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Fannish night tonight, wheeee! I kidnapped [ profile] angeliksmall after work - though I warned her beforehand so I guess it's a pretty lame kidnapping - and she's spending the night at my place. So far we've watched Ten Inch Hero - that film will never stop being the Cutest Film That Ever Was ♥ ♥ - The Catherine Tate Comic Relief Special - Daniel Craig! David Tennant! Tony Blair! She even had Tony Blair as a guest star!! - and an episode of The IT Crowd, which omg! I laughed so hard I was this close to hyperventilate. I don't know if all the episodes are as funny as the one we watched - "The Work Outing" - but if they are, I might not survive the whole show. One needs to breathe to live, I heard? Not the easiest thing to do when watching that particular show, it'd seem.

And now we're watching Kaamelott Livre V. I love the format Alexandre Astier decided to use for this fifth series; instead of having the episodes back to back in their short format, he put them together and divided them into eight long parts. Nice. Since this series is darker than the previous ones and more intense, I'm glad he decided to do it that way.

Also, being a fan of both Kaamelott and Merlin is so much fun! Comparing merlin!Merlin and kaamelott!Merlin will never not crack me up! Which reminds me that I still haven't had time to watch the latest Merlin episode *gasp* Tomorrow, then *nod*

And! Omg, I might go to a FALL OUT BOY CONCERT IN MARCH! [ profile] jedicathy, Gig Girl Extraordinaire, told me about their concert in Paris so I'll try to buy a ticket as soon as they're up for grabs - tomorrow, apparently - and then I might go to my first bandom gig! Hee! Next, Panic and My Chem, dude! I just have to believe hard enough :-)
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Last week didn't deliver Pushing Daisies and it was sad, but because the universe can't keep being that mean to us, we got our Pushing Daisies fix today \o/

Spoilery bullet points for 3x06 - Bitches )


Unrelated now, how do I know Christmas time is approaching? The decorations in the streets - unlit as of yet, it's too soon - or the cold? It's part of it, yes, but I was thinking of something else; a) [ profile] turps33 talking about SeSa and b) Winter Job aka Big Top time showing its head. Big Top launches in two weeks... and for three weeks we won't have a single day off *makes face* It's only for three weeks, though, and it's part of December, right?

Lastly, Kaamelott mention of the day - I finally reached the last episode of the last season on DVD so I'll stop rambling about it now - Perceval makes me melt sometimes:

"Mais moi, je m'en fous des honneurs, rien à péter. Le Graal aussi, rien à péter. Moi, c’est Arthur qui compte. Moi, je suis pas un as de la stratégie ou du tir à l’arc, mais je peux me vanter de savoir ce que c’est que d’aimer quelqu’un."

Perceval doesn't give a damn about the rewards or even the Grail, only Arthur counts for him. He might suck at the whole strategy or archery thing but at least he can proud himself on the fact that he know what love is. Perceval! ♥ ♥ I adore the Arthur-Perceval dynamics in Kaamelott! I really do!

[ profile] babycakesin? I uploaded the ep over at YSI if you wanna grab it? Kaamelott Livre IV - L'Habitué.
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No Pushing Daisies yesterday? That's mental cruelty! I was so looking forward to downloading my little ray of sunshine!tv! Good thing I have Wonderfalls to fall back on, then! *clings*

Recently my Kaamelott obsession came back in full swing; I watch the DVDs every night when I'm in bed, I watch the new season on the telly every time I'm home in time, I got my hands on the latest book that was released and just now I cruised YouTube for some clips. Which is how I found those pretty funny Lost/Kaamelott parodies:

When Lost and Kaamelott Meet - en français dans le texte, sorry for pretty much 95% of the Good Flist. )

I thought it was nicely done. Here's another one, Sawyer!Perceval and Jack!Le Tavernier play La Grelotine. And a last one, promise. Okay so I lied, *this* is the last one.

I love parodies :-)

And this is a spéciale dédicace to [ profile] babycakesin - little clip of that scene where King Arthur, Lord Bohort (Bors) and Lady Séli sing A La Volette.

