeit in a different category) "Super" and "Baby Blue". I didn't include "Number Crush" with its beautiful ending but only because I'm keeping it in case they ask which is our favourite moment in season 1 ;) Oh, and today the poll was about who we'd like to pair Reese with (admittedly aforementioned polls aren't exactly the most original per se) and I was this close to vote for Finch (or, to be precise, to click on "other" and then specify in the comments who I meant exactly :))

Btw, I've made myself a little PoI playlist by hunting and downloading most of the songs that are listed here and I thought I'd share the file (appr. 56Mo) in case some people were interested (PoI fans or not, as a matter of fact, their soundtrack is fantastic)
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Being at work when the whole university seems to be on vacation is both a blessing and a curse: a blessing because it's all quiet and you can work without being interrupted every two minutes and a curse because you can't help but imagine yourself at home, maybe even still in bed, with a whole day of Fun Stuff ahead of you. Still, I'm not complaining too much because a) tomorrow is bank holiday and b) I'll hop on the vacation bandwagon on Friday, so.

This weekend I managed to cram diversed activities including work (I invigilated my last exam of the year \o/), a roller derby game (it was my first time seeing one and it was so much fun! Case in point, I might go see another one this Saturday), a family dinner (Dad is set on feeding Cookie and me ALL THE RED MEAT to help with the iron deficency so he cooked a meal especially for us ♥) a brunch (yet a new place was visited, one which was pretty lovely #Score) and tv. I watched the latest PoI & Hannibal (meaning in this case 1x05 & 1x04 - though I'm waiting for the complete version, will have to look it up tonight now that I think of it) and the show finale of Spartacus, which I still hadn't seen. Oh, and I also maybe downloaded and watched Frequency with younger!Caviezel and Adam with Hugh Dancy, as you do.

Some spoilers about PoI 2x20 )

So I know that I mentioned in an earlier entry that I'd watched Hannibal and felt underwhelmed but I refused to let it go so easily and gave it another try, which went much better than the first. I'm now firmly on board. I'm even (on the third viewing of the pilot) slowly warming to Mads Mikkelsen, which I didn't think was possible. I'm delighted because this is a show I hoped to enjoy :) It seems to have been tailored for me somehow because I'm always much more interested in the characters' dynamics than the cases in that kind of show and this is exactly what Hannibal seems to be about, ie the characters' relationships.

Speaking of, funny thing about Hannibal and Person of Interest, don't they both seem to tell the story of how two men end up falling in love despite all their issues and becoming the fathers of a problem-child? American tv is more progressive than one might expect, after all ;)

And Spartacus now )

No more Spartacus (ever omg!), only two PoI episodes left... let's hope they do show the thirteen episodes of Hannibal so that we still have something to watch atm! Admittedly, I could use the hiatus to catch up with the gazillion shows I fell behind...


Apr. 23rd, 2013 07:18 pm
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Finally, I say, the French parliament has approved a bill legalising same-sex marriage and adoption, following a divisive public debate. It happened a couple of hours ago. After months of debates and marches in the streets and some of the most idiotic and offensive comments ever made by the opponents, the Assemblée Nationale finally approved the bill! Final step with the Conseil Constitutionnel mid-may but the first weddings should occur this Summer, maybe in June? ♥ ♥

I'm trying not to think about the "arguments" made by the opponents and trying to forget about the ridiculous actions of some of the most extremists of them and focusing on the fact that we finally did it! One of my cousins is pregnant and should give birth around November; this will be the first child in our family to grow up in a country where same-sex partners are allowed to marry. How incredible is this?

Today has been a long day at work (early start - though I know some of you are used to start even earlier than 7.30AM and, btw? I feel for you!) but I feel like I'm a bit high from the news right now and quite awake ;) We'll see how long it lasts before I crash lol Especially as I only slept five hours last night. So, on the one hand, this wasn't the most brilliant idea, on the other, guys! I managed to stay up past midnight! It hadn't happened for, like, a month.

