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I watched the huggable!Dean episode! And now I understand why it was the huggable!Dean episode *nods*

Supernatural 1x04 - Phantom Traveler in bullet points because I love bullet points as much as I Love Random Capitalisation. )

That show is so shiny!

Speaking of shiny shows - though that one is definitely not a PWP kinda show - I just found the torrent for Lost - then again, I just came back from the uni - and hey, torrentspy went through some changes, pfew.

Unrelated now - well, not so much considering I mentioned the show not five seconds ago, but whatever - I have a serious question. Since the first episode, I've been calling Lost, Lost - case in point. But see, some people write it LOST. So. I know some people indicate they're talking about a tv series by writing the title in caps and I've seen aforementioned title written both ways enough times that I don't know which one is correct now. I mean, technically, when it appears on the screen, it's "LOST" but I always thought it was because it looked better than "Lost" - which I'll admit, as explanation goes? Was kinda lame. So now I'm asking - I'm asking because a) I'm a detail whore and knowing I might have been writing it wrong all that time might drive me crazy but at least I'll rectify it immediately and b) imagine it's actually uber important? The acronym thing, I mean. Imagine it's actually part of the solution we're all obsessing about? Say it does mean something? And I? Would have been messing it up for a whole year? Dude! I feel so bad.

Finally, am currently watching SG "Fragile Balance" and I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing Daniel Sg-1 in civvies :-)
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Had one of those OMG So Very Lazy days today. It wasn't even supposed to be that way but because of Teh Strike - this is France for you - I had most of my plans for the day cancelled so just decided to hibernate - sorta - and stay home. Twas a brilliant idea too since [ profile] babycakesin called me and if not for Teh Strike, I wouldn't have been there! Thank you Annoying Strike, you certainly had some redeeming qualities :-)

Since I - apparently - didn't have anything better to do, I played over at [ profile] dont_callmebabe's LJ after she asked us what our favourite book cover for HBP was, ie which country has the best one. So I found this site which offers quite a lot of different book covers and in the end, I found two favourites for the sixth volume: as previously established, favourite #1 is still from the United Kingdom - the adult edition. Favourite #2 is from Ukraine. Actually, I like all the Ukrainian ones.

OH Stargate S7 is airing again! I've been trying not miss "Full Circle" and "Fallen" and of course... that's exactly what happened *sigh* I arrived right in time for the briefing scene in "Fallen" and admittedly it has one of my favourite moments. )

But! I missed the Blue Robes of True Hotness and that's just so very sad *cries* Oh and I missed nekkid!Daniel which is so very sad too, of course but, I mean - BlueRobes!Daniel *dies*

It also never fails to amuse me how in the same episode I have Blair talking to Daniel. Well, sorta. Jonas is dubbed by the same actor who dubs Blair in TS so when I close my eyes, it almost sounds like all those SG/TS xovers suddenly became reality ;-) Only I'm missing Jim's voice, of course. Well, you can't have everything, right? Anyway, I imagine that Jim is busy somewhere - then I imagine all the hot sex scenes once he's back with Blair... and then I imagine Jack and Daniel joining them and boy is it getting hot in here or what?
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Alright. I came down from yesterday high. A tiny bit *giggles* But I did come down enough to focus on Important Matters, namely the latest sg episode, which I just watched. [ profile] french_hobbit? The men in skirts will be for tonight, after all ;-)

Stargate sg-1 9x07 - Ex Deus Machina )

Caps: The Patch Scene - well, the Cameron/Daniel part *cough* )

Oh and this has nothing to do with the rest, but [ profile] french_hobbit? I burnt the two first episodes of Numb3rs, I'll send them this week *g*
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I never thought I'd see the day. This morning, I played around with brushes! Yes. Me. Basic ones, but still, my icons aren't unidimensional anymore, they have layers! Well, you know what I mean.

So wait, I couldn't not share because, well, it's actually one hell of an accomplishment for me, thanks. Icon makers always impress me so much and this time? I did something cool with my bases, whee! Lookit, lookit!

Three different versions of one cute Charlie Eppes - Numb3rs )

Three different versions of Kato and Iwaki - Haru wo Daiteita )

Astonishing, isn't it? I think so too *rolls eyes* But still, I love those brushes. The Kato/Iwaki icons in particular are really classy - it was hell choosing one to use *g*

Anyway, on to the real subject of my post: Sci-fi Saturday - of the sg-1 persuasion.