A La Volette )

For those - if there's any - who were curious and clicked; A La Volette is what we call a comptine, ie a nursery rhyme, and it pops up quite often in the series, it's a private joke, really. Usually it's not sung seriously but this time it was done in a very pretty way.

PS: And did you see? We can now edit our comments! \o/ A dream come true :-) Oh and we also have Private Messages, it seems. You need to set it up so that you receive the notifications, though, or you'll miss out.
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Dude! I just watched Kaamelott and it was so awesome! Wow. I was pretty excited about the new hour-long episodes but it exceeded all expectations I could have.

I love, love how the latest seasons have been a savant mix of angst and drama and still pure comedy. And tonight's episodes were off the scale. It made me laugh my ass off, it made me cringe, it spooked me and it made me tear up too! It was funny and creepy and angsty and tender all rolled into one.

Man, that show rocks! ♥ ♥

I'm glad I got home in time to watch it live :-) Mind you, I'd warned everyone I needed to be home at 20h50 so there was no way I would have missed it...

Unrelated now. Mini NaNo is still going strong. I finished the TS fic I mentioned the other day. I kept it light and 'unassuming' in order not to freak myself out, a sort of easing myself back into writing in a gentle way and everything, you know? Possibly I'm overanalysing it all but, hey, I wrote! I finished fic! It's fine with me *g*

Let's keep this entry disjointed til the end; omg my Wonderfalls download is finally done! All thirteen-or-fourteen episodes \o/

Speaking of, Mousey? Please to be loving that show when you'll watch it, okay? Cause it'd be sad if BitLord and Dean had worked for 46h25mn27s for nothing, kthxbai.

ETA: Okay, not even four minutes in the episode and it's already cracking me up! Very, very good start *nods*
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Reading all the Halloween entries, I was like 'dude, where's the wank about the non-inclusiveness of this holiday?' Ah, fandom people, sometimes they let you down *nods* Or not, mind, as I can't stand wanks :-)

So, anyway, no Halloween for me, obviously, but tomorrow is still All Saint's Day so I'll enjoy the bank holiday *loves* It's really sad that the 2nd of November isn't, though. I mean, it is All Soul's Day, after all, so it should be bank holiday as well. It's not fair *pout*

Still. Tomorrow = sleeping in and that's always Of The Good ♥ ♥

I was thinking that, if I find the time before I leave/when I get home, I'll try and catch up with Heroes. I've missed, what, the last four episodes? I swear I had some Lost flashbacks the past weeks and I was already picturing myself kinda giving up on Heroes after fangirling it for a whole year. It'd be sad. So I'll try to catch up and get back in business.

But not before I watch Pushing Daisies, though; there's no way Pushing Daisies is coming second here. Nah uh *loves on Ned and Chuck and Emerson and Olive* *and Lily and Vivian* *and the Coroner, let's not forget him* *oh and Digbee too, of course!*

I would catch up on Heroes tonight except I'm mainlining Kaamelott again - Livre I to IV - so I have a busy schedule already.

Speaking of, here the links to two episodes I adore - there're millions of them but those are the first two I found on YT: Un Bruit Dans la Nuit and Le Défi de Merlin, the latter is only part of it but still... There are other links if you like what you see. And understand French. And don't know Kaamelott already. That's a lot of conditions, come to think of it *blink*
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Me, I love tv. Tv and I have had a really rich and intense friendship since forever - it started when I was a little tyke and it never stopped. It used to drive my mom crazy because she had to kinda literally drag me away from the shiny screen each time she would bring my sister and me to the park because she kept insisting I needed fresh air and stuff - we lived in a small flat so technically I do see her point but it was always torture for me. Ask me about my favourite childhood songs and I'll draw a blank, now ask me about my favourite shows and I'll talk your ears off.

Okay so why the melodramatic trip down memory lane? For no reason. Except, just - so I love tv, and most of the time? Tv gives me back my love tenfold.

And, see, yesterday's episode of Hustle SO delivered. Those very first seconds? KILLED ME! )

As for the rest, it was brilliant too, as per usual. )

Oh and I watched The X-Files Jump the Shark ) So is that true? Is it for real?