PS: in case people are worried I'm posting an entry without even the slightest mention of Person of Interest, never fear, here comes the PoI part of my entry ! So I've spent a whole evening yesterday with no PoI episode but I wasn't ready to let it go entirely so I turned to vids. So far, my favourites are (of course) [ profile] talitha78's Finch/Reese vid, which I've already recc'ed, and this other one, which is a little ode to Reese, in his kick-ass, bad-ass, ninja and hurty glory - what's not to love ;) I need me a little ode to Finch now. Actually, I'll take all your recs, if you happen to have some ;)
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You guys, I'm all caught up on Person of Interest \o/ I don't have any new episodes waiting for me now, though, which makes me very sad /o\ Well, no, obviously I still have the last remaining episodes of the season to watch as they air (next one is next Thursday, right?) but I got used to my mini marathon every night for the past week *cling* But as Cookie said wisely "it's okay, we'll just start all over again!" Guess she's right, there's always that option ;)

My love for Reese and Finch knows no bounds. I found myself squeeing out loud and/or clapping my hands so many times with those two! Also, what is it with Reese and billionaires and/or geniuses and/or mob bosses? They all want a piece of him, don't they? I'd say they certainly keep Finch on his toes if he wants to keep his man but Reese is so devoted to him there's no-one else for him but Finch, so it's all good ;) Still, the ending of "One Percent" when Finch steps on the expensive watch that Pierce gave Reese? Forget about his explanation, he did it in a fit of jealousy and a show of dominance in a "I'm the only billionaire allowed to give you expensive gifts" way, y/y? I just loved that scene ♥ The only thing that would have made it better would have been for Finch to add "I'll buy you a new one" after Reese pouted over the broken item.

These two ♥

I'll be honest, I just want to follow Cookie's advice and start watching the show all over again but I'm thinking it'd also be a good idea to catch up with those other shows I'm behind like Vikings, Arrow and Spartacus. I did take the time to watch the first two episodes of Hannibal but I'm afraid I was underwhelmed... there was something off for me and I couldn't really get into it. Also, I'm not really into this version of Hannibal (the character). Don't know if it's something I mention now and then it but voices and speech patterns are very important for me (one of the many reasons I love John, btw, his voice!) and Mads Mikkelsen's voice/way of speaking doesn't really work for me. I'll watch the episodes (plus the new one) again, see if I like it better this time but I'm on the fence atm, which is disappointing as I'd been waiting for the show to premiere for months! It happens, I guess...

Anyway, I'm working this morning (invigilating an exam, as per usual these days) but I think I'll dedicate my afternoon to watching tv.
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It's that time of the year again when I'm busy invigilating exams all day long. And, as per usual, most students decided not to show their faces - case in point, I only have five students in my classroom this first session. On the one hand, it makes being at work at 7.30AM a bit difficult to swallow - if I had to be there early, they should have been be there too, dammit - on the other, it means that the risk of having a gazillion problems to solve has been reduced with the number of students who decided not to sit their exams. #SilverLinings

Technically I should be working on a translation I have to hand in to one of my co-workers in a couple of days but I'm here till past 6.00PM so I can't say I'm in a hurry. I'm taking a little break - or, starting with a little break? Same difference *cough*

How was your weekend? Mine was busy, though the nice kind: we had friends over for lunch on Saturday, then I went (Cookie joined me a little while later) to my sister's and BIL's to mind my nieces as the both of them worked all night. Cookie and I slept over (we had a blast with the girls, as usual ♥) After the kids were in bed, I had to work for a couple of hours to make sure everything was going to be ready for today's exams, which is not how I like to spend my Saturday evenings but there you go. Then on Sunday the lot of us had lunch at my parents'. They just came back from a week in Las Vegas and had tons of things to tell us as well as a hundred of pictures to show us. They had such a great time there, we were absolutely thrilled for them. Especially as they really needed the break.

I've been feeling pretty tired all weekend but the good news is that I've started my treatment (for the iron deficiency) which should take care of the constant low blood pressure and diziness so it's just a matter of being patient for aforementioned treatment to work its magic ;)

Onto the fannish part of my weekend now, once we got home Sunday evening, we resumed our Person of Interest fest and watched five episodes in a row. Not just any episodes either, we started with "C.O.D" and kept going - how could we not?! - till "Dead Reckoning". Hee, what a ride, you guys! SO MANY FEELINGS, omg! It hit many of my kinks and I just wanted to hug John and never let him go. Same thing with Finch. Oh and with just about everyone, what the hell lol

Finch and Reese are both lovely specimens of clams but whenever John decides to let it all out and express his feelings, the man does it beautifully, doesn't he? He most definitely knows how to make me melt with his expression of love friendship.

I'm so smitten with the Finch-Reese Clamily - as some of you call them, such an apt and lovely name ;) - with their domesticity - "It's your turn to dry the dog!" - and their trust - "Pick a winner" - and their L.O.V.E - "I'm happy, must be you the job" - and just, hee I ♥ John and Harold.

