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Yesterday was a day to celebrate, flist! First off, it was my last day at work and as of last night I'm on vacation for a whole month \o/ Second, I don't think I've mentioned it here but the past few months I've been getting ready to take a competitive exam to basically secure my job (no pressure, right?) and I got the results of the first part of it this morning, I passed! I'm now allowed to take the oral examination, which will be the final step before I'm done. Said examination is in October so I have time to get ready for it but right now I'm just very happy (and extremely relieved) to have passed that first exam :)

I've left the university with a pile of books I mean to read this summer to help with the process... I guess I'll have another studious summer since I'm supposed to also finish my thesis. Yes, the fun, it never ends!

On fannish news, I've recently fallen for The Borgias (my favourites are Cesare, Lucrezia and Micheletto and my favourite dynamics are Cesare-Lucrezia and Cesare-Micheletto). I'm also still watching Graceland, which I'm enjoying more and more. Also, I'm starting to think Johnny might be my favourite... he's the goofy character of the show and I usually don't go for that type of character but thankfully he's much more than that: he's smart, competent, loyal and reliable. He's laid-back and very sweet. He also has the cutest laugh, I just love hearing him laugh :) Admittedly, it's not easy picking a favourite because I love them all, it's another great ensemble cast.

Oh, and I realise I had this in-progress post in my draft, so I'm posting it too ;) Those are pictures I've taken last week, a bit in a Week in the Life way.

Pictures of last week )

My program today... keep doing nothing this morning then library this afternoon and Pacific Rim in the evening :)
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Just realised I'll be in London next week! How can the Ides of March be so close? o_O I have the feeling the month of March is going to get by way too quickly. Incidentally, I can't believe Cookie and I will be celebrating our fourth anniversary next week as well (in London ♥) Time is odd when you're (happy) in a relationship; you look back and think, four years already? Immediately followed with, surely there's been a mistake, we've been together for much longer than that, haven't we? ♥

Unrelated. This is not the Day in the Life meme being resurrected already but I had a lovely weekend - busy on Saturday then very relaxed on Sunday - and I thought I'd post a couple of pics of said Sunday. Let's call this the Whatever in the life meme. Week 1 ;) )

Aww, it felt good sorta revisiting the meme ;)

Going from one subject to another again; is anyone watching Vikings? Or, more precisely, has anyone watched the premiere as I I think there has been only one, or maybe two episodes yet? I'm not entirely sure... Someone on my TL posted about it and it made me curious enough to download it. I haven't had the time to watch it, though...
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Had a great day at my sister's with a couple of our friends for a double bday celebration (her second of the week, lucky girl, and one of the friends we had over).

Also, Cookie and I went to our flat this morning and it's all done! Well, we're still waiting for one kitchen item to be delivered but it should arrive soon-ish. Now we need to put everything back in its place. We'll go after work throughout the week and then next weekend.

Anyway. I'm not here to ramble about domestic stuff but to post the last round of the Week in the Life meme. In this batch, I'll give the answer to the question "Did Mouse go to the damn library or did she bail again?" #StayTune

Day 7 - Friday )

And that's it, folks!

PS: Mom is watching The Voice ("I like it, the judges aren't mean", [ profile] greedy_dancer, does it remind you of someone? lol) and Person of Interest has been advertised twice during the commercial breaks already. I approve! I'm also very excited that they're finally airing the show in France. I'd watched - and enjoyed - the first episodes but got behind and never caught up. It'll be nice to follow it on the telly. I just hope they'll propose the English version too #FingersCrossed
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I checked [ profile] snailbones' LJ to make sure I was not mistaken and yes, IT IS FRIDAY, people! THANK YOU ♥ I felt like this week would never end. I'm far from being out of the woods yet as I'm heading to the library right after work (yes, I will go this time) but at least it's Friday. Everything always seems more bearable on Friday, have you noticed? I'm sure you have ;) Also, we got a bit of snow this morning, then a bit of sun in the afternoon, which is good enough to help with my good mood \o/

Penultimate day of this meme which I love so much - if you want to play in your own LJ, be my guest, I'll totally stalk you and play voyeur... only, in a less creepy way than it sounds, I promise lol But hey, all good things come to an end. Besides, let's be honest, I'd lose my enthusiasm if I had to do it for too long, so there is that.

Day 6 : Thursday )

Have a good weekend, guys. I feel like mainlining some of Arrow - dunno yet if I'll go back to the beginning or rewatch the last episodes. Hopefully I'll find the time to achieve that in between two outings. Now that I think about it, Cookie is behind so maybe I'll do a re-watch of the last episodes with her. Yes, good plan. Need to let her know, now ;)
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This week seems rather long to me, for some reasons (TGIF tomorrow!) and I keep wondering which day it is, exactly. My being a day late on the meme is not helping me get over the confusion o_0

Alright, let's get this show on the road before I get even more behind!

Day 5 - Wednesday )

And thus endeth Day 5. And now, ARROW \o/ It's odd, it feels like I haven't seen Ollie, Dig and Felicity in ages when it's just been, well, a week since last episode, right?
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I meant to post Day 4 (the real day 4) last night but around 11.00PM I got so incredibly sleepy that I couldn't keep my eyes open and I had to forfeit. It was awful, I mean I had fic to read and an episode of Arrow to re-watch. I had better things to do than sleep, body, do you hear me? Well, obviously you don't. Or you just don't care #Pout

Day 4 - Tuesday )

End of Day 4 because I planted myself on the couch in the evening to putter on-line and forgot to take pictures of, well, my screen, I guess? You didn't miss anything exciting, promise ;-)

Ok, now, do I have time for a short Arrow fic? *looks at clock* Maybe I do! No, wait, I don't; took me too long to edit this thing lol
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I don't have anything out of the ordinary planned this week, so this will be mostly domestic, I think...