Stargate 9x06 - Beachhead )
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Before I even start, a Happy Birthday to [ profile] fluterbev, one of those wonderful ladies you congratulate yourself on having on your flist *g* Hope you had an incredible day with your boys *kisses* Let your muses be always inspired... which, come to think of it, as wishes go is kinda selfish, but that's beside the point *cough*

Changing the subject - today I managed to watch Stargate 9x05 - The Powers That Be. )

Yes, still enjoying the season ;-)

Oh and btw, [ profile] artifuss is officially my #1 s9 icon dealer. She's been iconing each episode since the premiere and just, how much do I love her for that, really! New batch - for "The Powers That Be" - here - that was fast, too!

Lastly. I still haven't watched "I, ET" - not because I didn't try but each time I got ready to sit down and watch it, something happened that distracted me. But since I have no intention of setting a foot outside tomorrow - bar one reason, but it'll only be in the afternoon if it happens - I think I'll finally have the opportunity to do so then *fingers crossed*
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Am home early cause I have an ear infection - the pain is spreading to my jaw, ie I can't open it properly, which doesn't exactly make it easy when you need to, you know, talk to people at work *rolls eyes*


I didn’t update my LJ on the seventh so couldn’t wish you a Happy Birthday, [ profile] rhiannon_jehane, but I’m doing it now so Happy belated Birthday to you. Hope you had a great day full of slash and multi-fandom hotness *g*

I had another relaxing morning and a busy afternoon yesterday - as per usual during the weekends. I was happy cause I got to see the Grande Parade du Festival Interceltique de Lorient [Lorient Interceltic Festival] on the telly, though I was kinda jealous because The Eclectic Parental Unit, who's spending the week in Bretagne [aka Brittany], was over there so they saw it live - they had a blast, in case there was any doubt. But because mom is so very sweet, I got to participate a little when she actually called me from the parade and made me listen to the sound of bagpipes for several minutes - I'm a big fan of bagpipes since Candy and her petit prince des collines but that's neither here nor there *cough*

Something else I found sweet is when mom told me to tell "my friend who lives in the Isle of Man that a small delegation had been present and they were quite good" so [ profile] yami_tai? I'm passing the message *g*

I also had time to watch SG before going to sleep, so as usual, a review.

SG 9x04 - The Ties That Bind )

Yeah, that's it.

Also, [ profile] noelql? I received the DVD! *bounces* Thankyouthankyouthankyou! And tell [ profile] deannie her French was just fine *g*

PS: Argh! My uncle broke my Comfy Armchair, the one I use when I'm sitting with Clark! Why do they always have to break something of mine when they stay over, WHY! *sulks*
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My love for s9 is certainly growing exponentially. And I think being able to see the episodes as they air - I mean, practically - has a lot to do with the excitement - being there when everything is new is definitely compelling.

Anyway. On with SG 9x03 - Origin )

Changing the subject - I don't know if it's old news but I just discovered that Josh Lanyon is working on the third novel of his Adrien English series and this made me squee because I'm madly in love with that series! Can't wait for The Hell You Say to be released. Don't think I saw a date, but hopefully I actually got the news so late that it's about to be finished? And in case someone knows what I'm talking about - apart from [ profile] katikat, or [ profile] crazybutsound now that I think of it - here's a little excerpt of The Hell You Say.

Finally, and because turns out I'm apparently a glutton for punishment, I joined the Very First Numb3rs Slash Ficathon created by - and it won't come as a suprise, I'm sure - the ever so inspired [ profile] audrarose, [ profile] sori1773, and [ profile] spikedluv. And not to brag or anything, but I was the very first to join - well, the creators of the ficathon don't really count, do they? - let's see if I end up being the first one to cry like a baby because my Muses suddenly went AWOL, shall we?
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Finally watched "Avalon" pt2 *does the victory dance* Am now downloading "Valley of Darkness" cause I sort of forgot doing it before *cough*

Anyway, "Avalon". My love for S9? Is still going strong.