Day 3791

Apr. 10th, 2013 02:27 pm
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I finished season 1 of PoI last night and started with season 2 right away. Those last episodes were awesome. "Many Happy Returns" broke my heart in the best way and "Firewall" sure kept me on my toes. And, ok, "The Contingency" was kind of fantastic, wasn't it? I mean, Cookie and I have joked about The Machine I know I'm the one who's actually late to the party but hopefully some others will start watching so let's cut this part which might get spoileryquickly )

No review as such but can we talk about how PoI basically wrote its very own version of baby!fic? Baby!fic where the two lovers get in a quiet argument about one of them leaving a tear gas grenade lying around when he's been told to move his arsenal. Guys? I'm not even making that up, alright? This is canon.

Wait, even better yet, can we also talk about John's birthday? Can we, please? The whole thing was like the gift that kept on giving! Cutting again ) This? Is not even fanfic either! How is this not fanfic? ♥ Just, THANK YOU FINCH! Also, THANK YOU, SHOW!

I was in such a foul mood yesterday - I hate it when I feel that way :-( - but I felt much better in the evening and then PoI made me forget about everything and I was happy again :)

Of course, mainlining PoI that way also means that I'm getting behind on all my other shows, for which I am sorry but it can't be helped. Unless I took a day off to catch up. It's not that I'd be aversed to it? It's just that my boss might not be keen on the idea. So I'm behind on Arrow and Vikings (shows, I still love you, though, promise!) and I'm afraid I haven't even watched the premiere of Hannibal, even though I've been super excited about it! I think I just need to get PoI out of my system, assimilate the squee, and then I'll be able to spend a day without watching four episodes in a row ;)

In any case, the season is coming to an end, isn't it? Oh, btw! What about a third season, has it been announced a long time ago? #Clueless
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PoI fans, out there? I'm one of you, now! I've been caught, hook line and sinker! Operation Watch PoI Properly was such a success that I am now (as well as Cookie, I pimped the show to her and she fell for it \o/) three episodes shy of the season 1 finale. The real problem has been to be reasonable each night and go to bed instead of just watching One More Episode. Then One More. Last night was quite frustrating as we finished watching 1x20 around midnight and it wouldn't have been reasonable to keep watching. Being so close to the last episodes and having to deal with sleep and all that healthy lifestyle thing? Totally sucks! Then again, I have something to look forward to tonight ♥ Well, tonight and many more nights to come as I'll segue into season 2 right away.

I absolutely love Finch and Reese, I'm completely smitten with them. Individually and as a couple partners. They make such a fantastic, sweet, competent team ♥ There's nothing In Your Face about the feelings they have for each other (respect, friendship, trust etc.), it's all very quiet and subtle, yet it's so strong. And beautiful :) There's someone on my flist who wrote those entries about Finch and Reese being perfect examples of "clams" and I wish I'd known I'd fall for them in advance so that I could have tabbed those entries to read later!

Back to them, I've enjoyed seeing their relationship grow from that first meeting to where I am now. I'm sure I'm in for a treat with the rest of the show. Incidentally, I'm also prepared for many things to go wrong, you never know with those two.

And let's not forget Carter and Fusco for my love for them burns like thousands fiery suns too! I don't count the number of times when I go "I LOVE CARTER" whenever she's being competent, kick-ass, smart, heroic, sarcastic, compassionate etc. etc. And I feel for Fusco who struggles in ways none of the others seem to be struggling and sometimes I go "REESE, BE NICER TO LIONEL, OK?" too.

In any case, with a team like those four, things never get dull, do they? Btw, I'll come clean, my favourite moments are when John is in danger and everyone worries for him and then comes to his rescue. The dude totally needs to be taken care of. And I like that he knows it too and doesn't mind that much, after all (I'm refering to the whole "Who's taking care of you now?" "Someone new" exchange in "Risk". My little heart fluttered when he said it ♥)

Also, PoI knows how to feed my hurt!characters (physical and emotional) kink, I'm very grateful ;)
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The fannish is strong with me these days, flist! I'm caught up on Arrow and as of last night on Vikings as well \o/

Incidentally, has everyone fallen for Vikings, yet? Maybe not everyone, admittedly, but suddenly my flist is filled with Vikings squee when there was almost none just last week and it's a bit amusing how so many people on my flist (including me, obviously) seems to be falling for the show at the same time. I most definitely approve, as you can imagine :)

As I was saying in an email I wrote last night, I'm facing a sort of dilemma now, though, pairing-wise. See, after watching the premiere I was pretty convinced that the OTP was, in fact, an OT3 - one which happened to be both incesty and riddled with UST - talk about an explosive combo, too - namely Lagertha/Ragnar/Rollo with Rollo obviously wanting to fuck the hell out of his brother.