I also caught the Kaamelott repeat and omg! Talk about an intense way of ending the third series! Man! Spoilers for La Dispute )

Also for the record, there are tv shows I don't like. Off the top of my head I can give you three, count 'em three names! The infamous Smallville, The O.C and One Tree Hill. Ha! Not bad, right? Right?
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Wasn't there something different about Numb3rs this week? Felt that way to me. It's not even a complaint. I was just wondering.

Shortest Numb3rs review that I've EVER written - Numb3rs 1x13 )

I can't believe there're only two episodes to go. I mean, two more episodes, is that it? [ETA: Okay so it would appear it's not, yay!] And dude! What about a third season, then?

Changing the subject #1. OHMYGOD! Guess what is premiering tomorrow on M6? Hustle! Hustle will air on the not!cable! I mean, I have no idea whether the French version will be any good but Hustle! On M6 *bounces* I'm almost ready to forgive them for still having no info on when the bloody hell they'll air Numb3rs.

Changing the subject #2: I saw Kaamelott today and I swear the third season is killing me each time a little more! I was pretty gone during all the episodes - dude, "Le Porte Bonheur" was priceless - but when I saw "Le Fléau de Dieu II", that pretty much did me in. Attila was back! And it's funny cause they used the exact same setting for that episode as the one in the unaired series. That was fun *has exponential love for her show*

Changing the subject #3: My favourite TV Guide loves Brokeback Mountain and tells us so: in French, sorry for 97% of my flist )

And it was written by a guy. Sweet :-)
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Man, the UK makes the sexiest, most gorgeous promos for their shows, ever! I mean, the Lost promo was a thing of beauty and now, with the Supernatural one, well, they just became my favourite promo makers. It's so classy, so arty [in a good way, I mean] and yeah so sexy. Why can't the Americans do the same? I guess they don't like subtlety as much as the English do :-)

And hee today is tuesday! Meaning that today is teh "Scarecrow", woohoo! Well tomorrow for me but still, it's Supernatural Tuesday! Which in a twisted kind of way reminds me that I still haven't downloaded the new Stargate so I'll have to do that soon *nods*

Unrelated now. You know that I don't take resolutions for the New Year but let's pretend I had taken one? It would have been to read more actual books this year - also, I thought it wasn't too big a not!resolution so it might be doable. And following that not!resolution, I'm now starting my third book of the month, so there's still hope for me. Let's just hope I'll follow the program *tries to look determined* Hey [ profile] dont_callmebabe? I finished Mysterious Skin and it was brilliant! I'm thinking of getting the book for myself now :-) I'll also watch the DVD asap cause I'm curious to see what they did with the story.

Finally, another 100% unrelated subject. The third season of Kaamelott - Livre III in Kaamelottese - started last night and of course I wasn't there and only came back for the very last episode, ie the tournament one but it's okay because a) I could have missed the whole thing and b) a bit of Kaamelott is better than no Kaamelott at all which actually is another a) in disguise lol But still.

I was laughing my ass off at what I saw and I have the feeling the third season is going to be a blast too - not that I had any doubt, mind! Case in point, the following scene which killed me dead because man, it was pure Gauvin and Yvain. Also, I know le Père Blaise et Calogrenant were there, but I'm not sure who said what so don't take my words for it as such, all right?

Alors sérieux, je sais pas trop où on en est avec les spoilers pour Kaamelott mais au cas où, je vais placer la scenette derrière un cut. )

Man, I have so much LOVE for my French show *hugs Kaamelott* Also, classy: new outfits, new haircuts - and hey, new credits? Impressive *nods*
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No white city for me this morning but snowflakes have been falling ever since I woke up so it's okay. Although when I say that 'I woke up', I should say 'when I was woken up' but I forgave the whole thing immediately as it was my Babycakes! Calling me from Oz, yay! And I don't think I'll ever get tired of the whole different hemispheres thing: we're getting frostbites and she's getting sunburns lol

Back to the snow thing - I went to Paris with Sandra yesterday and I so wish I'd taken my camera with me! Paris by night and white - it was just gorgeous. Oh also, I bought the real Narnia soundtrack. Me happy. I still have one version I don't care about though. Someone wants it? Just let me know and I'll send it your way.