Stargate S9 - Avalon pt2 )

Damn, this new season is going to bring me a lot of joy lol Also, I was right in deciding not to read the spoilers *is proud of self*

And you know, each time the dreaded "to be continued" appears I have to blink at the screen because I'm like "But it started only five minutes ago! How can it be over already?" Forty-two minutes? Really isn't long enough *sigh*

And look at that, the episode has been screencaptured. When I clicked on the link to Destinies Entwined, it made me smile because I realised where I was exactly. TS and SG... they go hand in hand quite often, don't they? *g*

Also, I hope there are icons? Cause I need S9 icons! And the 100 Icons thing too - I'm hoping that by repeating that over and over again, it'll happen soon.
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My "Avalon" pt2 file is downloading slowly and I'm debating whether to click on the spoiler cuts or not, which amuses me to no end because I clearly remember the entry I posted last week in which I was talking about how I never went spoiler-free for that series and had no intention of starting now so give me the spoilers already. But since I found a new love for that season - and considering I never fell out of love with SG, it's saying something - I'm thinking it would be fun to get into each new episode relatively spoiler free. So I think I'll try that for awhile. See how it works out *is determined... sorta*

Anyway, back to my Top Five meme, which was a load of fun, really - sometimes those meme are just brilliant.

[ profile] babycakesin - Top Five Charlie Moments )

[ profile] babycakesin - Top Five Poltergeist: The Legacy Moments )

[ profile] babycakesin - Top Five candies )

[ profile] babycakesin - Top Five TS moments ).

[ profile] babycakesin - Top Five Daniel Jackson moments )

[ profile] babycakesin - Top Five Internet-Related Memories )

[ profile] enigel - Top Five Stargate Episodes )

*sneaks a peek at download rate* Yeah, I think it's safe to say I'll watch the episode only after I return home. Well, it's okay, I'll have something more to look forward to today *g*

*off to read flist without clicking on the SG cuts*

ETA: Am I being haunted with P:TL or what? There's Nick Boyle Martin Cummins in today's episode of Jake 2.0.
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Know what? I think I just found Charlie Eppes' former lover. I'm saying 'former' because of course he's with Don now. Back to the former lover thing, I'm not kidding. I'll even give you his name: Daniel Hood.

I've been re-reading Breaking Faith by Jo Bannister at work - I have a long lunch break and when I'm alone at reception I need to occupy my time, so it's fic writing or book reading, sometime both, though not at the same time obviously. Anyway, Jo Bannister's Brodie Farell series has to be one of my favourite series ever. Not because of the mystery - it's actually quite easy finding who did what, except for Breaking Faith maybe, which was special somehow, and incidentally broke my heart too - but because of her characters. I love them more than words can say. And my #1 character is Daniel Hood - he might even be my favourite book character, period. He blows my mind each time I read a new story in the series - and it doesn't hurt that the guy went through awful traumas *cough* I also know I rave about him every now and then on my LJ so it's not as if I just had a revelation, but I suppose it's been a long time. So there.

But I digress. How did I realise I'd stumbled upon an old flame of Charlie's? Easy, thanks to this excerpt:

Numbers I understand. Numbers keep me safe )

I mean, seriously! Charlie/Daniel, theirloveissomathematicallyhot!

Oh and I've been re-re-watching "Avalon" last night and I remembered why exactly is it that I liked Landry so much right from that first episode: click at your own risk - spoilers ) I just really enjoyed that scene, is all *g*

And each time I watch the episode, I find myself rewinding the same scenes over and over again and worshipping some lines attached to them even more each time I do )

Is it Friday yet, is it is it is it?

Btw, when is the 100 icon thing going live? Cause I have too many icons that I need to use! Need, I tell you!

And this has nothing to do with the rest but [ profile] katikat? I just ordered A Portrait of Phillip - it's been so long since I've meant to, I finally did *g*
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I did a ton of things today, was out of the house for a good part of the morning and afternoon and I still managed to OD on my beloved series. Man, I'm good!

So what did I watch?

Stargate SG-1:
Okay so I was excited about the idea of this new SG-1 and I've been impatient for S9 to premiere for months now, right? Well holy shit Batman, I was not disappointed! I loved it! Avalon aka Squee of the Holy Order of Squee )

So wheeeeeee! Am a happy camper *g* Can't wait for the rest of the season *bounces some more* Will watch the ep again before going to bed, too.