Then Athelstan came in the picture - hee, Athelstan ♥ - and there is no way this sweet little dude is not getting defiled by someone. Anyone! Only, another OT3 appeared in the show and even though I love the idea of Lagertha getting her very own harem (she just seems like the kind of woman who would love a bunch of boys to rule over, don't you think?) I don't know what to think of the Lagertha/Athelstan/Ragnar OT3 because, well, who's fucking Ragnar, now? I'm all for pegging fic, don't get me wrong, but still, I liked the idea of Rollo and Ragnar and now and I'm pretty sure Fandom will be all over Ragnar/Athelstan. Well, even the show itself seems to enjoy the idea, so ;)

Also, I think Lagertha might be my new tv!wife. Omg, I have so much love for Lagertha! What a kick-ass character! So confident, so fierce, so unashamed about her own sexuality - love to see Ragnar and Lagertha being playful with one another... or playfully rough. Or, you know, just rough, period ;) I'm using my brand new Athelstan icon - courtesy of me girlfriend, hurray to her - but I'm in dire need of a Lagertha one as well.

In related news, I'm keeping the good work going - in terms of catching up on shows - and I'm dedicating tonight to Person of Interest. I've decided to watch the show properly, meaning I'm back to square one, I've just watched the premiere. Watching 1x11 made me want to get back to it but what really closed the deal was [ profile] talitha78's newest vid, namely this Finch/Reese vid of awesomeness. [ profile] shadowhuntress is the one who recc'ed it and she described it wonderfully, so I'll steal her words: "if you watch the show, it'll warm your heart, and if you don't watch the show, it'll make you want to start!" :)
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Hey guys, hope everyone who celebrates Easter had a good day. Well, hope everyone had a good day, of course ;)

We celebrated the holiday at my sister's and went on a nice trip down memory lane thanks to the menu she'd picked: when we were kids, we always celebrated Easter with my cousins, godfather and aunt at my grandparents' and we always had polenta with rabbit. My sister thought it'd be nice if we brought back this tradition so that was our meal. Isn't it funny how a simple meal can bring back so many memories? Wonderful memories at that :) Then after we'd all stuffed ourselves with the good food, it was time for the Eggs' Hunt. Watching the little ones run wild searching for chocolate is the best. They obviously had a blast. And we did, too ♥

So that was my Sunday :) Then in the evening I launched Operation Catching-up With Arrow, which was a success. I was four episodes behind, I am no more \o/

I'm happy to report that in my absence (well, you know what I mean) Arrow did not get any less slashy. It only went deeper in showing us the ups and downs, the complexity of a new relationship. For instance, 1x15+ was all about how Felicity meant to prove to Dig and Oliver how strong their relationship is by having them date other people in order to realise, in the end, how much they truly love each other and how good they are for each other. Sometimes you need a reminder.

Speaking of complex relationships and happy couples. I watched Person of Interest 1x11 the other day and awww but Finch and Reese were so cute in that episode! Totally domestic, too. In their own way, obviously ;) I downloaded the episode so that I could watch it all over gain, it was that cute. I think my favourite part is when Reese is talking dirty to Finch and Finch gets all flustered. You know the scene when John is happily explaining to him how to blind someone? ;) Though there was also the Cushion bits which were very cute as well.

Those two are so reserved and yet you can see how much they care for each other, it's pretty sweet to witness :)

ION, today's program - if we manage to leave the flat - is to go see The Place Beyond the Pines then afterwards I'm thinking I might try Operation Catching-Up With Vikings. Wish me luck :)

Speaking of Vikings, have you seen this set of gifs? Do you think all actors are now required to take a Slash101 class before being sent to the world of interviews and panels? In any case, I approve! ;)
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Had a great day at my sister's with a couple of our friends for a double bday celebration (her second of the week, lucky girl, and one of the friends we had over).

Also, Cookie and I went to our flat this morning and it's all done! Well, we're still waiting for one kitchen item to be delivered but it should arrive soon-ish. Now we need to put everything back in its place. We'll go after work throughout the week and then next weekend.

Anyway. I'm not here to ramble about domestic stuff but to post the last round of the Week in the Life meme. In this batch, I'll give the answer to the question "Did Mouse go to the damn library or did she bail again?" #StayTune

Day 7 - Friday )

And that's it, folks!

PS: Mom is watching The Voice ("I like it, the judges aren't mean", [ profile] greedy_dancer, does it remind you of someone? lol) and Person of Interest has been advertised twice during the commercial breaks already. I approve! I'm also very excited that they're finally airing the show in France. I'd watched - and enjoyed - the first episodes but got behind and never caught up. It'll be nice to follow it on the telly. I just hope they'll propose the English version too #FingersCrossed


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