Caveat: picture #9 is a shot of my computer screen with the fic I'm currently reading, ie Chosen Man, (The Eagle) which I've fallen in love with over the weekend - such a brilliant piece of Esca/Marcus that I want to rec it to everyone who happens to be around me. Case in point, I'm recc'ing the story for the second time in two days ;) - so I suppose one might consider this a spoilery shot - even though I don't. Just, you're warned.

Day 3 - Monday )
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Hey, is it just me or did our little Arrow RomCom decide to spice things up a little by turning our already very hot twosome into an even hotter threesome? I mean, I'm a Dig/Oliver lover through and through but if Diggle thinks he needs Felicity to help him handle Oliver every now and then, to have her, I don't know, tie him down while he's fucking Ollie, who am I to complain?? Oh show, you truly are the gift that keeps on giving, aren't you? ♥

Without the slightest segue. [ profile] greedy_dancer resurrected the Week in the Life meme, which is one of my favourites so I told her I'd follow suit.

Day 1 - Saturday. Just a handful of pictures, I kept forgetting I was supposed to take pics. My bad. )

Day 2 - Sunday. This time I did remember to take more pictures! Shots of Paris behind the cut )

I tend to forget how long it takes to write those entries! An entry with more pics thans text shouldn't take that long lol
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I thought this was the beginning of the end, I tried to download the latest TVD and when I tried to use the Mediafire link, it gave me the following message "File Blocked for Violation - The file you requested has been blocked for a violation of our Terms of Service" aka the kind of message dreaded by fans all over the universe! But JDownloader didn't seem intimidated at all and has been downloading at fast speed so all is not lost. Yet.

I had a very nice Friday - lunch with my sister, dinner with the FP after work (we met for a little picnic on the Ponts des Arts before heading to Starbucks to end the evening) - which made up for today since I had to work this morning #Meh Mind, the afternoon will, again, make up for it, as I've planned on going to the cinema with SAM to see Hunger Games. I haven't read the book yet so I'm basically going blind but I'm thinking it'll be nice to get to the book afterwards, as I'm sure many details have been overlooked for the film adaptation.

Anyway. So. Today is Day 8 in the Day in the life of meme because a week has eight days, didn't you know? So I don't know how to count, so sue me *cough*

Day in the life - Day 8 )

There. Officially done, now. Bye-bye daily meme, you were ever so fun ♥
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I just realised that I took pictures today, thinking I still had one more day to go when yesterday was, in fact, the last one. Well, I won't have any other choice but to do a +1 Day, will I? I guess the meme had to end at one point? I'm going to miss it, though! I might try to do a "Week in the life of" every other Sunday or so to make up for the loss. Could be nice.

Day in the life - Day 6 )

Day in the life - Day 7 )

This is the part where I squee about Florence + the Machine )

Oh, look what I found! Someone uploaded the whole concert on YT, Part 1 (Cosmic Love is at 6.58 \o/) Part 2, Part 3 and the final part, Part 4
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I've been quite excited today because tomorrow is Florence + the Machine's gig with [ profile] greedy_dancer and [ profile] moimoietmoi. One more sleep only! ♥

This isn't the point of this entry, though, so I shouldn't let myself be distracted. I come bearing two days in one for the Day in the life meme (no, I'm not tired of that meme yet!). Here it goes *points*

Day in the life - Day 4 )

Day in the life - Day 5 )

Well. That took some time! Five days down, two to go!
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Apparently I'm committed to this Day in the life meme because I have one more day ready to be posted (ie Friday) and another day in progress (ie today). If that's not dedication to a meme, I don't know what is! Besides, as [ profile] sunsetmog was saying, it's a reminder to post, which is nice :-) Having said that, we'll see whether or not I reach "day 7".

A day in the life : Friday )

Done :-) Now, off to check the flist and trying to decide which fic I'll start reading, among the gazillion new tabs I've opened the past few days. Yay fics!
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From the comments I received in my last post, I guess I'm not the only one who enjoys looking at other people's lives, am I? Good to know! Because I have another day to post *points below*

Day in the life meme: Thursday )

And posting at almost 3.00AM, it'd seem lol Another day done, go me! I scanned my flist quickly and I've tabbed a couple more "Day in the life" entries, awesome! It was such a good idea to resurrect that meme!

PS: Hopefully I didn't make too many mistakes, a) it's almost 3.00AM and even in French, I'm sure I'd mispell some words etc. and b) LJ spell check seems to have gone a bit bonkers and isn't helping at all right now; I can't even count on it to tell me what to correct. I'll see about that tomorrow night.
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I saw a couple of people on my flist doing the A Day in Your Life photo meme and I thought it would be a nice way to post something without too much effort - I confess, I'm being lazy. Besides, I enjoy playing "voyeur" when people post that kind of meme, it's only fair I play as well ;-)

Ah. I'm actually being lazier than I thought because I typed down the post last night and am only posting it this morning. This photo meme is supposed to last a week, mine will be definitely shorter #Cough

A day in the life meme - Wednesday )

There, one entry posted, one! :-)

Fannish wise, Cookie and I have finally caught up on both Once Upon a Time and The Vampire Diaries. I'm completely smitten with OUAT, smitten, I say! And TVD is insane as ever. Those two shows delight me to no end ♥


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