Changing the subject now - I was watching the seventh disc of my Lost boxset, namely the extra one and dude, how much did I love those extras? Yes, a lot, thanks. I already knew about how Jack was supposed to die in the pilot and how Charlie was supposed to be an older guy and all but I didn't know about the other characters' births. Also it was pretty fun seeing Yoon-jin Kim doing a reading for Kate - or Jorge Garcia doing one for Sawyer! As well as Dominic Monaghan, for that matter. That seemed so wrong, you know? lol I had no idea so many characters were created only because the crew fell in love with the actors and decided they needed them in the show and all. That was sweet :-) I also watched the deleted scenes and I was sure there were more. I'm thinking of a particular scene between Jack and Charlie so I'm wondering, is that an easter egg? Or did I dream the scene altogether - I think it was mentioned on my flist and I think I saw it, except I'm not 100% sure so er, help?

Unrelated now. WHAT? I'll have to wait til January 17th to watch "Faith"? "Scarecrow" comes first and only then will I get to see "Faith"? DUDE! I've been dreaming of that episode for ages, they can't do that to me, can they? So is that right? Good thing I'm getting Numb3rs next week, that's something at least... [ETA: I'm changing my mind re the pouting thing at having "Scarecrow" before "Faith". From what I've just heard about it, it should be a blast too!]

Finally, one more reason to worship Kaamelott, they did a Stargate reference! As in, the title of the episode was "Stargate" and they had a stargate inside the castle! Man, that cracked me up so, so much *has much love for Kaamelott*
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Lost my connection last night and just got it back omg! *clings to the internets* I was quite busy and out of the house most of the day today though so I didn't feel its absence too keenly.

Second part of the day was quite mundane - though lovely - but the first part was quite original since I met King Arthur and part of his court, whee! This, of course, warrants a little picspam *g* I'll also turn to French since it's about a French show and French actors and all.

Alors ! Je replace dans le contexte: lundi, en me baladant sur le site officiel de la série j'apprends que l'équipe de Kaamelott fera une seconde séance de dédicace aux Galeries Lafayette ce vendredi. Etant donné que j'avais loupé la première dédicace au Virgin des Champs, je me dis que cette fois ce sera la bonne. Foi de Mousey, je serais de la partie.

Et effectivement... j'y étais :-) Et évidemment, j'ai pris des photos et tout ça.

Donc, étaient présents Anne Girouard, Alexandre Astier, Simon Astier, Franck Pitiot et Thomas Cousseau. C'est à dire - pour ceux qui ont encore du mal à mettre le nom des acteurs sur les personnages - qu'on avait en face de nous Guenièvre, Arthur, Yvain, Perceval et Lancelot. Belle équipe, pas vrai?

Séance dédicace de l'équipe de Kaamelott aux Galeries Lafayette )

Enfin tout ça pour dire - je suis CROQUE ! *chérit son coffret nouvellement dédicacé*
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First - and before I kill you with my squee - GIP! Because a) Kaamelott owns me these days b) I suddenly discovered a certain love for text icons and c) that episode killed me with its awesomeness and it cracked me up like crazy.

Second SQUEE, peope, SQUEE! I? committed wrote fic today! Of the Special Hell persuasion: its original title was Special Hell Fic for I'm so clever and witty. It's not Sam/Dean though, sorry, but it's definitely Don/Charlie - boy is it ever! It's 2.390 words of Don/Charlie, even. Well, so far - I haven't sent it to the Beta Extraordinaire, yet. I need to sleep on it, then tomorrow I'll see if I still like what I wrote *fingers crossed*

But dude! I wrote a fic, wow *blink* As soon as I saw we had a new Numb3rs community, namely [ profile] numb3rsflashfic - which hi! Pimpity pimp, guys, it's a flash fic comm! With weekly challenges. For Numb3rs! Wheee - I told myself: "Self. You need to write something. Now!"

And I did *does the victory dance* The first challenge provoked an immediate response, which I didn't use in the end. Turns out too many people had the same lol But it was okay because my muses weren't put off and they gave me something else *loves Muses*

And there is smut! And Introspection and Angst. Again *shrug* See, I haven't the slightest problem with incest fics - obviously - it's not even a guilty pleasure for me, it's only pleasure. But even then, I never forget that the characters are brothers - which as incest goes? Is kinda the point - and that it's Taboo and Wrong. At least for us, now. Anyway, I don't forget and my characters don't forget either and as a result we have Angst and stuff.