Battlestar Galactica:
Man, I love that series so much! There's such an intensity to it, I'm always impressed by it. It's dark, it's gritty - I mean, it's not Oz-dark but it has its own type of darkness and I can't get enough of it. There's not so many series that have me holding my breath without even realising I'm doing it. It's all because of the pace - it doesn't give you a break. It's so fast your head is spinning - oh and the drums? Still perfect. I don't have anything specific to say about "Scattered" except that I kept falling in love with my favourite characters all over again and it felt good. I'm impatient for "Valley of Darkness" to air now because from the preview, it seems it'll be a crazy ride too *is impatient already*

Tonight was "Raised by Another", "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues" and "Whatever the Case May Be" and it's just wild how much I'm falling for that series all over again *blink* I'm also discovering a new love for some aspects of the show. Will contain spoilers at one point )

QAF 511:
The file was pretty bad so it was a little difficult to follow at times but there's still this moment that I adored )

Oh and this has nothing to do with the rest but I got my copy of HBP today. The Mom offered it to me, actually, which was the sweetest thing ever *g* I'll read it when I'll read it though, no rush for me. I'm a fan of the books in the sense that I have all of them and enjoyed them a lot, but nothing more, so I'll let the flist go crazy over it... as well as go crazy about the spoilers too. Just from a distance, is all *g*
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I know I already sent a card so it might sound a tad redundant, but the Bday post is part of the LJ tradition, so Joyeux Anniversaire to a member of the French Posse, namely the lovely [ profile] crazybutsound. Hope you had a great day, in spite of everything. You sure deserve it *hugs*

On a different note now and because I'm a TV junkie:

Damn, who would have thought that going through three discs would take such a short time *longs for other seasons of Angel* I mean, I didn't realise it the first time because when I obsessively got into the series and started with my Nightly Marathons, I actually had four box sets to watch so it felt like I always had a new disc to feed my little DVD player, but with the last development in my plan on getting the whole show on DVDs, I just bought one little box set and seriously but what was I supposed to do? Watch one episode a day? What am I? Supergirl with Super Will & Discipline? AH! It's a good thing I had a lot to do today - I have yet to watch the last episode, namely Soulless, so I'm not totally done yet. But after that... it's withdrawal time! Unless I go and treat myself with a new box set sometime this week, but I'm not sure it's reasonable - right, as if it ever stopped me before.

But whatever.

Back to the Third and Last Holy Disc, my watching Awakening sorta went in five little steps )

Can you tell I'm still having fun with that show? *g*

So I watched it last night and my love for Christian grows and grows. Sometimes I seriously can't believe I'm hearing what I'm hearing or seeing what I'm seeing, but the guy is just too fucked-up for words and look so lost and I just love it - he's definitely one hell of an interesting character *g* Makes you want to strangle him and hug him at the same time lol

Does someone remember the Upload Madness Adventure? Well, I turned to SendThisFile and uploaded the pilot for the umpteenth time over there and gave it away to those who'd requested it in the first place. I still have two links left which are yours for the taking. If someone wants it, drop me a line.

Also, even though [ profile] snurch_tv fell victim of teh TOS, I still managed to contact someone who had the second episode for grabs and she was kind enough to upload the episode for me, so I'll have a nice little Numb3rs fix soon *bounce* Now I just need to get my hands on the third episode *is hopeful*

Stargate SG1:
I want to solemnly thank [ profile] thegrrrl2002 for linking me to this post where The Prettiness and Hotness That Is Hooded Daniel was displayed for everyone to see *g* Damn, Daniel in robes is so a kink of mine... and the hood thing? *is dead* Before you click though, bear in mind that it contains pic-spoilers for It's Good to be King.

The Sentinel:
M6 already cancelled TS *sigh* I told you they had a love-hate relationship - I was so happy to have my favourite couple back on my telly, but well, fate was against us lol

The Dead Zone:
New season started tonight - whee!

Angel fest.

Feb. 4th, 2005 07:01 pm
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Hey guys, would one of you have Call on Me by Eric Prydz and would be willing to share it on YSI, please?

