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Victory! I finally managed to meet up with [ profile] whitevanilla and her lovely sister after work \o/ It was so good seeing her again. She was a doll and suggested we went to a Starbucks but they were packed so I decided it was just fate and thought it might be better to go to a bakery instead, so we had our hot drinks - yummy milk with vanilla - and pastries at Paul's.

Twas a nice way to end the day. Though admittedly today at work was far from being traumatising. Cookie and I even had time to have a lightsaber fight in my office - courtesy of our co-worker J who lets us play with his iphone whenever we want! Also? Iphones are made for dorks!

Wanna hear something ironic now? It snowed again this weekend in Ile-de-France. Where was I when this happened? In the south of France. Where it didn't snow a single snowflake. But the truly ironic thing? Is that Antibes is, like, an hour drive from the mountains. And real snow. An hour drive only! And because the weather was rotten - it basically rained cats and dogs all weekend - we had to stay at my friend's flat and couldn't go. So here I was, just an hour drive from the mountains and the snow - I could see them from the window! - unable to go, when it was snowing at home. Life, it hates me sometimes.

But whatever, we had a great weekend at my friend's. Tbf!Rissy and I hadn't seen her and her kids in way too long and it was grand. Also, five-year-olds and seven-year-olds are a hoot. Oh, and I had my first Christmas decoration session on Saturday evening. With Christmas songs as background music. Just after having hot chocolate in the Christmassy mugs I'd bought for the kids. And myself. So yeah, definitely my kind of program :-)

Like I said, it rained pretty much all weekend but we still managed to visit a little on Saturday before we just gave up and went back home. Our clothes were soaked. I thought we'd all get pneumonia, but turns out I'm a bit of a drama queen because nothing of the sorts happened. So, anyway, I took some pictures of the old Nice - we landed there - and I'm sharing three of them under the cut, for those who like that kind of thing.

Old Nice )

And it's December today! They lit the decorations in the streets in Choisy! And I ate the first Kinder from my Kinder advent calendar. And our Big Top has been put up this morning so Big Top season is officially on! And we have our first Big Top weekend this weekend so I can also officially say goodbye to my weekends for the next three weeks! But I don't care because it means it's Christmas season ♥ ♥
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My Romanian Delegation of One arrived safe and sound. There's something really satisfying about meeting with an lj friend for the first time, starting chatting right away and sorta never stopping. I'm always nervous before meeting someone from LJ - what if we don't get on as well IRL as on-line, what if we don't have anything to say to each other, what if she doesn't like flesh&bone!me? 'What ifs' right and left and, why yes, I know I'm paranoid sometimes - so it's always a relief when things go well :-)

Now [ profile] enigel is watching BSG and I'm, obviously, updating my LJ. We're good fangirls *nods*

And! Completely unrelated. Seen at [ profile] admiralandrea's LJ, Gun Oil Lube, 'the premium, condom-safe lubricant that keeps a man's most important weapon well oiled. If the military issued a lube, this is what they'd distribute with the condoms and artillery.'

[ profile] enigel and I were totally cracking up and also! Someone has got to write me a Sam/Dean Gun Oil Lube fic. Someone has to! And, okay, so I could do it, except if someone wants to actually read the fic before January, 2009, it'd be best if someone else took care of it. Just a thought.

I can so see Sam fucking Dean using that particular lube... and then each time they'd clean their guns - their other guns - they would get hard. Or harder than usual. Like Pavlov's dog.

Or does that story already exist? Cause if it does, linkmelinkme!

Oh and I know I still have comments to answer re: my poll but apparently it'd seem most people don't really have a strick top/bottom policy. As for those who checked 'depends on the fandom', I'd be curious to know what type of dynamics for which fandoms... Yes, I'm nosy, I know. I'm sorry, too. Sorta ;-p

ETA: Heee omg how come no-one told me there was a brand new Firefox extension for! *tries new add-on*
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I wrote my report last night. Will it surprise anyone if I say it got a bit long? Well, if you're new on the flist, it might, mind you, but that was supposed to be a rhetorical question.

