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I had no connection at work today; since the software I use to do my job is connected to the network, it was a bit problematic. And I had no internet at all, which sucked a lot. In case you were wondering. All I have to say is thank God for my new mobile and the new plan because I've been texting [ profile] angeliksmall this morning and [ profile] moimoietmoi pretty much all afternoon and those two saved my sanity.

We've been talking about Asylum and getting more excited by the minute. It's so odd thinking we'll be in Coventry in two days! I mean, you're dreaming of something for months and months, it feels like a lifetime away, and suddenly it's at your door! I haven't started packing yet, but I'm doing some laundry so that I have the clothes I want ready for tomorrow - and then I'll pack and all the while I'll be bouncing and squeeing and being generally really happy. Even more than usual ;-)

Unrelated now; I've watched Heroes last night and while it's true that the episode wasn't as intense and quick-paced as the previous one - though who ever said every single episode needed to have the exact same intensity and rhythm? - I really enjoyed it. Super quick comments about Heroes 1x21 - The Hard Part )

Oh, tbf!Rissy just called... a couple of weeks ago she applied for a new - much better, exactly what she graduated for - position in the same company she's working at and she got it. Which, I totally knew she would. I'm so incredibly happy for and so very proud of her but at the same time I'm a bit sad because it means she's gonna move to Bretagne - Brittany - and, well, we're literally living a street away from each other atm so I'm gonna miss her like crazy. I'm really used to having most of the Best Friends and Friends living near, a week doesn't go by without my seeing a couple of them, so when they go away, it always sucks *pout*

ETA: Have you read that J2 interview? Oh, boys, how are you so cute? ♥ ♥
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Had the headache that wouldn't quit last night and then it turned into a fake!migraine. I say 'fake' because I've seen my mother suffering from migraines and I was nowhere near the state she's in when she has one, but there were a couple of peaks in the pain that made me nauseous and let's not even talk about moving my head - no pain medication helped at all and so I went to sleep with the headache from hell and woke up feeling like crap. Lovely.

Add to that a constant room-spinning sensation and you'll get a perfect recipe for a miserable mouse. Turns out my blood pressure isn't good so the Doctor Person ordered me not to go to work tomorrow either - and I'm nothing if not obedient! - and also, I need to give away some blood so that we see what is missing. Okey-dokey.

Hey, I said okey-dokey! Dean must like me :-)

Still, today I was feeling good enough to, you know, stay in my bed and do some telly watching. A couple of House - House is such a fantastic character. As is Wilson. I think I might have three co-favourite characters in that show. Chase being the third one - and! Heroes! Only a couple of quick spoilery comments for Heroes 1x19 but much flailing )

That show, dude? Never fails to be awesome *clings*

Completely unrelated now, I've apparently fallen for Fall Out Boy. I've downloaded two of their songs - This Ain't a Scene etc and Dance, Dance - and am looking for more atm. So if anyone is willing to share, please? I know I've seen their name pop out on my flist recently...
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Omg I'm alone in the house, I repeat, I'm alone in the house! No Teacher Girl, no Teacher Boy. And no Teacher Boy's Parental Unit. Not even The Mum as she's with the lot. Blissful silence *takes a moment to worship*

Still sick but today still had some goodness in it for I've watched Heroes which absolutely rocked and I've kinda fallen for a new show, which pilot was all kinds of awesome, namely The Black Donnellys.

What to say about Heroes except that I love that show more than words can say? Quick Spoilers for 1x17 - Company Man. )

Never change, Heroes *clings*

And for the novelty of the day. The Black Donnellys. Okay so the reason why I downloaded the pilot? The story is about brothers. Not two. Not three. But four. How could I resist that, right? And so I downloaded and, holy shit, that was a good show premiere, wow! Thanks guys, your pilot got me, hook line and sinker! )

So yes if you love your shows with brothers who love each other to death and who are a bit fucked-up - or a lot - if you love gritty stories with some fun thrown in the midst - well, I don't know if the rest of the season will be like that premiere but one can only hope - run, don't walk and download the premiere! Hopefully you won't be disappointed. I'm impatient to see the second episode now; see if the love is meant to grow or if it was just a one-time thing ;-)
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From the Mouse to the Snail, a Wonderful and Happy Birthday to you! And because good things sometimes go in pair, a Happy Birthday to [ profile] cain1999 too! Hope you both have a fantastic day *hugs*

Quick recap of what I've been up to this weekend. )

As for today, well, I had to call in sick this morning. After one week, I'm so good! *cringe* But trust me, I just couldn't go there *shivers* So I've stayed in bed and OD'ed on my beloved shows.