And now without the slightest segue:

So I watched the first episodes of Angel S4, up to Apocalypse Nowish, aka Rain of Fire )

As for "Spin the Bottle"? To say that I enjoyed the episode like mad would be the understatement of the year  )

So yeah, Angel still rocks like a rocking thing *g*

Speaking of fun. "The Summit" was on today and can I say again thank you to TPTB for giving me canon slave!Daniel? Though I'll always be mourning the fact that instead of wearing the pretty ugly outfit he wore with the sorta disgraceful arm bands - twasn't to my taste, I'm afraid - he could have been one the black-leather-wrist-band-chest-harness-clad slaves we saw with the other System Lords. But hey, I still had slave!Daniel kneeling of front of his Lord, so I'm happy!

And I was wondering... Did [ profile] snurch_tv kill YSI yesterday? Cause if it did, YSI seems to have gotten its revenge apparently - it's almost poetic. Too bad though *sigh* But some things, as cool as they are, aren't meant to last, I suppose. As a result, I lost my Tru Calling download... and I'm now looking for Numb3rs 1x02 *pout* If someone has the file and would be willing to upload it somewhere - let me know, please? Thanks *g*


Sep. 19th, 2004 08:22 pm
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*points to header* That's like my contribution to Talk Like A Pirate Day.

I woke up this morning knowing today would be a me day and it was good.

Then I realised I'd received a parcel from [ profile] stacy_l and it was better. You wouldn't believe what the girl did for me! )

So I started my day quite well, as you can imagine lol

After ogling at my gifts for quite some time - most of the pics made it to my fandom shrine computer desk immediately - I wish I had a digital camera to show them off - I was in the mood for some SG, so I re-watched Icon.

Boy do I love that episode! Not a review as such, but contains spoilers )

Finally, still on the subject of SG. I found this cool site with lovely artwork all around - Lady Littlefox has some awfully cute chibi SG characters - my favourites being Chibi Daniel and Chibi Sleepy Daniel.

Kawai, huh? *pets chibi*

Oh and on something different - I liked reading the reviews for Darklight that aired yesterday. It was as cheesy as it looked apparently - I don't think I would have been disappointed lol Sometimes, badmovies are really cool. They represent a category of their own after all, right? *g*
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Okay, I'm making myself a new post in case I wanna edit all the time *shrug*

Re : SQUEEEEEE - SG is on!! *bounces*

Random fact #1 : I thought Jack looked definitely younger with his brown hair and everything? Man, Daniel looks like a kid lol And Sam? Woof!

Random fact #2 : Argh, Kowalsky says 'tu' to Daniel but Jack doesn't? I hate them *wails*

Random fact #3 : Sam and Daniel are already doing their Science Twin routine - this is too cute for words *pets them*

Random fact #4 : How unfair it is that they didn't show the second part immediately after the first one? I don't care about SV man, gimme SG!
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First, this is a GIP - those who read [ profile] nicci_mac's hot and hilarious pic-fic know where I stole the caption - and the cap as a matter of fact. And those who know [ profile] yami_tai know who made the icon for me *g* Thanks to both girls, this is one of my brand new favourite icons!

Speaking of icons - I finally downloaded tons of new fonts, including the one that has to be my favourite as far as icons go, and know what? I made some icons myself - don't laugh, dammit *pout* Those icons weren't created before some stupid but oh so annoying technical problems had been solved, granted lol Thanks again, Tai *g*

Nothing fancy because huh that's me we're talking about, besides to me a cute font goes a long way to make a basic icon looks nice - and yes, I say that because I have no icon skills whatsoever so basic-but-cute is my limit *g*

Nice, huh? lol

Stargate icons - one could say J/D even *nodnod* )

Yeap basic, but know what? I sure had fun, anyway lol

Also, not to leave SG - I checked my mailbox this morning and found [ profile] lerefuge's new parcel - you're a goddess, girl, really. I'm not going to stop thanking you anytime soon, believe me!