So, anyway, I'm on my lunch break so I'm sneaking in and posting this...

Day 1: Friday )

Day 2: Saturday )

Day 3: Sunday )

In conclusion, our weekend was love. I'm completely addicted to conventions and I need to do as many of them as possible. The End.

No, wait, not exactly 'the end'; I so want to go to Asylum now. I mean, more than I did before. Oh, well, maybe next year if we get a 3rd one?
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I've received bad news after bad news this week. I'm so ready for it be over! It'll mean I'll be back to work, yes, but at least I'll be able to put it behind me and just forget about it *mimicks Teh Ackles on icon*

Yesterday offered me great distractions in the form of a whole day spent with [ profile] crazybutsound and her brother and it helped a lot. We had some nice breakfast - nothing ever beats croissants and pains au chocolat for breakie, really - then early afternoon we headed to Paris for a little Starbucks then off to the cinema we went.

We saw Distburbia, which we really enjoyed. I also think I'm not cut out for thriller and/or horror movies. They're so bad for my nerves… though, okay, the thrill is the whole point and scaring yourself is a lot of fun, but still… Incidentally, I love Shia LaBeouf, he was awesome in the film. Guess this summer was about that actor; first Transformers, now this. Nice :-)

Unrelated, I've been looking at this Fall TV schedule and turns out my download list won't be that different from last year. I thought I'd have many new shows to add to the list but so far I've only added Pushing Daisies and re-added Prison Break. Mind you, 'so far' is the keyword because we all know how it usually works.

For my own reference, this is supposed to look like this.

Dimanche: Dexter (30 septembre?)
Lundi: Prison Break (17 septembre) / Heroes (24 septembre)
Mercredi: Pushing Daisies (10 octobre)
Jeudi: Supernatural (4 octobre - seriously why is it in October?)
Vendredi: Numb3rs (27 septembre)

I'm also thinking of adding Cold Case somewhere in there... I usually wait for French tv to air the show but wouldn't it be nice if I watched it semi-live?
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I'm not really at my best today; my back is still hurting, I woke up with a cold and I'm still thinking about yesterday's news. As Wesley would say, sometimes you need to wallow.

Except not really because today isn't just about the no-so-great, so let's accentuate the positive. [ profile] crazybutsound and her brother arrived at Teh Flat safely. It was years since I'd last seen Jem so it was really good seeing her again, and her brother is all kinds of cute and funny too. And don't think I'm obsessed with hair or anything but his reminds me of Charlie's, so it was a nice touch.

They left earlier to meet with a friend and then they'll be heading to their Decaydance concert - FOB, Panic! Etc etc... I guess I'll find two over-excited fans when they'll get home tonight ;-)

Unrelated now; it seems today's theme is Resurrecting the Love for Abandoned Shows. First Lost, then Prison Break. Thing is, s3 Lost really is all kinds of awesome and now I have this urge to get my hands on the whole season so that I can mainline it in one sitting - or two, but you know what I mean - instead of having to wait Monday for new eps. And then this morning [ profile] tya_rc linked to the promo for PB s3 and, dude, it made me bounce and squee. I felt like September couldn't come too soon. I think I'd forgotten how very cracked that show is!

And apparently Faf Larage is the official singer for everything Prison Break? So we had the Pas le Temps rap song of his for s1 and now we have C'est pas ma Faute for s2. But I have to say that the song kinda caught my interest because there were many scenes that looked pretty interesting... as a result, I'm thinking of trying s2 again. Yes, I'm easy, what else is new?
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Today was a good day. It started out pretty well when I checked my mailbox and found pressies for me. [ profile] yami_tai, I've received the parcel! The Smoke and Shadows series, wheee! From what you'd not!told me the other day I was really hoping this was my pressie, I have to say :-) And it was! Thank you SO much, ma belle, you're the best *kisses* I'm gonna enjoy my future reading, guys *beams*

I thought it was pretty funny that I'd get the presents since today was actually [ profile] greedy_dancer's birthday - Happy Birthday again, GD! Hope you had a fantastic day *hugs*