Also, something funny? It's usually Don and Don only who ends up having Big Issues and who has a hard time accepting things. He's the one overtly angsting, whereas Charlie - though conflicted as well - usually goes with the flow. Maybe it's because of Don's Big Brother status? And come to think of it, isn't this a trend in the fandom? *ponders*

Anyway, I wrote a Numb3rs story this afternoon, yay! *is proud*
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I'm thinking I'd like some whine with my cheese - if you could indulge me just for a moment? Thanks. My sleep pattern is completely screwed up and I'm, well, tired of it. Last night I went to sleep around 3.00 am. I? Had to get up at 6.45 am - I'll let you imagine how well that went. I'm feeling light-headed all day long and it feels like I'm living in a cotton-wrapped world all the time. I know why I can't sleep - still, I'm tired of the whole thing *sigh*

Okay, whining over *waves hands*

Tomorrow is the release date of the Complete First Season of The Dead Zone on DVD - technically, I know that buying the box set isn't going to be my brightest idea but sometimes you just need to spoil yourself, know what I mean? So methinks I'll treat myself with a new box set soon. Tomorrow even, if I have time to make a detour to the mall. And seriously, the timing is perfect since with all the DZ talk I've seen on LJ lately, I was craving some little DZ marathon ;-)

I still haven't watched Lost 2x04 - and as a matter of fact, I haven't even watched 2x03. I have to admit I have been more excited about both Numb3rs and Supernatural... maybe I'll finally rectify it today. Can't abandon my shiny show, right? I wasn't impressed by 2x02 but I have no intention on giving up on the series at this point.

Unrelated now - next week should be nice. First, Serenity is coming out and second, the Kaamelott cast will hold a signing session in Paris! According to [ profile] french_hobbit's smart theory, the whole team should be there. We can only hope now *fingers crossed* But dude! That would be so Very Awesome!

Speaking of Kaamelott: reason #25412 Why I Love Bohort - because he's so the woobie of the Kaam-verse. )

Bohort! *hugs tight*

PS: [ profile] yami_tai? I finally read the new chapters of Haru wo Daiteita and I have no words either! *melts with you* And have you read the newest chapter? It's a raw version so it's not as if I could understand exactly what was happening except for Is that a spoiler? Okay just in case. )

ETA: Guys! Take a look at [ profile] kaamelott's new look - we now have a header and an icon and all *feels so proud* There's also a girl who created her lj only to be able to join the comm - I mean, DUDE! Best compliment ever *preens*
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I've got a new cousin! Melina was born on Saturday *g* Haven't seen her yet but thanks to new technology, I saw some great pics of her and not that I'm biased or anything, but she's beautiful :-)

Totally unrelated now - hey! [ profile] kaamelott has nine members. Nine! Considering that only fourteen people listed the show on their infopage, I think that as ratio goes, it's not so bad *cheers* We even have a gorgeous banner to go with it:

Image hosted by

Classy, isn't it? Twas made by [ profile] uniquewonders.

I also love how serious and noble it looks compared to how hilarious and silly the series actually is, it makes for a nice contrast lol

Lastly, and because I'm the queen of non-sequitur - is anyone else completely addicted to the sudoku game? Because la famiglia di Mouse is 100% onto that game. Kinda scary. In a funny way, but scary all the same.

Oyez, oyez!