I now possess four more episodes, namely "Icon" and "Avatar", both of which I've been really impatient to see, and "Suspicion" and "Childhood's End". You can't believe how happy and proud of my little SG collection I am! lol And it's all thanks to one adorable Neige!! *kisses*

Well well, last night and this morning were Olympic time again, even more so than my cousins visited my granddad yesterday and spent the night - so we watched the Olympics all together in the evening, plus a part of the night to see the 'rerun'... what are we gonna watch when it'll be over this weekend? *pout*

ETA: I also changed my default icon, btw - did you notice? The same... but not exactly.
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Just watched "Lockdown" and before I start, I have a question... how the hell do you survive all those break commercials? It's insane! I mean, thank God they are cut in the versions I have but is it possible to have so many break commercials in an episode from a tv show? I know, you're used to it, and that's how it works, well it's just really different over here. Wanna know how many breaks we have in France when SG airs? One... We only have one break commercial for tv shows or movies - unless the movie lasts real long, then we have two, and we have none when it's cartoons, comics or sitcoms. And we still find a reason to whine because those commercials take over our telly. Mind you, we're French so whining and bitching is an art for us.

Anyway, back to more interesting things now - well, for me, I mean lol

Lockdown, or Boy, Stargate How Much I Love You )

Anyway, all in all, I really liked this episode - I couldn't get enough of my beloved team *g*

You know, I'm an easy fan. I never really expect anything from a show, apart from being entertained - I don't expect anything more. When something doesn't go as I'd like to, I just shrug it off because well, c'est la vie, and it's not even that because it's not life but a show... well to me, anyway, I know we all have a different way of dealing with it and we all have our own vision of fandom. That being said, when everything goes well and I get to see my favourite characters act as I hoped they would, I can't help being a 120% happy and bouncy fangirl *g*

ETA: Doesn't have anything to do with SG but [ profile] yami_tai? I bought S1 of Saiyuki today. Cheaper-than-cheap boxset was still at Virgin Megastore, so... it's now in my possession. Thanks again for sending me all those episodes the past week *kisses*

ETA2: Btw, forgot to ask. Didn't this Kearney guy already played in an SG episode? I could swear he played in "1969", you know, young!Hammond? And I know I could look it up on line but I'm sure someone on my flist knows that bit of info?


May. 22nd, 2004 03:16 am
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I'm calm, I'm relaxed. You know, it's funny because I'm pretty zen-like in RL, really relaxed and quiet - I don't even know if it comes across my LJ, I'm wondering about that all of a sudden lol-- but as soon as my computer and internet are concerned, I very quickly lose my cool. I know it's not important in the grand scheme of things, but damn, it just gets to me.

Anyway... I watched "Heroes" tonight and I wanted to talk about it - remember it was the first time for me *g* Well, I watched the second part to be exact. During the first part, there was an asylum - made of Auré, Henry, Ali and Momo - settling in the computer room and since I wanted to see what was happening to Clark, I didn't leave and only saw what was happening without hearing it so I'll have to wait tomorrow to watch my tape. But when second episode started, I couldn't resist anymore and left everyone to watch it in peace.

Let's start with the basics )

Sam, Daniel, Hammond, Emmett )

Now, about the main event - I have to see I disagree with a lot of the entries I saw. I saw it really differently *g*

So, the climax )

To make a long story short - as if! - I adored this episode. It was beautiful.

And oh wow! When did I lose control of this entry? Didn't realize it was so long... well, I guess I needed to write it, right? lol
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The SG fandom apparently has big issues with nicknames! I think it's a little ridiculous, but usually it also seems I'm part of the minority in thinking that way.

So now Jack calling Daniel my archaeologist was also about to become an issue? *sigh* It's too bad my mail got eaten by yahoo, but I was really glad - and a tad surprised - to see people telling the girl that it was presumptuous of her - and a little stupid - to get all riled up and haughty about that kind of thing. I don't remember who it was, but someone sent a post that sounded a lot like the one I'd written. It's all a matter of taste, and one shouldn't start to criticise - if you hate something, well it's all right because we all have our likes and dislikes in fics, but you just have to use the delete key, and it's over. Is it too difficult to understand? *ponders*

Speaking of nicknames and the likes - am a little jealous of those who are into Without a Trace. From what I read on LJ, one of the characters is called Danny and oddly enough, nobody has a problem with it, and no one ever implied this nickname made him a wimpy and childish character. Lucky WoT fans! lol
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Okay, I have a new kink : Daniel in civilian clothes.

No, seriously )

I mean, puh-lease )

Oh and also, I love Daniel with his hair slightly mussed - so adorable *sigh*

That is all.


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