I started with Numb3rs. Which was quite the inspired idea because the episode absolutely rocked! Spoilers for N3 3x17 - One Hour )

Then I followed with Heroes. Short review for 1x16 - Unexpected ) And since I was so late, I won't even have to wait that long to get the new episode, so it's of the good *g*

After that I carried on with Life on Mars 2x03 - that second series is absolutely brilliant!

I started watching Psych but couldn't keep my eyes open and fell asleep - which should tell you how bad I felt if I couldn't stay awake for that show. Poor Shaw and Gus and Lassiter, victims of my bug! I'll remedy that asap, promise, guys.

Oh and I've been in a L&O:CI mood like you wouldn't believe the past few days. I wasn't feeling well last night already so could only watch, like, the first five minutes of the show on the telly and so today I've been in a bit of withdrawal. And sadly I'm having the hardest time finding torrents for season six. Or any other season. I have no idea why. Thank God [ profile] babycakesin is coming to my rescue with some of those. In the meantime I'm watching a gazillion clips over at YouTube. And I might have caved in and ordered the first season box set. Hee Bobby and Alex in my home forever!
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I received an awesome phone call this morning and if it comes through I'll be a very happy camper by the end of the week. If it doesn't, well, nothing won't change. So it can get better but not worse. Isn't that just great?

There was a lot of squeeing and flailing about the latest Heroes on my flist this morning and now that I have watched the episode I'M TOTALLY JOINING THE SQUEEING FEST! Spoilers for 1x14 - Distractions. )

Heee I love Heroes so much! OH and speaking of Heroes, look at that! Le festival Jules Vernes le dimanche 22 avril sera consacré à la série! Can you imagine? If some of the actors do participate? Heroes! In Paris! *dies*

Unrelated now - well actually, speaking of loving Heroes made me think of my love for Supernatural. Just one of those mental leaps, you know? - I've been playing with my account: I've started adding the fics I read there. Usually, I memorise the fics I really love and then paste/copy them so that I can have them on my HD - imagine the internets disappear tomorrow? I couldn't bear the thought of all those fics I've lost with it - but I decided to be even more organised and so is helping me do that. Also, it'll just be way more helpful when I need to rec stuff now. I'll just have to link to one of my tags et voilà. Also, bundle tag is love *nods*

Apparently the internets gave free rein to my inner - and so far kinda silent - obsessive compulsive. Just one of those things, I guess :-)
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Heroes is back! I squeed and bounced throughout the whole watching and I had a great time!

Here be spoilers for Heroes 1x12 - Godsend )

As well as four Caps of a Certain Scene )

In other words, I loved the episode and cannot wait for next week *bounces*

I also watched The Dresden Files. Okay so I'm only a newbie in that 'verse - only started reading the novels a couple of weeks ago - but I'm completely enamoured with novel!Harry and with, well, pretty much everything in that lit verse so, yes, there were things in the show that didn't add up. Then again, when does it ever with a tv adaptation?

I think you just have to see the two as different entities. I did like the episode and will definitely download the rest of the season, though. I think the one thing that really made me go 'wtf' is how Harry seems to have lost some of his, I dunno, loserness? I mean, Harry is a bit of loser. It's NOT an insult and that's one of the things I love with his character and the way he leads and sees his life. I guess American!tv just can't have that so they changed Harry enough that he still was himself... only not. Dude, whatever. Oh and I'm not sure what to think of what they did with Bob. But I think it'll be a bit like Deb in Dexter - I think I can like tv!Bob even if he's different from novel!Bob. As they say, different doesn't mean bad. As long as I can go back to the novels, it's okay, anyway, right?

So anyway, I do like the show. I'll just try not to compare the two, is all :-)

And I also watched Psych and heee it felt so good seeing Gus and Shawn again! I hadn't realised how much I missed them and their antics until I watched the episode *happy sigh* And Henry-Shawn is still of the good.