Oct. 8th, 2005 10:36 am
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Okay see there are two kind of people: those who sleep at night and those who don't. And when you don't sleep? You do all kind of stuff, like, I don't know, starting a comment marathon with [ profile] uniquewonders about the lack of Kaamelott communities around here for instance. Comment marathon which ends with the creation of [ profile] kaamelott, the very first - and okay only - Kaamelott community on LJ land! The girl blamed me for the whole thing, as you do, but she's the one who went for it. She might have made me co-mod, but it's only because I didn't want to leave her alone in the end. So anyway. [ profile] kaamelott! On LJ! Sure, we'll certainly be around six members but whatever. Now it exists *g*

To celebrate the birth of aforementioned community, I posted the transcript of an episode over there and I guess I'll do it here too - dunno if I'll keep cross-posting, but right now I like having my stuff on my LJ *is possessive and territorial*

Kaamelott - La Fête de l'Hiver )

Hey, I finally saw Night Watch with the French Posse yesterday - minus [ profile] catiadoodle who sat with us for awhile before heading for her own movie - and had my Starbucks fix with them afterwards, minus [ profile] moimoietmoi who abandoned us had to leave. Come to think of it, it was like playing musical chairs lol Night Watch? Was really different and oh so weird. It certainly worked for me, but it didn't for everyone, just ask [ profile] dont_callmebabe ;-) I'll definitely wait for the second part *nods*

The best thing though? Was that we saw the trailer for Serenity! Which looked quite different on the big screen. And dude! Talk about fangirl's reaction to media stimuli - double stimuli if you consider a certain someone's appearance in the trailer *facepalm* But see, though I hoped we would see the trailer, I didn't really expect it, so when I saw Mal appear on the screen... well, that was just a nice moment lol To my defense, I'll say that [ profile] moimoietmoi reacted the same way so, like, Nerds Unite!
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Had a pretty busy day: went to school, ran some errands - most of them school related - got some news - bad and good, and speaking of the good, congratulations again [ profile] moimoietmoi! I received your text message and might have bounced after reading it *g* - and oh! I also watched the eclipse this morning - lovely :-)

On the fannish front: I finally watched Lost 2x02 and er, well, can't say I was impressed. I mean, you know how sometimes an episode works - admittedly regarding Lost it's kinda the norm - and sometimes it doesn't? That one didn't. I might have started tidying my room while watching it at one point, even *cough*

Two things though - which actually don't even really matter plot wise )

Yeah, that's all - I mean, I'm not saying nothing happened or anything, it just - I don't know, it didn't speak to me that much this time *shrug* Though wait, the last ten seconds or so? Ie the very last scene? Definitely woke me up - holy shit! Is it next week yet, is it? *bounces*

I'm now waiting for my Desperate Housewives download to complete - 95% woohoo. I'm quite impatient to watch because Richard Burgi is in that one. And I'm so very glad because apparently he'll come back several times throughout the season and you can't ever have too much RB :-)

Oh and another woohoo to the release of the Desperate Housewives DVDs in December! I know what I'll ask le Père Noël, yay! *starts her Christmas list*

Finally, Kaamelott Quote of the Day:

Karadoc et Perceval : *à Arthur*
On en a gros!

Which actually is kinda mean of me cause without the proper context and all - doesn't really mean a lot. But Henry and I have been saying that quote to each other all of yesterday and I couldn't resist.

ETA: 'tain, Alexandre Astier m'éclate même quand il est pas en Arthur! En parlant de Kaamelott: "J’aime casser les genoux aux préjugés historiques. Dans Kaamelott, Arthur est sans noblesse et sa quête est réduite à une formalité administrative et poussive. Kaamelott, ça aurait dû être Le Seigneur Des Anneaux, mais finalement bah... finalement, non." Trop fort lol
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Forgot to wish a happy birthday to [ profile] greensilver yesterday. Sorry, girl, and a Happy Belated Birthday to you. Hope you had a fantastic day *hugs*

Since I never sleep, I watched Numb3rs 2x02 early this morning last night. Do some of you remember how even though I enjoyed the episode last week, there was something that felt off to me? Well DUDE! Nothing felt off this time, NOTHING!

Numb3rs 2x02 - Bettor or Worse )

Oh that was good *beams*

And to keep with the theme:

#1: Some quotes from the episode by [ profile] spikedluv.

#2: A little tag for "Bettor or Worse" by [ profile] spikedluv again. Don/Charlie warning...

Totally unrelated now, the Kaamelott Quote of the Day - we so need a Kaamelott quotes comm around here!

Yvain : [sur le sujet de la future campagne militaire qu'il devra faire]
Je refuse d'aller me battre pour soutenir une politique d'expansion territoriale dont je ne reconnais pas la légitimité.