Then I left for my meeting with [ profile] angeliksmall - as usual when it's a first meeting I'm always a bit nervous and always wonder how it'll work out and dude, I needn't worry, it went like a charm! Better yet, [ profile] azhureheart and [ profile] rosengirl joined us so I got to meet three, count 'em three members of the French Posse Bis. Isn't that the best way of spending a day? Meeting new lj users, having a drink at Starbucks, spending money at Brentano's, and having a blast all along? Yeah :-) Not that I'm biased or anything but slashers are the most brilliant people in the world *nods*

Finally, I got home and watched more Torchwood. Why yes, I finally got into it! I started last night, with episode 12 and 13 - yes I started with the series finale, USH! - and absolutely loved it. I couldn't wait to see the rest. So since my return I've watched "Everything Changes", "Day One" and "Cyberwoman". I know, I sorta skipped "Ghost in the Machine" but I have a good reason! So last night, I fell for Ianto. Like, hard. And I knew there was this episode that was a Must See if you're a Ianto fan and so at first, I thought, okay, I'll be nice and good and the watch the series as I'm supposed to, ie one episode after the other and I'll just have to wait to see 1x04 but then I got impatient so sue me!

Incidentally, I might have fallen a bit for Jack/Ianto and so I'm this close to also skip to "They Keep Killing Suzie" for that thing that isn't a spoiler but that I'm still hiding, anyway. ) Though on the other hand, I don't think I'll skip anything because I'm wondering how they went from "Cyberwoman" to "They Keep Killing Suzie".

Also, no review or anything but may I just say that Jack's team is the most fucked up team that I've seen? I mean... wow! Or, I don't know, maybe I just go to 'start' with the only three episodes where they were the most fucked up in the whole series but it definitely made a lasting impression. Or, they're just the most human? Anyway, they're the most something, that's for sure!
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I'm having a splendid weekend, guys :-)

First, I met with a new lj!person yesterday; the lovely [ profile] whitevanilla. She was with a friend, so technically I met with two new people but only one of them was a lj!person, so... And oh but what a wonderful time I had with them both! I'm always a bit nervous about meeting someone from lj because, well, it's not so much that I want them to like me that I want us to like each other. I mean, getting on well with someone on-line is already great enough but I want the friendship to go well IRL too - and so far, I've never been disappointed.

So it was another lj success story )

Second, because the internet is mysterious and absolutely lovely, I was able to download Prison Break 1x14 today! *dies* I could have waited... I made it that far, so what was two more days, right? But the file was there! And I can resist everything but temptation so in the end, I caved in. Also, I was pleasantly surprised because the quality was actually pretty good. And in case you were wondering? The episode was LOVE.

Quick thoughts about Prison Break 1x14 )

I know I'm forgetting a bunch of stuff, but I guess I'll watch it again later, anyway :-)

And now, off to watch Hustle! I love me some nekkidness *eg*
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Woke up this morning quite sick and I was already writing a whining entry in my head to post later - as you do - but then I checked the mail and we got some bad news and it kinda put things in perspective. Then, almost by magic Babycakes called me and she made me feel so much better, so big hugs and kisses to my sweetie *hugs and kisses* Though I might have killed her for a nanosecond when I told her about the bad news and she didn't know what to say after that *facepalm* But she found her voice soon enough and knew how to distract me, so yeah, perfect :-)

I'm also accentuating the positive as they - I love that song, btw - so I decided I would write the remaining days Day 2 of my London trip while listening to Christmas songs... this will do *nods* Er yeah, I thought I would do D2 D3 and D4 but D2 got a bit long so D3 and D4 will come later.

Our schedule for Saturday )

So our day on Saturday )

When I told you I had the best of time, I wasn't lying to you, was I? *beams*

PS: Since I'm listening to Christmas songs, it reminds me. Last year I downloaded a version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen sang by Sarah McLachlan and the Barenaked Ladies and when Clark died I lost the file so would one of you kind flist!people have the song and would you be willing to share it with me, please? TIA.
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So. It finally happened! Today I met [ profile] french_hobbit [ profile] moimoietmoi [ profile] catiadoodle and [ profile] dont_callmebabe! And my summary could go like this: four new flist!people were met, mucho fun was had and lots of slash talks were given but dude! It wouldn't be half as fun. So I'll go with the... longer version? Yeah.