Lastly, someone linked to the Life on Mars series 2 trailer and it was really cute. Awww little puppet!Sam and puppet!Gene!
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Heee I have to listen to The Archers this week and the next! I'll catch the omnibus as soon as I'm home from Big Top. Thanks to [ profile] yami_tai for sharing the news. It did fill me with glee :-) The timing is also a bit funny because just around five days ago I was thinking that it had been quite a long time since I'd listened to that series.

Unrelated #1; I've watched Heroes 1x11 and OHMYGOD! Spoilers galore for Fallout )

Unrelated #2; You know how I'm always talking about Jensen and all? Well, I found a pairing not including Jensen but including Jared that would totally interest me: Jared/Milo. Why? Just because of that pic. I was looking at it and thinking, "yeah, that would be hot." Because sometimes life is just simple and nice like that. Not that I'm suddenly thinking that Jared and Jensen don't belong together but, you know, before? When Jared and Milo were on Gilmore Girls? Jared was so fucking Milo. Now, Jared has Jensen and Milo has… whoever he wants from the Heroes cast, really, but they're still friends and everything, I think. Nothing bad happened between those two, right? Not that it would matter as such, fanfic writers will just make everything right again, but still…

ETA: Ohhh this is fate! Look what [ profile] la_folle_allure posted; three Jared & Milo in Gilmore Girls clips.
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I've just watched Heroes 1x10; one day that show will KILL me by the sheer awesomeness of it, I just know it.

Spoilers for Six Months Ago. )

I couldn't resist and had to watch the promo for next week and it gave me goosebumps and all! It also made me want to cry because argh! No new episode til the new year after 1x11? *wails* But before those spoilers, two little caps - that way it'll make a nice separation of brother goodness :-)

Two caps of the Petrelli brothers - because... just because, actually. )

Spoilers for the promo inside - well, about That Line )

Oh RL wise, they've lit the decorations in Choisy! So I'm thinking it might have been a test more than anything because they weren't all working and they usually are, but pretty and shiny Christmas lights were on when I got home *loves*
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I was a bit afraid of going to work this morning due to the - umpteenth - SNCF strike but it wasn't that bad. I had to let go two trains because saying they were packed would be like saying Jim and Blair are just good friends, ie it would be a ridiculous understatement, but the third one was empty! Like, I could even find a seat! Unbelievable *blink* I'm now hoping tonight won't make up for this morning 'easy' because getting home at 10.00 pm would suck, thanks.

Still haven't watched Numb3rs but Dexter and Heroes were squeed over and, man, those two shows OWN me! ♥ ♥

Spoilers for Dexter 1x07 )

You know, reading the novel made me fall in love with the characters all over again - and what Lindsay did with Cody's character, as well as Pastor was quite the streak of genius - and it's also a great addition to the series. It's like I'm really seeing the character, that way. More than I did with 'just' the show. Though like I said, I do really like tv!Deb but I absolutely adore novel!Deb and I really wish they'd kept her. It's just sad that they didn't deem necessary to keep the original character's grumpiness. Show!Deb is a bit too... shiny and enthusiastic, I guess. She's great - I just regret the other version, is all.

Okay anyway, onto Heroes now. Spoilers for 1x06 Nothing to Hide )

So yes, still madly in love *g*

I was thinking that today was an Extreme Uber!Slow Day but I started writing that entry at 9.15 and it's now 12.15 30 so I guess we did have stuff to do :-) Off to have lunch with The Girls and The Other Boy now.
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Dude was it cold today! I was ecstatic *g* Well, I was just a little less happy when I got to work because it was almost as cold outside as it was inside our office. There was this moment when I couldn't feel my fingers anymore - so not a nice feeling. I have the cold-hands syndrome on a good day so today made it a lot worse. But I wouldn't change the weather because hi! I LOVE THE COLD \o/ It puts me in such a good mood :-)

Something else that put me in a good mood is the SPN PWP that I started at work this afternoon. I used two of the prompts that I was given the other day, which is also my way of saying that I haven't forgotten all your prompts, guys. The muse is just taking his time to work with them *g* I was a bit frustrated with the ficlet though because there's something offering some resistance and it made the writing a bit tedious. So I stopped and will look at it later, I guess.