Dois je ajouter qu'Yvain est le beau-frère du roi ?
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So I watched the premiere of Medical Investigation last night - with my BIL, via MSN. Twas fun - and as expected I wasn't blown away by it, but it was okay enjoyable. The characters are all pretty cliched but why not? I guess I'll watch it again. And Christopher Gorham is awfully cute. Also, I was wondering, is there MI slash out there? Just asking.

Numb3rs is downloading as I speak - hail to Saturday rituals - and I'll watch it tonight as soon as I'm back. I couldn't help read some reviews though. I usually wait until I've seen it for myself before clicking on the cuts, but this time I was curious to see how people had reacted to that second episode - seeing so many fans were ready to "quit" on the show just after one little episode - and it seems the reviews were more positive.

I'll also have to remember to download the season premiere of Without a Trace... Lost has been downloaded btw, so it's okay.

And to keep with the Tv Addict theme, more Kaamelott squeeing:

Kaamelott rambling - spoilers, donc? Euh bah oui. )

Also hey! There's slash in Kaamelott. Sorta. Okay so not really. Enfin Bohort a bien fait parler de lui, disons :-) J'ai choisi ce sketch pour cette raison et aussi parce que j'adore le genre de situation où d'un seul coup tout dégénère:

Kaamelott - Le Chevalier Femme )

PS: Eeek read this! "A l'occasion de la sortie des premiers DVD Kaamelott (l'intégrale du Livre I), trois journées "Dédicace" avec l'équipe de la série auront lieu en Octobre et en Novembre à Paris et à Lyon ! Nous vous donnerons bientôt plus de détails !" Boy! Paris and Lyon! Aren't we lucky, girls? *beams* Hope I'll be able to go, that would be such a blast :-)
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Still haven't downloaded Lost 2x02. I know, what the hell am I waiting for? Well I've been busy with RL so there. I think I'll download it after I'm back tonight but if it's not over and done with tomorrow morning when I wake up, ie when I'm about to start my Numb3rs download, it'll have to wait! Yes, Numb3rs comes before Lost *is so strict omg*

Also, did someone hear something of interest concerning Booth (Bones) in the coming episode/episodes? Yes, I'm talking about a spoiler here. Seems someone from my flist heard something that might be of interest but since she didn't tell us what yet, I'm asking here in case someone knows what she was talking about :-) It could end up being a nice incentive for me to download more. Except it seems the show is going on hiatus? Dude, I wasn't that interested to begin with, if it disappears so soon, I'm not sure I'll even remember it come November *cough*


On Kaamelott news now: j'ai donc commencé à faire chauffer mes nouveaux DVDs et j'ai comme l'impression qu'ils ne sont pas près de prendre des vacances! J'ai bien essayé de me trouver un Episode Favori mais à chaque fois c'est pas un titre d'épisode qui me vient à l'esprit mais tout une liste: "Heat", "Le Chevalier Mystère" - j'ai transcrit l'épisode en entier, faudra que je le tape plus tard - "Le Fléau de Dieu", "Codes et Stratégies" - enfin vous voyez le genre lol

Also, for a) [ profile] babycakesin who doesn't know the show yet b) those who do and want to squee with me and c) everyone who's brave enough to click on the tag knowing there's French hidden behind it, here some Kaamelott quotes and longers excerpts - in French. Donc en fait, je sais même pas pourquoi je commence mon cut tag en Anglais. )

Dude! I love that little series beyond the telling of it *cuddles*
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Reason Why I Love LJ #14526: because this is the only place where you can innocently go through your flist and suddenly find yourself in front of a Certain Post about bukkake and penguins - I'm not even making that up. Also, as if it wasn't enough, this is the same place where you follow links that are being offered and suddenly? You know how to say footjob, sexual intercourse, titfuck, handjob and female orgasm in Japanese - and because we all need to know how to say those things, here the - supposedly correct - translations: ashikoki, nakadashi, paizuri, shiofuki and tekoki. Now, I never studied Japanese and the only words I know come from anime so, like, if those terms are wrong? You can tell me. At this point, I'm even wondering whether not knowing how to really say "footjob" in Japanese would be a bad thing.