Fierté Slasheuse I aka A Success Story )

Boy it was so GOOD! We need to do that again. And again! Thank you girls, for a fantastic afternooon - and evening ;-)

Also hey - [ profile] babycakesin, [ profile] greedy_dancer, [ profile] crazybutsound, [ profile] alinewrites and [ profile] aswanargent? Your names came up in the conversation quite often *kisses* GH? We certainly missed you like crazy, but we'll do it again, don't worry *g*

PS: Btw? I did watch Charmed tonight *sigh*
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So, I didn't tell you about my Sunday, huh? Not that I really talk about what I do IRL, mind, but it's directly associated with LJ, so my Sunday - was a blast *beams*

Why? Because I met [ profile] crazybutsound before she left Paris and I had a great time with her *bounces* I mean, three hours at Starbucks + caramel macchiato after caramel macchiato + white chocolate cookie + cool and enthusiastic French slasher + slash talks all around + queer talks all over the place as well = a brilliant and fun afternoon *g* To add to the beauty of it, she gave me the book I've been coveting for months, and thanks again for that because I know the drinks didn't equal the price of the book, so you're a doll.

I can't get anough of meeting people from my flist - well, maybe because so far I never was disappointed, always quite the opposite *g*

And now - and because I needed a little Lost reference - I'm quite proud to say that I pimped the show to Anne - the girl I go to class and spend my time chatting with. I didn't even need to make any effort. I mean, I talked to her about the show last week or so again and today she was the one who asked me "what my guys lost on the island were up to" - not even kidding lol If it wasn't an overture, I don't know what it was! So I offered to send her the file, et voilà *g* Maybe one more Frenchie hit by the Lost virus, we'll see *eg*

ETA: Eeeek [ profile] katikat? I received the CDs! *bouncebounce* Kyou Kara Maou is now mine! Thanks, Kati *kisses*
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aka Pride in Paris - woohoo

OH boy, you wouldn't believe the day I had - it was such a blast!

Long story short : I met with [ profile] greedy_dancer at noonish to go to Pride with her - we marched and danced and sang for around three hours and a half, crossed Paris from Denfert-Rochereau to place de la Bastille, then when the March was over, we literally collapsed at a café and once we were able to walk again, we finally ended at Saint-Michel where we settled in a little parc and chatted some more until 8.20 pm when she had to leave - so all in all, a great day *g* Another success story ;-)

Long story longish :

Before the March )

The March )

After the March )

Finally, [ profile] greedy_dancer had to leave - so we said our goodbyes - et voilà, I was back home at 9.00 pm, very happy and more than satisfied from my day *g*

Thanks girl, for a great day *g*

And now, I'm watching this new show - well new here, not new new - Jake 2.0 and I'm starting to wonder whether I didn't just find yet another show I'm going to watch on a regular basis *g* Jake seems the kind of geek I adore - and he has all those not-so-sekrit super powers, so...!

May. 7th, 2004 09:46 pm
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I'm dead on my feet - I think last night lack of good sleep is catching up with me. Still, I feel compelled to write about my day, because helLO it was great!

I'm always a bit anxious before I meet someone I only know from the net, because even though you might get on well with them on-line, there's no way to really know that you'll feel comfortable and relaxed with them once you'll be facing them for real, know what I mean?

But meeting with [ profile] yami_tai and her SO was just so much better than what I hoped *hugs self* It was great! I felt at ease immediately, and they're so friendly and nice and funny and everything *hugs Tai and Matt*

They're also really generous and classy, because know what? They paid for my ticket in the Catacombes *and* my drink at the salon de thé. That was so sweet!

So, our day. I'll spare you the long report- plus I don't want you to get jealous lol )

Morality: time sure flies when you're in good company *g* I'm still hyper from my day *bounces*

Now I'm watching SG, and later I'll read my beloved Kizuna and the Angel magazine- woohoo!

What.A.Day indeed *g*


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