Speaking of work, we've brought speakers in our office so that we could listen to music while working and we've been playing with radioblog a lot the past week, there's pretty much everything you want over there and the other day I found one of my favourite songs, Le Côté Obscur by IAM. It's a kick-ass song for the Star Wars fan that I am and since it's been some time since I shared French songs with Teh Flist, I'm going to remedy it: Le Côté Obscur by IAM | YSI 4MB

I had time to catch up with Heroes - Quick thoughts about 1x06 - Better Halves )

I still haven't watched Dexter but I'll try to do that tonight. Also, I've finally started reading Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay and I'm SO enjoying that novel! It gives even more details about Dexter and what is going through his head... he's even more amusing in the novel and creepier - the way he describes his Dark Passager is chilling. He's also even more endearing somehow. Yes, a serial killer can be endearing... if you knew Dex, you would understand.
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Watched Hereos 2x04 and oh I love that show so much! It's getting better and better with each new episode and considering the amount of love I had right with the pilot, it's saying something! Does it have flaws? Well, let me think about that for a second. It has been made by human beings who aren't perfect so I'd say 'yes'? Now the question would be, do I care? And this time the answer would be a big fat 'no'. I'm enjoying that show like crazy and it's the only thing that counts *nods*

So in conclusion, I guess I'm all about: Heroes is ROCKING MY WORLD! The End. Except I'm totally lying and I *have* to talk about it so this is far from being the end of it. )

You know what it reminds me of? Lost back when I was completely addicted to it and when each new episode brought some new twists and surprises and I couldn't wait for the next one... it's like Heroes is my new season 1 of Lost. I can only hope that the similarities stop here, though, cause I don't want to stop watching Heroes!

And now I'm gonna whinge a little because I haven't written a single fic, well a single line in forever and I miss it and feels like I won't ever write a new story, ever! I wish I could write on a regular basis *sigh* The worst thing is, I do have several plot bunnies, I do have dialogues and scenes all ready to be put down in words in my head and just - it's not happening, anyway. I'm not happy with that *pout* If I could force myself into writing, I'd do it - except it just doesn't work that way. So I'm waiting and hoping I haven't broken my writing mojo for all eternity *sigh*
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I had an early night yesterday - going to bed/sleep at midnight is an early night, no matter what a lot of people say - but not before catching up with Heroes and Dexter.

Heroes keeps rocking my world )

And Dexter keeps being incredibly disturbing but kinda brilliant too - seems like I'll download the rest after all )

Still on the subject of Dexter - the show airs on Showtime and the network website is a jerk who doesn't want foreigners to visit it and I need some help - I remember that I used to add something to the URL so that I could access it even from outside the US of A - does anyone can help me here? Thanks in advance.

Unrelated now, some time ago [ profile] turps33 decided to play with the Five Things meme and I asked her about Five Ways Dean Bottomed for Sam because... well, because I'm me, I guess, and she delivered three of those five ways and I think you should check them out because they're all kinds of awesome :-)
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Just watched the first episode of Heroes. DUDE! ♥ ♥

Okay first a little backstory; I heard about Heroes in Kati's lj. I checked out the summary and going through the storyline and reading about the characters I was like 'okay this is a mix between The 4400 and X-Men with a bit of Lost thrown in the midst - bored now!' But there was a trailer and because this is me we're talking about I couldn't resist watching it.

In the brief moment of time that it took me to watch it I'd completely changed my mind. Yes, saying I'm easy is actually an insult to all the easy people out there. But seriously that trailer? Totally did it for me. So I was ready to wait til september when the show would premiere, right? Except the internets being what it is... turns out I didn't have to wait that long.

So! That premiere rocked! Man, that's what I'd call a show premiere, all right. And I have the feeling it's gonna be another series where I'm going to enjoy pretty much all the characters - I foresee a lot of squeeing. Well, if the rest of the series is anything like the pilot, that is :-) Speaking of the characters, can anyone guess who's my favourite among the male characters? Come on, try. I guarantee you there won't be any surprise if you'd seen the episode lol

Here be spoilers for Heroes 1x01 - well it's called 1x00 but whatever. Spoilers for Heroes - Chapter 1 )

But yeah, I tremendously enjoyed that first episode. So hey, if you're curious? You can a) check out the trailer at the official site and if you like what you see then b) look for the torrent? And you'll find many familiar faces too - I know I did :-)

Since it's too hot to sleep atm I think I'll - actually I'll take yet another shower and then I'll watch Heroes again and then I'll start with Eureka. Tonight is New Series Night *g*

PS: Hey Kaja, I did say I'd let you know if I liked it, didn't I? lol


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