Didn't have time to download Lost - but it's okay, I was kinda totally immersed in my Kaamelott episodes and some of them are re so fucking hilarious that I kinda choked at one point. It's just - well, you'd need to watch the thing, really but I LOVE KAAMELOTT MORE THAN EVER omg! I need to make caps! And best thing is, I won't even have to make up insane dialogues to go with them - Kaamelott has all the material needed *loves crazy show*

Speaking of shows - so there's another show premiering this week, namely NIH: Alertes Médicales aka Medical Investigation and I can't say I was that impressed because, well, I've never heard of that series and it usually doesn't bode that well for it but then I was watching the promo and dude! Christopher Gorham is in it! And I mean, okay so I'm seriously not expecting to be blown away by the show - like not at all - but I'll definitely try it at least, because Christopher Gorham! And it'll be over soonish anyway seeing there's only one season? Hex seems to be almost over as well - though it just started - but know what? I'm kinda pleased because I'm hoping counting on Numb3rs taking the place of one of them so... *lits candles*

Unrelated #1: Cold Case keeps breaking my heart. Tonight's episode was so sad!

Unrelated #2: I watched read the latest episode story over at [ profile] ats_nolimits and they're breaking my heart too! They're killing me!

So hey, today I learnt how to say dirty words in Japanese, I laughed at the insanity of Arthur and his buddies and I got my heart broken in tiny pieces with tv and fandom - what a great day!
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Dude! Life on-line is full of surprises, wow. So last night I had a craving for some nice M7 slash - happens to me every now and then. Don't know why it happens, it just does. I chose at random and picked The Years Between by TrueEnough which turned out to be wonderful. So it definitely put me in the mood for more. Anyway, I'm cruising the site, poking around and I find this "Download" section at the bottom of the page and I'm thinking, "hey nice, I'll download some vids" - vids are the next best thing when you can't watch the show, right? So I click and holy shit Batman they're not vid downloads! Nope. They're episode downloads! Well okay, there's just one but still! I couldn't believe my luck, really. I thought it was a sham or something - yes, I'm Fox Mulder's lost sister, that is, the other one, why do you ask?

So I did download the episode, namely "One Day Out West", and turns out it wasn't a sham or anything - it was the real episode. I, Mousey Mouse, watched an episode of The Magnificent Seven. Boggles the mind.

My impression? Boy westerns crack me up! You gotta love a genre where stereotype isn't just a word, it's a way of life and where predictable lines aren't even a way of life, they're... well, there's no word for what they are. Well, it's a western, anyway. Though if you think I didn't like what I saw, you'd be mistaken. I did like it - plus hey, I was a fan of the movies when I was a kid, though that doesn't mean anything, granted - and it was really good finally seeing Vin and Chris and the others in the flesh - well, you know what I mean. I sure wish WhoeverUploadedTheEpisode uploaded more now because it's tough when you had a taste of something and you know you might not taste it again.

Also, I just love how Vin and Chris seem to always find their way into each other's space. I mean, one scene you have the whole gang Doing Their Thing, the next everyone left except for Vin who's suddenly standing close to Chris. Or you'll have a scene with the whole gang Doing Their Thing and the next, everyone left except for Chris who's suddenly standing close to Vin. Theirloveissopositional.

Unrelated now, a little meme: "Look at your LJ "interests" list. If you have less than 50 interests, pick every fifth one. If you have between 50 and 75 interests, pick every seventh one. If you have over 75 interests, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than ten, pick all of 'em. List them on your LJ, and tell everyone exactly what it is about these things that interests you so much":

Here be meme )

Oops okay, can't finish, Desperate Housewives starts soon and er, I need to eat and all.

Though wait, I was watching Kaamelott just now and I love that series so much omg! It cracks me up like you wouldn't believe. Leur jeu de balle, là? J'en pouvais plus! *is still laughing*

Et un petit extrait de l'épisode d'avant:

*Chevaliers assis à la Table Ronde*
Chevalier JeSaisPlusQui: Moi j'avais fait vœu de pauvreté.
Roi Arthur: Et?
C JSPQ: Bah avec le blé que je me faisais, j'arrivais pas à concilier les deux.

Ca m'éclate! lol


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